Monday, January 14, 2013

cancelled the monday walk...first time ever

 woke to wind.  the garbage crew came through and then all the neighborhood trashcans began falling and sliding down the street.  i had to get out of bed and chase mine down almost half a block.  i think the cans were actually having a great time bashing around out there.  my back was sore, the wind was blowing and the roads were all ice.  seemed like a good plan to just bow out.  would hate for someone to go off the road heading up to north bivouac trails.  plus the moose tend to get spooked easily in the wind and we already had a lot of trees go down this fall with many more that are probably looking for an excuse to drop over.  still i felt like a wimp calling the walk off.  the world won't end with one monday walk not being held i guess.
 did end up walking my girls. we just did the loop around the bog.  i wouldn't let blossom chase her tennis ball or frisbee due to all the ice.  figured it was just too risky...she could twist a leg running on ice.  rio was slow and cautious. never have to worry about that.  she wasn't messing around with all that ice for sure.
 more cans down.  never got the  kicksled out.  don't think i fell asleep last night until 3:30...nuts.  really gotta get back to a semi normal schedule.  this is unusual for me.  hopefully, today i can do better and actually get out there and get some decent photo's before i head back to work again.
 i did get a few things getting that cabin, dale clemens!!  yeah!  tanya seemed okay with just the one night up there.  tempted to go for another try at another night tomorrow so it's not a rush trek. it was 8:30 when i got through so luckily i got it despite not waking at 6am.  so several shorter trips this summer with a long weekend over solstice perhaps up to nome to check that place out.
 did allow blossom to play in the little pond of water, which made her very happy.  had a lovely night out to dinner with anita, who is up on business, and her co-worker.  we met at the bear tooth.  i haven't been there for a bit so that was nice. i'm full. had to laugh as it turns out they parked across the street.  that is a good place to get towed.  there are even big colourful signs posted as you enter the bear tooth warning you not to park over there as you could get towed.  anita got lucky though and all was well.  whew!!
 curled up for a nap this afternoon.  supposed to cool back off a bit. hopefully, enough of this crap.  the sunset looked like it was a beautiful one.  i only saw it over the rooftops below. love facebook though cause if you miss stuff, usually someone else catches it so you can at least enjoy it.
 back is still a bit sore.  slept weird or it could be all this walking on ice.
that is what i saw of the sunset this evening.  could tell it was a pretty one.  guess there was a big rainbow as well, not a common site in the middle of winter.  i recall living in ketchikan there were loads of miss those.  never saw so many double rainbows before.  wish me luck with this sleep thing. i am tired so hopefully i'll knock out.  did stay up watching a movie last night, "dohbi ghat".  decent. not one i'd feel the need to watch over and over, but alway love getting glimpses into the lives of others across the globe whether it be through movies, documentaries, blogs and whatever.  we all want the same things despite the differences that are obvious.

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