Friday, January 18, 2013

i should be napping...

 just walked the bog, went to costco and then lazed about a bit.  yesterday i went to north bivouac and did a little snowshoe.  rio had a good time...hard to tell, but she is happy here!!
 all this lance armstrong stuff.  he cheated, he lied.  now it's all over do we reset out moral compass in this country.  the sad truth is he still will live the good life.  he has the toys, he waited long enough to come clean to benefit from all the cheating.  it's hard to sell, "you will feel better about yourself in the end if you do the right thing" when you are looking at someone living the life everyone seems to cherish.  we are driven by fame and wealth and in the end, it won't matter how he got it, all that will matter to most is that he did get it. cheaters do prosper even after they get caught.  the lessons everyone tries to teach only increases his fame.
 there are some huge things going on in this world.  yet, this is the one the world is seemingly focused on.  thank you media for enlightening us all to what you deem important news...
meanwhile back at the ranch...
islamic militants took many hostage in an algerian natural gas complex.  the algerian government seized an opportunity to attempt to rescue the hostages and send a message that these jihadists acts would not be tolerated.  many of the hostages perished along side the militants.  the numbers are unknown as are the various nationalities of those lost.
islamists are also continuing to dominate in the land of mali.  the french troops are attempting to bring back the freedoms that were so recently lost to the citizens of mali, but it's not looking very successful right now for them.  rather than focus on armstrong why can't the press seize these opportunities to report real news that has global impacts.
 on a more postitive note...things are finally starting to move forward for the wood bison of alaska.  they disappeared in alaska and only thrive in canada at present. we have had a herd hanging out at the local conservation center and we are now a step closer to giving them freedom.  would  be a great thing to re-release this once native animal to the land.
 "dear abby" has passed away.  i remember reading her column when i was a kid...i think it was hers or her sisters...hmmm.  either way.  advice columnists of their age.  fun,brainless stuff is always good for us.
 no time for a nap...i will be sleepy tonight at work.  have been very good at not drinking soda pop for several months now!! i broke down and bought a  bag of chips on sale..first time i've done that for months as well.  it was a mistake in judgement and a good reminder why i should not repeat this.  though both are tasty, i find that neither contains any real nutritional value.  am curious how my cholesterol, weight and overall health will be impacted by these two small changes in diet.
 was reading in my latest readers digest something about dark chocolate and that a person with nerve damage post a dental procedure may find the flavor distasteful.  i have never liked dark chocolate and perhaps i now know why.  wisdom teeth removal years ago under local, 15years later at least a remnant of a wisdom tooth root that was left behind became infected.  oral surgery...this time with sedation, but though i woke up my chin never did.  nerve damage.  for the first 6 months my chin had that horrible prickly feeling you get when your leg wakes up from falling asleep.  got that if the wind blew or i chewed or spoke.  it was miserable.  happily that went away.  i have read some never lose that and some people that type of nerve damage effects their tongue.  yikes!! so i'm still a little numb and i don't like dark chocolate.  i can live with that.
 still ice under the snow. went to costco and got some stuff to try and tame my front driveway.  it says more safe for pets...but that doesn't make me too comfortable still. i just usually avoid all of that.  they will be more at risk though if i fall and hurt myself though.
 vietnam vet last night.  i think many of those poor guys were never properly diagnoses or treated for post trauma.  many just self medicated.  one cool thing about my job is that you get to talk to people from all walks of life and hear their stories.  people like to tell their stories, all you have to do sometimes is ask.  many thanks to all those veterans who have lived through some horrible experiences.  may you find the peace through the darkness of war.  my heart also always goes out to all those who were lost to vietnam.  not just those lost in the war, but those who were lost as a result of the war.  these things impact more than the impacts generations.
 blossom lives the good trauma for her.  she lives better than many people on this earth. my dogs have fresh running water at home, heat, plumbing....things that are not that common across the globe.
guess i better get ready for work.

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