Wednesday, January 2, 2013

putting christmas to bed.

 it seemed a good day to quietly remove the ornaments, the lights, the stockings, the decorations....put em all away and say goodbye to christmas for another year.  put the plastic back on the tree for the drag to carrs where they collect trees for recycling.  it also helps me avoid leaving a trail of needles.  i'm getting older and my back is a wee  bit sore after dragging this tree the 5 blocks.  heat wrap and bed soon.  since there didn't seem much to take photo's of outside i attempted some pictures of my favorite furs.  rio above.  she's not the best subject as the flash confuses her.  she's blind, but she seems able to see the flash.  without flash it's not much easier as she tries to be where i am and it's hard to get a shot that isn't totally blurry.  i liked this one though.
 actually took two walks today.  tiffany joined with her dog wrangell.  he's had some issues that she is trying to work on and my dogs are both non alpha, mellow pups.  good pack to start working with.  we just did a loop in the bog.  i think it went well.  then the tree drag.  blossom didn't get her tennis ball throws in but overall 2 walks and i accomplished quite a bit today.
 woke early to watch the rose parade on HGTV.  got to see my hometown float of south pasadena.  many fun floats this year...with a Dr Seuss theme how could you go wrong. always some surprises out there.  the wedding was silly,  but i did like the surprise visit with the serviceman.  from the clips i saw on KTLA life on the street overnight has improved.  i think i may have been the only one in my family to do the overnight rose parade thing.  hmm?  not sure.  never as good as live, but once you've seen it live i think you can visualize it better than someone who never has been to the parade.  still the best parade, bar none!  those floats are just amazing. do wish i had taken the time to stop selling programs and actually work on a float at some point.  it's not a regret that i ponder on with any regularity. i'm not big on regrets.  life lessons, life experiences.  if you aren't here you are there.  it's all just different paths.
 pogi wasn't feeling the photo session too much either.  he's such a beautiful cat though really.
 blossom's nose, face and chilling with her buddy miss breezy chatterbug.
 made a big pot of homemade turkey noodle soup. was going to make homemade noodles to go with it, but that would mean getting the table all cleared off for rolling it out.  i have a tiny kitchen.  one day i do hope i can rectify this and find people who do such things to make my space more functional and open.  best get the bucks together first though.  so many home projects to do.  that one will be the most rewarding i think though.
 otherwise i spent my day as a hermit.  with big bang reruns in the background.  had the rosebowl on in the back ground, but football moves so slow it was still on when i'd return from my walks.  looked like stanford was idea if that is what happened.  not big on football, but it does seem a day to have it on.
 just one more night off then back to work.  some people really know how to suck the joy out of work.  have to just focus on the stuff i enjoy...taking care of patients.  it's the reward.  those people who do management miss out on the opportunity to actually help people.  no amount of money is worth that.  no matter what unit i work in i will still have the opportunity to be of help to people.  it's best to not allow others to rain on your parade.  i'm actually pretty mellow and will put up with a lot, but i do have that point of irritation where i feel it's time to go elsewhere.  it's good to have support and going between two units only works if i have support. haven't made any hasty decisions...just weighing in.
 i come home to the best furs a girl can have.
 guess it's time also to go through all the piles of junk mail that seem to have collected over the holidays.  such a bother!  with this warmth all my ice balloons and ice candles have melted to nothing.
 hope we get some snow soon.  this ice sucks.  loving my cleated boots right now.  makes life much better.  wish i could make it easier for rio.  it's gotta be tough on her joints, all that slipping around.  saw a cool neck/head wrap on another blog that i will try and replicate with the help of people more talented with sewing than i.
 happy new year...
will end with my favorite metta prayer...

may all beings be happy, content and fulfilled,
may all be healed and whole,
may all have whatever they want or need,
may all beings be protected from harm and free from fear,
may all beings have inner peace and ease,
may all be awakened, liberated and free,
may there be peace in this world,
and throughout the entire universe.

have always loved that.  i start my prayers with this and then end with the lords prayer...i know i'm a confused spiritual beast.  just covering all my bases.  best to pray to someone or something than to not pray at all i guess.

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