Friday, January 11, 2013

ice sculptures....

 errand day today.  was too sleepy to accomplish all i set out to do, but always good to check off a few things from the ever growing to do list.  pay bills, laundry, pfd, check, check, check...
 hit the dog park with the girls, then the mall to get my ipad connected to my iphone account and then off to the ice sculptures downtown.  the temperatures are said to warm again with possible wind, or snow or rain or all of the above.  best to see these sculptures before they melt or get coated with snow.  still want to hit the big ice sculptures that will be in fairbanks.  have never been to fairbanks in the winter, but it's on my list...these are pretty cool here though as well.
 the dogs enjoyed the dog park though.  yesterday i was lazy's an unprecedented week of laziness.  hopefully, i can rectify that this stretch off.  was hoping for decent weather, but we shall see.
 crow out at the park.
 did the gasline trail the other day and took this little side trail i've always seen and wanted to check out. it eventually connects back to the main tank trail, but spares rio the creek crossing.  there were a few sketchy parts in there where i think how stupid i am to be taking little unknown side trails when nobody knows where i am.  we all survived.  never felt lost, but...
 this asian inspired one was very detailed and impressive.  tried to get several angles.  just had my cheap little powershot today.  didn't want to leave spendy camera gear in the car while i was in the mall.  doubtful anyone would risk breaking in with rio staring at them from the front seat though.
 this one was bizarre, some sort of cross between the aliens and mermaids?  still nice details.
 uneventful week in peds icu.  nothing changed...things looking good for a change though for me.  the pro/con list is forming.
 debating a return to college to complete my bachelors degree.  several co-workers are going for it, could help to have others going through the same thing even if it's not through same schools.  not sure which school i'd select.  will have to see who would be willing to take the most without making me repeat crap from 20 years ago.  could be a year of change and growth.  stagnating is never good anyway.  the brain could use a little challenge from time to time.
 this one with the dolphin and sea turtle was also cool.
 my  pictures don't do it justice, but oh well.  i came home and settled in for a wee nap. needed the pick me up.
 when i woke i got to facetime with my friends natalie and carla in to chat live!!!
 these two sculptures were simple, but i liked the happy theme they had.

 this is just an ice chair. kinda cool.
 not really sure what either of these sculptures were really...but still liked the details and colours from the lights.

 some things on my to do list will have to wait until regular business hours happen to get done.  rio is snoring behind me.  blossom chased her tennis ball today so she's's a happy household today.
 liked the downtown atmosphere in a few of these.
 there were a few ice cups that could spin.  there was a family taking turns  and having loads of fun.  always brings a smile to your face to watch kids being kids.  i have no idea who these kids are so i'm happy they look blurred a bit.  you still get the fun factor!!  i didn't take a turn spinning.  probably could never have gotten out of that thing.

 they also always seem to build some sort of train for everyone to climb on.  one year they had a cool ice maze for the kids too.  didn't see one of those this year.
 another shot of those kids playing with the ice cups!!
guess i will think about popping in a movie and calling it a night.  will try to force myself to flip over to a more reasonable day schedule and not waste my days off away.  good night.

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  1. Fantastic ice sculptures...thanks for sharing!

    And yes, you *should* just do it and finish your Bachelor's Degree! It sucks just a little bit to be back in class, but I loved the interaction among the students and professors (although it was slightly strange to be an age-peer of the profs). I chose to earn my teaching credential at a brick-and-mortar college (Cal Poly SLO) four years ago. I didn't really want the isolation of doing an online credential in a profession that requires so much human interaction. But except for a couple of child psychology classes that my engineering BS didn't require, everything else transferred, so I didn't lose anything going back to school 20+ years later. Hope you can find a program that doesn't screw you over just to extract more tuition money outta ya! Best, Alex/Lexie