Wednesday, April 10, 2013

more snow, walks, errands, naps....

 got the pups out to the bog today.  used the center of blossoms toy for some photo fun.  gotta change it up. no moose sightings, surprise, surprise.  i figured i'd see a few today out there.
 blossom enjoyed her frisbee chasing time.  she always does.
 still more tired than usual and tender.  walking was a bit smoother today than yesterday though so i will take any improvements.  i must say i haven't felt any of the usual pains that i had been having before this procedure so that is a good sign.  just incision type pain.  i changed the one dressing today as it was falling off anyway and had that dry crusty blood on it...never good for healing.  bought some new large bandaids for further dressing changes if needed.
 watched, "cider house rules" last night.  good flick.  will probably pop a movie in again tonight.  i've already taken my dose of cough meds.  that is the most uncomfortable thing, coughing.  i splint my leg, but better to just avoid coughing.
 went to see the internal medicine doctor a friend had recommended ages ago.  have just wanted to get started with a doctor for some time.  rather than just trying to handle my respiratory issues through employee health or my obgyn.  she is really nice and so i think this will be a good match for me.  happy that i was actually coughing some for this appointment just so she can know what i'm dealing with all the time.  so that was a positive part of the day.
 took the dogs to petsmart as well.  they always love that. blossom rushes to the check out counter as she knows they have treats there.  little piggy!!  i made her wait until we actually checked out.  everyone is always sweet to the pups there so they have fun.
 later blossom and i took another walk down patterson, across northern lights to the creek and back.  rio chilled on the couch and is again snoring happily behind me.  will i be able to sleep without that snore when rio passes one day?  not get used to a thing like that.  it snowed pretty good for a bit this evening.  the light was really nice though as half of town looked clear while it snowed here.
 the creek.
 the sunset looked quite beautiful.  didn't make it out to any of my sunset watching spots so this is all i got.  this is looking down northern lights blvd

 not really looking forward to working tomorrow night.  i'll be on peat all week.  i can always hope for a few not too busy nights...that usually bites you in the arse though.  still shouldn't be as physically demanding as a regular floor shift.
 my yakima..chunks of snow were falling off the roof of my car and the yakima as i drove around today, now more fresh snow is on there.  i have loads of cool stickers on there.  a few more wait for summer to be added on.  the other side is more bare...harder to get to and i'm too lazy to pull the thing off the car.
 just a few deck shots. the shovel, that has gotten much use the second half of this winter.
 a few bones from some sea creature that sit on my deck.  found on a remote beach in alaska.  whale bones too hard to bring back.
 bought the cats a new toy which pogi seems to love.  brought him out to the chair on the front deck this evening.  he didn't like the looks of the snow falling so didn't stay out too long, but i liked this shot anyway.
 a few from the evening walk.
 overall feeling a  bit better, hopefully tomorrow is even better.  starting to feel a bit stinky.  sponge bath til friday. think i'll do a sink wash of my hair tomorrow.  will for sure change to fresh teds before work.  don't want my co-workers passing out as i walk by.  might not go over very well.

 the ducks came out to greet me when i hit the little bridge.  not a very exciting day nor an exciting post.  hopefully, my next stretch off i'll be more entertaining.
 have enjoyed some nice texts with friends and i chatted for a bit this evening with my niece.  always enjoy that!

i think my cough meds are kicking in and i'm getting sleepy.  thanks for kind thoughts and words, i really appreciate it.  good night!

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  1. Hope you slept well and glad that things are sounding like they are healing up.