Tuesday, April 23, 2013

our baby polar bear...

 he's so cute to watch.  photography through bars not that easy...though i was getting the hang of it.  at that point some guy inside the building the bear is housed in kept opening the door, making the baby think it was getting fed so after that the bear just hung on the door, crying.  thanks dude!!
this guy was orphaned when his mother was shot by a hunter.  the guy thought it was a male bear.  i believe he was native and they have subsistence rights for hunting polar bears in this state.  anyway, after he killed the bear and turned it over he noted it was a female.  he then followed her tracks back to the den and pulled this guy out.  he is now over 40 pounds, but was closer to 20 pounds when he arrived at the zoo.  he will be moved out soon to another zoo down south.  obviously polar bears can't be let back into the wild once they are acclimated to humans.  we are prey to them.
 stopped by to see the tigers just cause i love tigers.  these guys didn't move while i was there except perhaps an ear twitch when some kid was yelling.
 today it was snowing a bit.  nothing that stuck, but still a grey day.  it turned to a bit of rain later in the day.  slowly my snow/ice is melting and my yard is a mess.  not looking forward to yardwork.  thinking i may hire someone to make the yard presentable again.  i do not have a green thumb...luckily, we only have a few months of summer so lawn care is very limited.
 the baby seemed to like the kids running around.  really it did seem a bummer that we didn't have some abandoned black or brown bear for the little guy to romp around with.
 today i met up with lena and did a loop of rovers run in the snow/rain mix.  actually felt hot out there.  was debating a run to denali, but it seemed a bad idea in questionable weather conditions.  it did say it was clear up there this morning but snow was headed their way as well.  i may have until a few weeks into may, not sure, will have to check.
 this one turned out pretty good as well.  those bars are horrible.  would love to snuggle this guy though, he's so cute.
 read this afternoon.  the book is by an alaskan author, so far i'm liking it, "snow child".  i believe that's what it's titled.  also watched a few ted talks.  one linguist spoke of texting and how it's actually a new thing in that now we have found a way to simulate spoken language and that it's really not the bane we all seem to think it is to language.  another guy spoke of how humans are more advanced than other species because we came up with language.  left me thinking of the guy the other day who was speaking of us evolving still and being arrogant to think we are done evolving.
i have often said that i thought we have so many psychological issues because our society has evolved faster than our brains ability to adapt to it.  once you no longer have to spend all your time looking for food/water and shelter your brains have to find something to do and we've not figured out how to fill that void.
 we ran into 3 moose today on rovers.  haven't really seen many moose out there of late...but then it occurred to me that perhaps that was because that bear was hanging out on that tree nearby.  the tree was empty it seems when i went past today so perhaps they have for sure moved on from their den for the year.  we both had spray on us and 3 dogs.  we kept watch.  safety in numbers this time of year for sure.
 with all those moose around i felt pretty sure we were safe from bears.
 so totally lazy day for me.  caught up on a few chores and enjoyed chilling with the book.  will probably read or toss in a movie here in a bit.
 took many with the quickie camera as the guy was right by the fence much of the time.  he just wanted to interact.  these guys stay close to mom when they are this age.  he was suckling on a big teddy bear they had there for him.
 we shall see what happens tomorrow.  thinking i'm due for a beach day.   depends on weather a bit i guess.
these are two of the three moose we saw today.  have a good day...

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