Monday, April 8, 2013

chilling with blossom...

 slept in.  have been tired this stretch off.  thought i could try last night without my cough medicine, but i woke at 3 am coughing so i took it.  it's in for tonight and hopefully i will get a good nights rest.  i have my procedure i the morning. it will be an early day for me.  i'll set the alarm but blossom is usually great at waking me up at 8 am.  i will just have to get motivated and not try to go back to sleep.
 it was supposedly less windy and a bit more blue at the west end of town so i headed over there with blossom.  just went to a few lookout points above the beach and didn't bother going down  figured there was ice under the fresh snow.  my end of town got over 6 inches.
 nice to get out.  groomers were working on the trails. not many people out so i let  blossom loose so she could chase her frisbee.
 not sure why the groomer picture through itself in the center there. oh well.
 several bald eagles were enjoying the winds and flying around above.  i tried to get a few pictures of them.  not the best but still fun to watch them.  these are juveniles
 they have such an expansive wing span.
 i finished the walk close to 3:30 so i decided to eat a late lunch and donate money to a fundraiser that was going on at the chalet there at kincaid.  it was the spay-ghetti to benefit the aspca.  i ate and then took off.  skipping the silent auction and whatever other events were going to happen.  eat and run.
 i had hoped to swim but settled in for a nap and didn't wake up until it was after 7pm.  so too late to swim.  i've been such a slacker!  hoping that i can feel better overall and recommit to my exercise routine after this leg procedure is complete and healed.
 my friend anita called to say she was in town for business so we met up at lone star for a bite to eat and to catch up.  always great to get a visit in with an old friend.  that old eagle rock crew are still some of my favorite people.  i was in my early 20's when we all met.
 everyone is scattered, but they are those people who you just pick up like not a day has passed.  they know you, they get you and they still like you.
 as i walked back a few more mature bald eagles were playing in the breezes.
 liked this one. almost like one bird.
 the sun came out all across town.  just the chugach mountains appeared to be shrouded in clouds when i was driving home from my walk.
 just heard a loud noise downstairs followed by cats beating it up the stairs.  just a few cd's on the ground as well as a bird feeder made by maddie.  all is okay.
 few shots from the viewpoint.

 don't feel too nervous yet about this procedure...i think i tend to be in denial of things that i don't want to really get myself worried about.  been months in coming.  hoping all goes well.
 the car is laden with icicles, even the yakima.
 briefly watched some show on people who are seriously concerned about a zombie apocolypse.  they think that dude in florida that attacked another guy by eating his face off was really a zombie.  not sure i'm ready to buy in to that yet.  our news reported someone doing something inappropriate with a university cadaver, but that isn't zombie related.  so far i think i'm safe.
keeping it short and sweet.  not sure i'll have any photo's to add.  not to worry i won't put in any pictures of my leg.  they aren't photo worthy. nor have i posted any pictures of the rather ugly looking bruise on my butt cheek...i took a header off the deck yesterday while shoveling.  i guess since i landed on my arse it can't be called a header.  i took a butter.  i did manage to twist myself mid air so that i would land on my big arse rather than right on my back.


  1. Good Luck with the procedure! You will do great,Mary in ma

  2. Glad to hear you got home and tucked in. Sleep and rest up, fingers and paws are crossed for you down this way.