Tuesday, April 9, 2013

short and sweet..

 got beautiful flowers from my dear friend quinton!!  thanks!!  so sweet!!
 we got another 8 inches or so of snow yesterday.  worked out well.  no temptation for me to do anything after my procedure other than the basics.  i couldn't really anyway.  they had me take 20 mg of valium orally.  i'm not one to take much sedation type stuff or pain meds besides over the counter stuff so it kicked my arse.  can't say i did much besides just wake, watch reruns of "big bang" and play mindless games of bejeweled.
 the procedure went fine.  texted with a friend bonita tonight who had the same recently.  great to get an idea of what i'm in for.  i was worried i'd overdue it activity wise.  i mean my idea of normal activities can vary from the average persons idea of normal so i was worried.  i did get both the back and front deck shoveled and also did a loop around the bog with the dogs.  she said walking helps so i will try and get more walking in tomorrow.  still somewhat lazy day today.  the bog was tiring.  some of it is that i still feel a bit worn down from this bug that i had two weeks ago
 can't wait to get back to some semblence of normalcy and get a better exercise routine going.  wasn't easy shoveling snow nor was it easy walking through that deep snow today.  i know the dogs appreciated the walk though.
 trash can barely seen due to snow levels.
 still coughing which doesn't feel good on the thigh. i'm splinting my thigh if i have to cough.
 blossom got to chase her frisbee so she seems pretty happy.  watched a movie, "happy, thank you, more please" after the walk...always a good movie to watch.
 have had several calls, texts and messages...thanks to everyone for checking in on me.  really makes a difference.  i think i will take cough meds and settle in with a movie tonight. i have a few net flix ones here.  i should get the online netflix and give up on the dvd's i guess.  one of these days.  i have so many good movies here to watch anyway.
 no shower til friday...just sponge baths.  gotta keep the teds on continuously til then as well, then i can take them off while i sleep and just wear them when i'm awake for another 2 weeks, then i'm on my own.  big bruises on the leg. ouch!!
 as much as the deck got shoveled. i sat out there for a bit this afternoon. fresh air is always good.  i was bundled up in blankets and the dogs were out there. rio is a bit confused by this front deck thing.  i'll have to put a dog bed out there then she'll settle in for sure.
 haven't felt like cooking.  maybe tomorrow i'll order out. though anita said maybe we could meet up for dinner again tomorrow night while she's here so that could work.  have a doctors appointment with a family doctor/intensivist i think...it's about time i get a regular doctor to handle all these respiratory things i get.  maybe i'll try to walk the dogs before and after, short walks.
 my dog nurse blossom keeps a close watch on her human patient!!
 another view of my pretty flowers.  :-)  brightened up my day!!
my other nurse, rio. she's also great for propping ones legs up while resting on the couch.  have a good night.  just wanted to let you know i was doing okay after this procedure, albeit a bit sore.  thanks for kind thoughts and words...good night!!

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  1. Glad you're in good spirits and seem to be doing well. We got snow here last night too, probably 6 inches or so and supposed to possibly get more throughout the week. Can't wait! Shiela even had a great time goofing off after her Adequin injection this morning in the new snow.