Sunday, April 7, 2013

snow is still coming down..

 wasn't quite enough for me to snowshoe today, but it has kept pretty steady today.  shoveled the  back deck this evening for maybe 6 inches.  light fluffy stuff.  gail joined me and the dogs for a loop at north bivouac.  i figured rio wouldn't be interested in walking today, but she jumped right off the couch when i asked.  can't say no to that from her....unless i know i'm going on some super long or strenuous hike that would be too much for a 130 pound mastiff.  she's not young anymore.  i have to remember.  she'll be 9 this summer.  for a bit dog that is getting older.  she looks great overall though.  such a sweetie.
blossom taco's her frisbee as she tends to do.
 saw the mormons are having their general conference.  was thinking about yesterdays note about marie osmond and that church's stance on gays and gay marriage.  maybe they will get a message from God to begin to allow gays to marry, in the temple even.  wow, that would be a twist.  they do believe in continued revelation so it's not impossible that one day their stance could change.  it happened with blacks holding the priesthood in the 70's and also changed the practice of polygamy to be banned in life, though still acceptable in the afterlife.
 blossom keeps busy on the trails pruning the bases of the pine trees.
 she seems pretty beat tonight after romping through the snow after her frisbee for the day.
 gail, out on the trail.
 got a fun note on facebook.  a friend, stacey volunteered for the iditarod.  she asked me to post pictures of a few specific mushers.  curt perano was one of those.  she'd tagged another one so i think i tagged him or she did, not sure.  anyway.  the pictures i took of him were tagged to him and so he had seen them and was writing to ask if he could use a few on his web page.  always like random notes like that.
 got another random note in the mail.  tanya sent me a note and pictures maddie had drawn...just to buoy me up.  so sweet of them. thanks!!
 mentally feeling much better.  back to myself.  melancholy passed yet again.  don't like those episodes of melancholy, but they are limited.  still coughing, but that isn't too surprising.
thought pogi looked so cute sitting in this chair today.
 when it snows i often bring in some for the cats to check out.  they are indoor cats so i like to bring them a bit of what they are missing.  pogi took a sniff of the white stuff.  i later made some cat sized snowballs for them to chase around.  i think miss breezy chatterbug appreciated that part the most.
 lots of playtime.  i layed around or did things around the house while, "my cat from hell" episodes were on in the back ground.  it does remind me to play with the cats and they do have fun playing.
 miss breezy likes to catch stuff and drag it to blossom.  she is such blossom's cat.
 pogi eyes one of the snowballs.
 going to turn in soon.  still a bit beat up from being sick and working 3 nights . takes some time to recover. i was debating a swim, but i think i'll try tomorrow.  not thinking i'll be allowed to swim right after my procedure so it may have to wait til after work next week so incentive to try and get a swim in tomorrow.
not much on my mind.  off to read and settle in  for the night.

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