Monday, February 3, 2014

frost has returned

 it's gotten cold again.  no more dripping noises heard.  cold and still lots of ice. 3 nights work down, 3 to go, but i still have today.  rio opted out yesterday for our walk so blossom and i went to campbell airstrip and took the trail to the right.  after our stroll it was time to pop up to Basher trail for the sunset.  perfect timing.
 woke up yesterday with one of those blazing headaches.  they seem to run in my family.  never puked which i was  happy about.  tried all my tricks and it finally lessened enough that i knew the best thing would be to just get outside.  that fresh air can sometimes do the trick.
 these are at the bog.  hit that the two days before between shifts.  rio was along for those.
 we've had patchy fog these past few days, which i always find cool.
 had intended to wake early and head to kincaid to check out the ski for women.  looks like everyone had fun.  oh well.  no superbowl festivities for me.  i'm really not known as a football fan anyway.  missing the game was no loss for me.
 last night i heard Miss Breezy Chatterbug meow (not too unusual but...) i looked down on the landing and at the time blossom had lay her head down right on Miss Breezy.  she looked quite cozy, blossom did.  not sure the cat was as happy to be a pillow.  i missed the shot, but i can't say i've seen blossom do that before.
 just watched an internet grouping of some of the superbowl commercials.  those are usually much better than the game.  budweiser never seems to miss.  i wouldn't mind actually getting a dvd just of their greatest hits, commercial wise.  this years chydsdales adopting a lab puppy was adorable.  i remember another favorite years ago with a bunch of cowboys who were cat wranglers.  so clever and hysterical.
 we walked to the right out to tudor road and back.
 no dog teams sighting, but you do cross over the mushing trails.
 then a side trek down the trail that runs by the creek.  it's always so pretty down there. you never know what cool ice formations you will find
 today mostly just pretty reflections.
 some dogs rushed us.  at that time blossom was on leash. i called ahead, "are they friendly".  the lady says, "well....".  not the best answer.  no attack, but if you aren't sure if your dog is friendly, i'm not sure i want my dog to be greeted by it.
 the sunset last night was another beauty!!  love sunsets..i'm sure i'd love sunrises too if i could wake up for them.
 i know it's 6 am and i'm awake  now.  last night as i was loading these pictures i was falling asleep.  i was just so tired.  thought i'd just go lay down for a few minutes and next thing i knew it was about 5:30 am.
 what else to do but finish my blog entry.
 got an on call my first night.  they never called me in.  i didn't sleep very well though. was afraid they'd try to call and i'd sleep through it.  the next night i was in the peds icu and then my last night i was in the ER.  those were both fairly busy nights.  just tasky.
 always love the light through the leafless trees
 the great one
 in the ER i was the hold nurse, which is how they use their float nurses often.  you end up in the area they usually close off in the wee hours with patients who need to be admitted but that are stuck in the ER awaiting a bed to open in the main hospital.  the place gets backed up frequently.  the charge was telling me the other week they had 18 holds in the ER.  that's nuts!
 we do try to at least get them on more comfy hospital beds and get them off the gurneys.  those ER rooms are pretty tiny though so once you get them on the bigger beds it's tough to get around.  all my patients were nice so it wasn't a bad night.  ended up with 4 patients that we just couldn't get moved upstairs.  both nights went fast.
 i'll probably sleep again this morning.  could just get up and  bake but i doubt that will happen.
 phillip seymour hoffman passed away this weekend.  i have enjoyed many of his movies.  he was found dead in a hotel i guess with a needle in his arm.  looks like he overdosed on heroin from reports.  always such a waste. no amount of money, fame or success can protect us from ourselves sometimes. i often find myself irritated at these people for wasting this gift of life we all have.  just so sad.  overdoses, suicides, alcoholism, obesity so bad it disables people.  it just all takes away from this great adventure of life and prevents the people around them from being able to fully enjoy their lives as well.
 so i'm sad for him and his family, but also irritated and disappointed that yet another person has taken that path.
 another sad note, a soldier at our local base, JBER, passed away after a jump exercise. he appears to have landed fine, packed up his parachute and then died. i think the paper alluded to a possible aortic rupture?  he was pretty young.  my heart goes out to him and his family and friends.
 they have been doing training into the night so i was hearing them the other night.
 as marijuana becomes legal apparently so do snacks with marijuana in them.  legal, not legal, i'm always mixed.  sadly, you can't prevent people from doing anything, even if it harms them.  some battles don't seem worth it really.  marijuana has always been the least damaging of the bad things one can do to oneself.  i've certainly seen far more damage done due to alcohol.  hard to refuse people marijuana when cigarettes and alcohol are more damaging and legal.  another place to tax people, i like to tax people for things they are willing to pay for that aren't necessary. sometimes you have to choose your battles and there are far worse illegal drugs that deserve  more of our attention.  meth, cocaine, heroin, bath salts even.
 frost and ice

 always enjoy a few black and whites.

 really liked this one of the sun through the trees.

 more creek shots.

 my  bed is calling me to return and take another nap. was thinking i'd watch more of that show downton....why can't i remember that name.  anyway, another dvd arrived. i fell asleep last night though.  crashed is a better word i guess.

 and a parting shot of last nights sunset.
 good night or good morning.  it's still dark so i'll go with good night.

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