Thursday, June 19, 2014

a few from the rebel...ketchikan continues

 thought i'd alternate with the Rebel camera pictures.  always fun to see what comes out once you put those cards in the computer.  still surprising how much photography has changed these past 10 years.  a rapid morph from film.  kids have no idea even what film is anymore.
this sign is ubiquitous of downtown Ketchikan.
 difficult to stop and smell the roses too much on this trip as we were buzzing all over those days in Ketchikan.  it was so nice to stop time and do that walk up Minerva mountain.  i paid for it with sore calves but it was totally worth it just to get out in the rain forest.
 this float plane dock is just past Janet's house.  took this the same time as the sunset pic above.
 these are from the front yard of our Inn on the beach.  sweet spot.
 just walked the dogs in Baxter Bog.  so funny...2 days ago 8 moose, today, none!!
 i am packing and doing a bit of laundry.  thought i'd toss in some pics though and a quick blog post.  tried to call my sister to chat but she didn't pick instead.
 will just enjoy Homer, hope all goes well at home here with Miss Rio Catalina and then come back and throw myself for a few days into the yard and the WARIS stuff. the 501(3)(c) requires several attachments so i'll make a list of all the attachments i'll need.  i suspect i'll be writing my experts several text messages with questions. so annoying how everything in life has to go from simple to complicated.  the wording is so cumbersome...just say what you want and i'll give it to you...why all the gobbly gook?
 love all the variety of greens in south east.  being that i love green it is always amazing how many shades there are.  of course, below is a black and white...i like the contrast though.
 it was always funny when i lived there.  we get an average of 12 feet of rain a year there yet the locals are never seen with umbrellas.  we also got a lot of wind and what we called side ways rain...umbrella's pretty useless in that weather.  the tourists do buy them up i guess.  this was on a shop downtown...of course, the week we were there not too many umbrella's were sold i suspect!!
 the trees are draped with the moss.
 everything is coated with green and if it falls it quickly becomes another place for new growth to begin
 skunk cabbage is  very common in southeast.  i recall the bears enjoyed foraging on those early in the season.
 coated trees.
 we really did mozey along on our walk.  i think Bob and Tanya enjoyed the rain forest as well.
 still spring and still growth.  things in Alaska grow at such an amazing speed.  i'm always surprised at how rapid the changes are with the seasons. you can go to the same place every week and find major changes.  makes photography always exciting for me.
 Chloe was such a cute puppy...photogenic as well.
 a few flowers.  not as much variety as i see in other parts of Alaska.
 i had started working on the web page a few months ago when this whole WARIS thing started.  it's no where near complete...not functional at all, but someone must have found it as i got an email and i suspect it came from that page.  i'll have to take a minute and head back to that on my WARIS day when i get back and see if i can add a bit more.
 this person seems excited to get involved.  always cool.  won't be turning people away and it would be great to have representatives in various parts of Alaska...always fun meeting new people.
 my goal is to leave here by 1pm.  probably leaving my house a wee bit earlier as i'm gonna drop Miss Blossom off at Lena's place.  she will have fun playing with Manni.
 the draping is so cool
 the lighting in the bog today was amazing too.  the weather out is lovely so hopefully makes for a sweet ride down to Homer.
 it's a  beautiful drive...
 wrote to my logo artist, Stephanie, and will have her deepen the black on the logo so it pops out.  i also asked her to start working on a color version as i think we will need both.  then once i have those...i'll send that off and get the logo registered.
 everything is another fee.  was chatting with my brother who works for a computer company and he can get us software for our accounting.  at first he mentioned a discount but then after he heard the 501(3)(c) filing will cost me $850 he seemed to be leaning towards donating it.  thanks Tom!!
 it's so sweet and awesome how many people are willing to give to help me and these walrus.
 Rio is walked so she should be happy for today.  Michelle will stop by tonight and tomorrow morning to get her taken care of.  otherwise, she should be happy laying about.  i'll leave the radio on for her...NPR, she's a liberal leaning dog and likes to be kept informed.

 Perseverence Lake.
 and a few more black and whites.
 we took lunch here on the logs.
 Miss Chloe cute.  she really does move fast so it was hard to catch her for decent photo's
 she was quite spry on this log...i wasn't...i'm such a wimp sometimes. haha.
 not sure what else to pack for blossom.  food, bowl, leash...she's not as heavy a packer as i am apparently.

 the beginning of the steps...
 the  boardwalk is always cool for pictures though. i really enjoyed the photo ops on the more moss covered boardwalk heading up to punchbowl later that week.

 gotta start the dishwasher...almost forgot.
 didn't want to leave dirty dishes in the sink for my house exchange guests. i'll see Cathy at her place tonight in Homer and then she will head to Anchorage and crash here at my great to have friends all over Alaska!!

 steep but so cool

 up, up, up...
 we got past the trees to a view. you can go up another mile or so across this open boggy bit but the bug count increased dramatically as soon as the view opened up.  we took our photos and then headed rapidly back down the trail
 so great to be able to hike with Anita again.  so happy she had time to chill with us.  there are great people all over...some of my favorites are the folks i met in Ketchikan in my time there...the new ones i met down there this trip were also awesome!!

 more boardwalk

better get cracking...hope this publishes..keep getting all sorts of warnings of errors.  thankful for... 1.  the wild life and beauty of this amazing state.  i am forever in a state of awe.  2.  my's been a great car and it looks all cute with a kayak on top.  3.  friends, friends  and more friends.  life is good!!

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