Monday, June 30, 2014

Color Run 2 and a beautiful double rainbow...

 seems fitting on a happy fun day to end it with the double rainbow.  always spectacular.  was thinking i should do a search of double rainbows.  not sure how common they are and if they are more common in certain places over other places.  i've seen many double rainbows but they have all been in it makes me think some places must just be more likely to have them.
 another pretty day today so a friend, michelle, joined me for a little walk out in Hatchers Pass.  Rio opted to join us...she didn't want to be left out of the fun once Michelle came by.  so we just did a total of 4 miles.  don't want to wear Rio out too badly. she really is a trooper, but she is snoring pretty good at present.
 traffic was pretty slow coming back due to construction. it is the season.  happy i stopped by subway i guess to grab some food. i would  have been hungry had i not.  it was clearing up right as i was getting past it.  just my luck.  they were stopping the work i think or moving some place else. not sure.
 we wandered around Independence mine for a few minutes.  we were there anyway.  haven't looked at my pictures from today.  still had these to post and i got busy with bylaws tonight.  above, group getting goofy, maddie, Tanya and I.
 and of course Sasquatch, had to get that photo.
 at some point i took a video and then didn't get it flipped back to photo several super short video clips as i thought i was taking photo's.  i blame my color coated eyes and camera.  tough to know what was up. we had fun and that is really all that matters.  the ground looked a sight towards the end.  the colors were pretty though.
 fun to just chill in the sunshine and dance and laugh.
 that was mixed in with explosions of color.
 my friends got much better pictures of this.  i may post theirs one of these days...just cause they are cool.  more pictures of yours truely as well.
 happy to at least have a first draft of the bylaws.  will go over them with others and tweek i'm sure.  see if there are other things i should have or need to have.  i had several other groups examples so i followed a mixture of theirs.
 also wrote a few follow up notes to some i've corresponded with in the past to give them updates on our progress. meeting new people via the internet.  also have wanted to get a hold of another biologist that was out there for years and let her know what we are doing.  haven't had much luck so i just wrote an email to the alaska mountaineering school in Talkeetna and see if they will pass it along to her.  Talkeetna is a small enough town, hopefully they will.  
 try to think of who i should inform of this group starting.  would love to have some contacts in Dillingham and Togiak..this place is in their area and i'd love to have their support on this.
 i still have my Happy tattoo on.  i'm sure i could rub harder or put oil on it or something to get it off.  i don't work until thursday so i'm not in a hurry. besides, i find you really feel the need to be on your best behaviour when you have Happy prominently written on your arm!!  perhaps  we should do this on the prison population. give them positive tattoo's and see if crime goes down.
 Rio got her usual array of attention and comments.  never owned a dog that got so much attention.  always cracks me up.  i know one guy we met today was really excited to meet a fila brasilliero. sounds like he's wanted one, but seems anxious about the breed too.  seemed very worried that Rio was some sort of attack dog.  his kid seemed to pick up on her sweetness.  she asked if she could pet her and of course i said yes, he  seemed surprised that this was okay.  sometimes the leash makes people think she is not a nice dog....then i just tell them she is blind and they relax.  he asked if he could pet her too.  she loves all the attention of course.
 Blossom was happy to be out walking.  lots of dogs out there today.
 trying to intice Pogi to go.
 just a few of the bouncing crowds.
 i laughed as one lady come walking over with a toddler on her shoulders...that kid was clearly somebody wasn't happy out there yesterday
 note how smeared speedy's sunglasses are...this is why photography was a challenge out there.
 my little camera seemed fine today though.
 lots of gliders out in Hatchers Pass today.  looked pretty cool.  we shall see what pictures came out of that. a few moose, but no pictures of them.
 there were lots of kids at the happy run...clearly nobody was too worried about all the powder.
 confetti too...what a mess!!
 matt and alicia getting into a confetti/powder battle as we walked away.  i had told alicia we should book before they brought out the brooms and made us clean up.
 red beard has been sighted!!
 back at touchdown jesus for our after shot.  he got a bit green, but michelle went back and cleaned him up.

 lovely selfie at home before i showered!!  just in case anyone wonders why i'm still single after all these years...haha!!
 happy, happy double rainbow!!
 this was from the middle of my street.  which reminds me i've got to get my trashcan out.
 flowers in my garden...despite my lack of gardening this year these guys all showed up.
 as we left hatchers today a few motorcyclists were in a hurry.  there are bumper stickers all over to watch out for motorcyclists and i try to do just that, but shouldn't they not do stupid things?  these two crazies were in such a hurry they were passing car after car on the left across double yellow, no crossing lanes.  after they had passed 5 cars in this manner they pulled right into a gas station and stopped....?  baffling!!
 who couldn't smile seeing this.
 the rainbow took some time to develope into this cool double rainbow. kept coming and going, then suddenly it was there and stayed for quite awhile.
 from my deck with my flowers

 and with the flowers in my front yard.
well, WARIS has worn me out for the day and it's almost midnight anyway. last day of June!!  crazy!! thankful fors:  1.  sunshine and blue skies in Hatchers pass, it looked like it may rain and i forgot my raincoat and forgot my fleece. 2.  such cute and lovable dogs..many kisses and treats for them both 3.  to have that first draft of bylaws completed!!

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