Wednesday, June 18, 2014

paddling Walker Cove in Misty Fiords

 there is this one incredible waterfall...can't do it justice with the powershot really, but that thing starts at the top of the mountain and goes straight down.
 i should be packing and prepping.  worked the last three and so i decided i would just stop and write a short blog note. headed to Homer and Tutka Bay with Bob, Tanya and Maddie.  it will be great to get out there.  there is a part of me that wants to hole up and focus on this 501(3)(c) paper.  i've glanced at it a few times and felt a bit overwhelmed.  i just need time and quiet in order to start that process.
 summers are just crazy and i feel like i've been working or sleeping since i got back from Ketchikan...can't believe it's going to be solstice this weekend.
 need to get a dry erase board and just write down all these things that need to be done to make WARIS happen.  break it down and plug along.  others have gone through this process and survived it and honestly as far as Round Island and the Walrus...we can't do any harm no matter if i am slow or less skilled as a director of a non-profit.  all in life is a learning curve and i'll get there.
 i really like that people are following along.  the blog is my little reality show.  haha.  crazy 50 year old who never got married, never had kids, worked as a vet tech and a nurse, walks a lot, takes tons of photo's and runs a non-profit for walrus.  it does fit though.  i can't say as i've ever followed the usual paths this life had to offer.  can't just run any non-profit, it has to benefit walrus
 my buddy arrived from Ketchikan.  he's a handsome walrus and i hope i can set up an area here that will be dedicated to WARIS and he can be there to inspire and encourage me...
 we took lunch in this area above and then cruised down a river that was next to our lunch spot before heading back.  it was relaxing drifting in with the tide.
 no big walks this summer it seems.  will have to make up for that in these next few months.  have been to Kincaid for a few walks and yesterday i got the dogs out to the bog between shifts . it was a nursery.
 before yesterday the most moose i've encountered in Baxter Bog in one mile and a third loop was 6..yesterday i bested that by two.  i saw a total of 8 moose on that little loop.  5 babies and three different mama moose.  we had no incidences and i was able to take some photos which will show up here eventually...i'm behind and suspect i'll stay behind all summer long .
 work this week was spent one night in CCU where the work was pretty dang easy.  it was nice to have a chill and easy day as i've been pretty busy since i got back.  the last two were back in the Adult icu.  haven't seen the peds unit for months.  i was running the continuous dialysis machine.  kept myself fairly busy.  it's been a  bit since i ran one of those too and it took me a minute to get my brain in kidney mode.  overall went well.  my charge, jaime set up the machine so fast she was a blur.  wow!!  impressive!!
 there is one person, not a regular staff nurse...that girl talks and talks and talks.  it's exhausting. she's a topper, never really listening to anyone except to use anything that was heard to tell a bigger, better story.  i have to walk away. in my brain i'm screaming, "shut up, shut up, shut up" and i prefer not to scream that out loud so best to find some work to do.  and loud...omg...
 Amanda and CJ in the river.  a few of the others were trying to see who could paddle against the current the farthest.  i think Tanya may have won.  Amanda mentioned a few times what an amazing paddler Tanya was.
 hit the dog park today and have a few times since i got back.  easy. there has been a mama black bear and cubs spotted near the hospital and university areas, i haven't seen here.  cute cubs from the photos.  i got lots of moose baby shots yesterday though.  baby critters are sure cute
 i remembered that my old crappy rain pants had totally fallen apart out in Ketchikan so i hit sports authority as i was already heading to petsmart for dog/cat supplies.  won't need too much as this will be a short trek out of Homer.  should be relaxing.  really just one main paddle.  we could paddle friday evening...i may just chill in the yurt/cabin with maddie and let them head off for a paddle together.  i have Bob's single on my car now.  stopped over to drop off maddie and load up his kayak. thanks for letting me use the spare. stopped at Target for a fun bag for maddie.
 no nail polish this time...oops!!  may have to add that when i get last stuff in Homer.
 several of this cool waterfall.  did take more with the wide angle on. those will turn up later.

 thank god the mail dude came by today.  i had planned to wake up earlier and thought i'd set the alarm...i had only set the time but didn't turn it on.  oops. the mailman kind of looked like jack black? i think that is his name, the actor, and the mailman laughed a lot like Jack Black my tired state i thought maybe it was the actor and he's just out there pretending to be a mailman as prep for another movie.
 got the dogs taken care of...thanks everyone for helping out.  Rio will stay home and be looked after by an exciting mixture of folks.
 almost back to camp...we relax and take some pictures.
 it was high tide so we were able to come in front of "poop" island.
 quickly changed and we had a large beach to explore.  Alaskan tides are always amazing.  you really have to pay attention to the tides up in these parts.  entire beaches come and go through the tide changes.
 we sat back and relaxed while our guides prepped our meals.  i had a picture of everyone chilling but it didn't come across for some reason.
 no traveling on this weekend trip...just down to the water taxi and back so we can pack a bit freer.  thinking i'll take my dry backpack. cram most of my stuff in there.
 i feel guilty leaving the dogs behind, but i know they will be fine.
 Scott and Tanya relax by the campfire.
 it's always great to wind down with the fire.
 a few photo's from poop island.  my camera goes with me everywhere..thankfully, i don't need to photograph everything!!!
 bills, cat litter, pack, laundry..the yard is in a bit of a state as well.  i really have wanted to just hire people to come take care of it.  hell i still have my dang blizzacks on.  seems silly to bother changing over the tires now.  it's solstice..winter is coming.  haha.
 liked these trees growing out of this fallen over tree. everything just grows where it can there.
 this was the next morning.  just looked so flat and calm and serene.  i think CJ took the double over to collect the food bags.  they hung everything up each night to prevent bears from getting a meal on us.
 i really had no anxiety out there about bears. was happy for that.  my bear incident is in the past and now just a story i tell at times.
 we were pretty worried about this paddle from Walker to Rudyerd but as you can see...things not too bad!!
 even a few places to stop along the way.  it was a lot of paddling, 14 miles that day, but we cruised.  it was beautiful and sunny and the water was great.
 Iraq is quickly becoming another middle east disaster area.  no surprise there.  just so hard to imagine such angry people.  their hate for each other seems to eclipse any hate they have for us.  just always feel so bad for all the people over there that really just want to go about living their lives.  impossible.
 was walking with a patient one night and he was all doom and gloom.  he was in his 80's i think.  i finally just looked at him and said, "so should i slit my wrists tonight or can i wait til tomorrow" which got a laugh.  unlike my other more paranoid patient this guy didn't think the second coming was upon us and felt i would be safe to live my life for at least as long as i would live.
 just kept snapping shots as i was so stunned it was as nice as it was.
 guess i really should get myself together and get a few things done before i crash for the night.  the dogs will be less than thrilled that i'm leaving them.  i try to keep it kinda secret.
leaving you with a selfie.  thankful fors...1.  that the dialysis machine ran smoothly overall the past 2 nights. 2. friends with kayaks so i can borrow them...thanks!!!  3.  to be able to live and go about my day to day life without the constant fear of death and war.  once again people are being slaughtered in Gods name.  good night...

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