Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Walker Cove-Misty Fiords National Monument

 i am on call right now.  totally unexpected but always welcome. so i may have to stash this and run if the phone rings....
 that grand waterfall above is the most amazing aspect of Walker Cove.  Tanya was surprised a waterfall this grand remains unnamed.  i had not thought of that.  it's true though.
 tired and lazy day, though not really i guess.  just walked Blossom and Rio up Patterson to the creek and back.  probably just over 2 miles.  i had dogs on leash and that was where Blossom led us.  we passed by a mama moose and her two babies right on Patterson. so cute.  i've seen so many babies this year. every year you see different things.  never dull though.
 set up a table in my office that is now dedicated to WARIS. i moved my Walrus art piece there.  Marcie thinks our mascot as i've called him should be named Tusker.  it may stick.  i posted it on the facebook page.
 a big part of my life is centered around this non-profit and getting it going so i'm sorry if i bore you with the mundane details of what i do to make it happen.  my goal is to get the 501(3)(c) sent off within a month.  i'm just going line to line and page by page.  they want our articles of incorporation and bylaws sent with it, so tonight i started on that. i did a  first draft of the simple articles of incorporation.  the bylaws will just be an extension of that.  had to take a break.
 so i looked at pictures from the rebel from Homer.  some nice sunset photos in the mix.
 the big earthquake was not felt here in Anchorage but it is nice that many folks have asked if we are ok here.  guess they settled on a 7.9 or 8...very large.  not very populated on those remote islands.  from reports there is no damage but it lasted a good minute or two.  i'm sure they are getting some big aftershocks.  i really should look at the uaf earthquake site. they have a few volcano's grumbling out on the Aleutians as well.  quite the active area.
 loved the colours on the rocks.  as i mentioned earlier, very few places to stop on the shore whether it be high tide or low tide in Walker cove.  the white is calcium.
 a frenchman was out adventuring and sounds like he is probably dead, missing for several weeks. sad but fairly common in these parts. people underestimate the wild that is Alaska and are ill prepared for it.
 people die up here.  i guess they die happy knowing that they were able to come and see and experience.  better to die living a dream than to live without one.
 Amanda does her share of ocean clean up.  really we saw very little litter of any kind.  at first i thought this could be from the Japan tsunami.  but the writing looks more Russian to me.
 Scott paddles.
 a few sea stars. not tons of tide pool opportunities  out there.
 sandra, took some time to find her comfort spot in that kayak but i think she eventually did.  she is a solid paddler.  she just keeps paddling and paddling.  powerhouse paddler.
 i'm not obsessed about paddling.  i really do enjoy it though. mostly i just like getting out where you can get in these little boats and seeing stuff from so close to the water.  it really is an amazing way to see nature. right on the water. not as much fun if you have bad weather or wind.
 i want to take photo's and if it's bad weather or wind i can't.  so for me i think photography wins over paddling, but i am happy out there and though i don't really see myself as a kayaker i have to admit that i have a lot of experience and would probably be considered a paddler to others. i tend to underestimate myself and my abilities.
 of course, i tend to do that in all aspects of my life.  over confidence has never been an issue for me.
 i know in my heart though that i am capable of much more than i give myself credit for and that compared to many of the other humans on this earth i fare just fine.
 who knew i'd be doing this whole non-profit thing.  we shall see.  a fellow advocate down in Sitka called again today and we finally spoke though just for a few minutes.  she'd like to be involved and i really don't see myself turning anyone away who shows enthusiasm.  the only reason i'm doing this is because i saw a need and nobody else did it.  it had to be done.
 hopefully, i can bring her in...the more the merrier, right?  good to have people in various parts of the state on board.  would love to find someone in the Togiak/Dillingham area.  new names seems to show up every so often on the facebook page so that is good. each person that checks it out introduces it to others i think.  people are watching...that is the first step. only 48 likes on our public page, but that is still a start.
 looks like it's raining out there tonight. thankfully the sun was out for a bit today and i was able to get the lawn mowed.  it was looking bad and still doesn't look great.  the chickweed is taking over as usual.  i really meant to hire someone to make my lawn more presentable and get my garden back in order.  also need to hire someone to make the fence last another year or two.

 Cathy left me a few lupine plants so i put those out in the garden. love lupine!  i have gotten a few thank you things ready to go and need to do a few more.  wanted to bake something for my neighbors for rescuing Rio over the week.  she seems fine.  survived her weekend.  that is really all that matters.
 oddity of life in my 50's. i've had these hot flashes but the strange thing is have zero of these when i am out camping.  why is that i wonder?  they are for sure worse at work too.  stress and hot flashes go together?
 nice calm water, perfect for getting my camera gear out.  not much of that out at Tutka this past weekend.  was happy to be out there.  it was very relaxing.
 i'll have to attempt to sleep for a few hours after i finish this. that should assure i'll get a call in to work, right?

 i'd be fine staying home though..which is also a good way to assure i'll get called in. i'm on call for the entire hospital so i rarely believe i'll be home all night.  i just hope the call doesn't come at 3 am.  so hard to get moving and get my brain to function.
 little kayak, i think Bob in front of that top of the mountain to sea level water fall.
 break for lunch
 loved these two of our guides Amanda and CJ carrying boats up.
 so amazing to be out in some of the most beautiful places this earth has to offer.  i am truely blessed.
 we ate lunch and just relaxed here. we were never rushed it seems.  the next morning we were a bit worried about how the paddle would go but there was no need to worry in the end...we were watched over and all went well.

 the boats always make pictures just a little cooler.

 it's a good life...i really can't complain.  i've been really fortunate.  i have great friends, overall my family is cool. i've seen beautiful places, have had pretty decent health.  my dogs are fabulous.

 not everyone can check off those boxes.  though the truth is many people create their own hell in life.

 it's easy enough to do i guess.
 wild flowers at our lunch stop.  so pretty. wild rose above, chocolate lily below
 i really love these and i always forget their will come to me as soon as i am done with this.

CJ...well i shall go and try and rest. hope you are enjoying these and i have many more pictures to share when i run out of Misty pics
thankful for 1.  cool wildlife sightings 2.  beautiful flowers of summer 3.  support and kind words as i do all this WARIS stuff.  it's greatly appreciated.

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