Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ketchikan, kayaks, totems and a bear

 loved this black and white of the kayaks  i took. i  was laying on the deck of the boat and they were overhead.  the sun had come out.  just cool.
 i must say, three people texted me to ask if i wanted to walk with them . that is unprecedented!!  i walked with everyone and then a few extra's.  nice to get out in a group for a more real hike.  between Ketchikan and Homer it seemed like i worked and slept and just did these mini walks.
 not sure why some photo's are not really coming out.  strange. anyway, today we just headed to powerline pass.  the skies were so pretty. at times we had sun beating down on us, other times we had rain.  never felt cold though and i had forgotten my rain coat.  took Rio along as i really doubted she'd cope with being left.  overall she is fine. no harm done.  just a little adventure and the good thing is that she stayed right at home...good to know.  she's blind but she isn't dumb clearly.
 i think i will bake some cookies or brownies or something and leave those for my neighbors as a thank you.  so happy that they picked up on Rio's distress the other day and checked on her.  she's just a quirky dog...she fits right into Alaska.  i always see Alaska as the land of the quirky and independent people.
 took a warm bath tonight and then sat down for a bit with the 501(3)(c) papers. i really should give them a name other than that..perhaps i could bond with the papers.  the form does come with a line by line instructions sheet.  i printed it all out.  page one is nearly done, page 2 will want attachments of our articles of incorporation and bylaws and such.  so i'll have to take this weekend and try and work with my crew to get those sorted out.  want basic.
 my friend, gnat, said someone she'd met paid a lawyer $1500.00 to get that stuff all done. i'd rather not do that...who has $1500 laying around for such things when i should be able to figure it out and besides, being a director of a non-profit in my mind means i will need to understand all the stuff that is required for what i'm trying to do.a friend, michelle, was helpful via texts tonight and i know she's cool with me texting.  my niece is also cool with me texting her with questions.
 it's just going to be a process.
 Rio is happily snoring away, i'm sure i wore her out.  Blossom seems pretty tuckered as well.  it's almost midnight and it's light enough that you could make camp at a campground or even take a walk really, though the bears of the area may have something to say about that.  i tend to avoid twilight walks in the woods. you really do have to give the local bear population some privacy.
 sea lion in Ketchikan in front of our Inn.
 dropped the Kayak off at Bob and Tanya's. it had started raining and i think i just had a list of things to do in my head.  hadn't really realized that i dropped the kayak and bolted.  my social skills are lacking at times. i suppose we all have those distracted moments.  my car for sure looks less cool now though with the kayak off.  better to drop it off before i head to work. wouldn't want to have to find out it makes my car too tall to fit in the parking garages at work.
bob and scott napped on the ride out. like that scott was just so happy and excited...shows on his face.  the mustang suits kept you in whatever position you were in.
 no good pictures of the whales we saw on the way out.  it was thought that it was a mama and baby killer whale (orca) pursuing a Sei whale...perhaps just honing hunting skills.  happy we didn't stay long enough to watch a kill.  it's one of those things you would want to watch but not really want to watch. they were pretty far off and we drove on.  who knows. from what i'm looking at sei whales and fin whales are way bigger than an orca or a humpback. seems unlikely they would have really tried to kill it.  we will never know.
 got a couple more thank you notes written and i should get some bills paid before i crash for the night.
 after i worked on the tax stuff i thought i should look at the web page i'd started to work on. took me a phone call to figure out how to get in there to edit it a bit. just wanted to write that it was a work in progress and direct them to the facebook pages until we are more up and running...really that means until i get this tax stuff sent off.  then i can focus more on the other stuff, bank accounts, po box....
 talked with one brother today.  i think they are aware that i'm doing this non-profit but he never asked about it.  never sure what the family has come to think of me.  haven't worried about it, just really have no idea what my siblings say about me when i'm not around.  i come from a family with opinions so i've no doubt they all have em.  haha.
 as we drove around Revillagigedo Island and got closet to Misty you could see some changes in the scenery.
 it seemed a pretty long drive around.  i was pretty happy to do the trek around.
 sounds like there was a pretty big quake far out the Aleutian chain.  one brother texted to check on me.  i felt nothing.  i was out hiking.  i do recall at some point wondering if we'd had a quake, but the quake happened over 1000 miles from Anchorage and we do have many quakes/day. i could well have felt a smaller closer quake.
 nice of him to check on me though. it was only 16 mile depth which is pretty shallow really.  from reports the thing lasted over a minute. tsunami warnings in the area but i don't think there was really worry.
the island above was referred to as poop island.  poop happens and must be dealt with when you are out there.  so if you must try to poop at low tide when you can get across to poop island.
 the Aleutians really get hammered.  all those active volcano's, big quakes, storms.  tsunami warnings.  crazy.
 we set up camp pretty quick, our guides served us meals and snacks...love that and they also cleaned up...thanks Amanda and CJ!!
 i wandered a bit.
 our first morning our guide went over to poop island but returned quickly as this black bear was swimming towards the island.  we watched him wander around poop island and then cruise passed us.
 very healthy looking bear and he was pretty non-reactive to us.
 of course as he passed us and headed up the beach near our tents a few of us decided to make some noise around our tents to keep him on the beach rather than let him explore our gear.
 what we didn't realize right off was that one of our group had opted to do her morning necessities on a different beach.  as we headed up to our tents we saw her head down there on the beach.  nothing like having a bear stroll past you when you got your pants down doing your business on the beach.
 guess he gave her a good look and then walked on by.
 we later decided that he went to his den to answer the age old question bears all must ask..."does a human shit in the woods?".
 he was our only bear sighting out there and i'm happy to report we paddled and returned to find none of our gear had been mucked around with.  we did string our food up in a cache...well the guides did.  heavy bags.
 just cool to watch this guy move...really handsome bear.
 nice to be home with the furs.  i'm kind of a homebody in some ways.  i like my walks and all but i do love to be chilling at home.
 this WARIS stuff is good at making me talk a bit more to random strangers.  should send off an email to joe from fish and game and give him an update.  a woman from Sitka sounds enthusiastic to get involved and more and more people i've never met or have any connection to like the page.  not tons but it's fun to see that people have found us.  someone posted one of their pictures to the page, but i haven't figured out if i can make it show up bigger.  probably some setting i haven't gotten right.
 tons of baldies out in Ketchikan.  really didn't take too many photo's of them.  not sure why. got tons of great eagle photos the last time i was out in Homer with the dogs.
 these are him crossing over the low tide zone to our side.

 bath felt nice tonight.
 still have those quilts to work on.  they got held up.  want to get them shipped off.  some stuff is just out of your control and you have to let it go..usually things have a way of working out.
 the tax papers will get filed and the to list stuff will change to new to do list stuff.  "everything will be alright in the end, and if it isn't alright, it's not yet the end".  love that quote.
 he's looking right at us.
 and then he walked on.
 haven't been too worried about bears,which makes me happy.
 did wake up several times in the yurt the first night. the door closes but there wasn't any sort of latch.  seemed pretty easy for a bear to just push through.  we did put a bear bell on the door, hung some food and i had spray by my pillow.  never say any bears or signs of bears out in Tutka this weekend thankfully.
the end of another post.  time to crash...or pay a few bills.  may just do that in the morning.  thankful for 1.  that i went a different path, left the church i grew up in. i've never regretted that choice, not one day.  2.  for the support that has been coming through from all over as i work my way through this non-profit development. wish my mom was around as it would be fun to be able to give her updates 3. for the rain. love a good rain from time to time.  good night.

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