Thursday, January 29, 2015

hate to waste old tea...

 it was leftover from our night out Aurora watching.  could probably have repeated that but i'll wait until my new tripod shows up and then perhaps i'll test it out and see if i can improve on my night photography. don't hold your breath and don't expect me to go into business selling aurora photos anytime soon.  hopefully one can't get ill on old tea. i made it all hot again, hopefully killing off any bacteria.
 was awake until the wee hours.  fell into a slumber once i knew that Luke and Lorelei were finally back together.  couldn't rest until then.  was actually thinking i should just stop watching the show now so that i do not risk disappointment if they have them break up again.  not sure i can survive that.  does remind me of when i was a young teen arriving home from school to an empty house and watching General Hospital..there was this whole Luke and Laura thing.  really that is all i remember about it.  it was a brief period in my life where i watched a soap opera.  generally so not my thing.
 below are from my walk. i did a nice usual walk for me.  i mean a usual one before surgery. for sure getting more distance and speed back into my walking which is great. after the walk i cruised over to Pt Worzonof for sunset watching.
 at Campbell Airstrip i walked to the end of the airstrip and then behind it and took the regular multiuse trails back to the parking area.
 Rio chose the couch again.  we are still close to 5F so i think Rio prefers the couch in these colder temperatures. try not to push the old girl.  walks are her choice at this point.  she seemed happy.
 Blossom should be a bit tired after chasing her frisbee many many times.  she had some energy today.
 love wispy clouds like the ones we had out there today.  so pretty.
 was supposed to have PT today but i cancelled it.  now i'm just scheduled for a final one on Feb 6, the following Monday Feb 9th i'll get a repeat of my vein surgery.  hopefully that will fix this and i won't have to deal with that discomfort...summer hiking here i come!!
 gotta get Blossom and i ready for some long hikes this summer.
 Our WARIS petition is 6 shy of 100.  will print on my next stretch off and get copies to the proper folks.
 i also finally have the link to an account that folks can  donate directly to Fish and Game for Round Island, you just have to write in the comments section that it's for Round Island.  that and a copy of a letter to mail off are now on our fledgling web page.
 i'll try and mess with the web page a bit each week and see what i can come up with.  kind of a chill day WARIS wise.  i have crazy days and then i have to allow myself a bit of down time.
 it's easy to get yourself sucked in and then i can get a bit emotional over it all, best to keep my head about me.  thinking i should see about making appointments to actually speak to some of these contacts.  also thinking i should make an appointment and get my hair done.  getting your hair done is always good for the pysche!
 wispy clouds.
 after i fed the dogs and cancelled my PT appointment i went back to sleep for another 3+ hours.  may as well just stay on a night schedule as i head back to work tomorrow night. those days off sure go fast.
 another day, another walk on the beach.  love the pinks and the ice.

 Fire Island above, Mt Susitna below.
 the tides seemed to be moving in. lots of pancake ice out there now. some pretty big chunks are on the beaches now.

 forgot to bring my colors today.  couldn't resist just writing walrus rock in the snow anyway.
 the Big mountains of the Alaska range in the background.  Denali of course,
 pancake ice
 another of Denali
 did get out of bed about 5-6 am and worked a bit on the article.  got a ways to go on that one.  a few good things in there, but far from complete.
 Planes are always a sight out there.
 more pink!!
 just relaxed and walked along what little beach was open for walking.  with all those chunks of ice it's not always wise to wander over the tops of them. sometimes there are holes that are just covered with snow.
 just stuck to where other folks had been walking.  there are always people out there.
 again.  no moose sightings.  so strange.  they are probably in the bog.  i keep missing them there as well though.
 always relaxing for me to walk along the shores, as they are here and enjoy the sunset.
 there are things i can't control in this life and all i can do is what i can do.  i may fail but at least i will fail trying. i can feel better about that knowing that i started this group and worked it as best as i could.  still hopeful though.  as they say, it ain't over til it's over.
 Isis holds two Japanese hostages.  my heart goes out to them and their families.  it's never a good thing.  these terrorist groups are now funded well by demanding millions of dollars for ransom.  hard to watch these poor hostages get killed but also hard to say give them the money they want so they can only have more power and kill more.  it's not going to end with them until we are all dead it seems.

 enjoyed watching the planes coming through the sunset.

 the colors just got so pretty.  sunsets are always amazing.  sunrises are too, but i tend to sleep through most of those.
 mostly i wasted my day i'll admit, but i guess we all need empty head days from time to time. i seem to need them more than others..or else i just take them more.  i have that option i guess.
 chatted with my sister for a few minutes, otherwise not much "social" contact today.

 colors through the trees..
 love living in this amazing place.  often i feel badly that i haven't driven further or taken more adventurous hikes, but there really is beauty right here.
 guess i shall turn in.  sorry, short on insight into the deeper issues of life. live and be happy...and be nice to the other people, places and creatures of the earth. what more is there really?
1.  thankful for sleep and mindless tv from time to time.  2.  thankful for sunsets and dog walks 3.  thankful for starting something bigger than myself and the hope of helping a place i love.

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