Tuesday, February 23, 2016

bizzarro weather this winter...

 we caught the pretty part today. yesterday i was out Rovers Run in the rain.  it had snowed a wee bit the night before and then it went into full snow storm mode while i was in the grocery store and for an hour or so after i got home...then it all stopped again and the world got slushy.
 puddles on top of frozen ground.  it's a mess.  i guess that some areas got 2-3 feet of snow dropped in short order which is not doubt melting at a rapid rate now.
 enjoyed watching the snow come down though and having a wee bit of the white stuff out there.
 have hit the gym the past two days. today, was just a swim so 1 mile in..that really can kick your butt...well my butt. i'm sure for many folks swimming a mile is no big deal. new swim wear is working out fine. the pool was full of little bits of stuff...asked a guy about it today and apparently they had a family fun day with a pool party and luau.  some decoration/pool thing they used didn't fare very well in the pool water.  hopefully, they don't repeat that.  happy to know it wasn't human body fluid related though.  place was packed today.
 got our goodie prize bags pretty much ready to go for our event Wednesday.  also printed out several sketch maps from Fish and Game of the island as well as a gear list from Fish and Game, since we are at REI i figured they'd appreciate us encouraging some shopping.  if this works out it would be good to repeat it each year to drum up visitors for Round Island.  Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary is an amazing place to visit...if you are thinking about it, come to the lecture this week at REI...
 enjoyed another lovely Monday walk and Coffee.  always fun.
 not many pictures though the day was lovely.
 Blossom enjoyed breaking through the ice in places and taking a dip in the puddles.  she is silly that way.
 such a lovely, sweet puppy i have.  :-)  i really do like this pup.
 short and sweet today.  i'm ready to crash.  massage tomorrow, gym...phone calls to make appointments...would like to do a white house email/call/snail mail thing to help encourage help for Round Island.  doesn't hurt to make some calls and write some letters, you never know who may be listening. right?  one person can make a difference...especially one person who has really cool friends who support her wild ideas.
thankful for:  A.  good friends, new old, near and far. B.  family.  great to chit chat with them and keep in touch C.  puppies and kitties...and all the lovely creatures of this earth.

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