Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Black Bear Butt sighting...

 i always check the tree a certain black bear dens up in each winter.  it's right by the road on Campbell Airstrip Rd.  i mean literally 50 ft off the main road.  there is even a pull out there.  i just caught a glimpse of her bear butt up in the tree...by the time i pulled over and jumped out with my camera she was back down inside the tree...this crazy warm Alaskan weather.
 lovely day for a Monday walk out there today.  these are actually still from yesterday  i think.  i'd switched lenses for a bit to the other camera.  so these are from that.
 made it to the gym today.  as it turned out the pool was closed yesterday unexpectedly anyway, so it was a perfect day for me to slack off.  no slacking off today.
 week 6 on track...exercise wise.  today...15min rowing, 25min elliptical, 15 min recumbent bike and then followed that up with a 45 min swim.
 the ski runs at Alyeska ski in Girdwood.  looks like they are doing well, snow wise.
 i'm headed to bed soon.  avoiding news this week.  it's out of my control and they just talk about the same damn crap every hour of every day anyway. walking, exercise, dogs, cats...that is working for me
 was leaned over taking a few bites of the leftover tomato i had cut up to put on my pizza tonight.  reminded me of my mom.  except she'd eat the whole tomato, salted of course, leaning over the sink.  we had some great garden tomatoes in our garden growing up.  always great zuchinni's too.
thankful for:  A.  memories of those lost, they are always with you.  B.  lovely walks with friends C.  surprise bear sightings in the middle of winter.  do hope she returns to her den for a few more months though.  we carried bear spray today just in case though.  :-)

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