Monday, February 15, 2016

not enough sleep

 and not too many pictures so i'll drop a line in.  this is one of those cute free libraries.  i am planning on getting one for my front yard.  there aren't any in this hood and loads of kids.  i could make it a bit of a walrus themed box i'm thinking and make sure to keep it stocked with books that teach about walrus.  i have always thought these were a good idea.
 was on call my first night...which shocked me.  then i was in ER for holds, actually training someone to do holds and then i was in adult ICU.  i'm fairly patient at work but one thing that will make me nuts is patients that do not stay where you put them.  in the ICU we have a crew come around to help you every 2 hours get your patients turned and comfy.  makes me bonkers when the scootch out of that well planned and neat position.  i know it shouldn't bother me...but all night having 2 patients who were scootching about drove me nuts.  is anyone else like this?  the one had a head injury and is in that crazy can't keep them looking neat and tidy for even 30 sec...all night craziness. mentally exhausting!
 couldn't sleep while on call and then at around 3 am i heard some gun shots.  i'm in that NextDoor thing so others in the neighborhood heard it as well.  i never heard any sirens and apparently someone else on the site called the police.  i then expected for sure i'd get called in to the hospital.  Anchorage is fairly large but not so large really.  if it's in the news there is a good chance it's at my hospital.
 above is Pogi in a box...generally make boxes into cat toys for a bit before recycling them.  they love it.  otherwise a few of these are from the bog by my house.  below you can see the local pond by my house...the dark area is from that 7.1 quake.  the shaking opened the crack up and murky water below sloshed up and out. you can see these signs all over.  on the Kenai there was one video clip that showed cracks with little dead fish and shrimpy looking things that had sloshed out and died.  i'm sure the local bird population made fast work of that.
 Happy Valentines Day i guess if you are one of the many happy couples.  i tried to keep a bit of distance from facebook...way too many lovey dovey posts.  who needs that.  haha.  i'm happy you are happy but it does get a bit silly.  hit the pool tonight thinking nobody would be there...but they were, dang.  did get my mile swim in. not eat pretzels before swimming.  every time i used the kick board i had a little heartburn.
someone had posted something about girls getting married is not an "accomplishment".  it is funny.  i mean it's still i think seen as that for females more than men.  that was extremely true in generations past.  i mean landing a good husband was seen as the ultimate female accomplishment.  i have always felt like my not getting married was a bit of a failure in many folks minds, i suspect my mom probably felt that was something she had left undone. there wasn't anyone to take care of me.  often in our culture it is better to have been married and divorced than never married.  i always figured i should be commended for not having married someone that i had no chance of having a successful marriage with or getting impregnated.  ultimately if you haven't ever married you will be scrutinized...what is wrong with her?  i get less of that now that i am past a certain age...once you are deemed hopeless nobody really cares that you are alone i guess.
 today we just walked at the dog park.  Blossom always enjoys it.  we went moose spotting up Campbell Airstrip moose spotted and no black bear seen in the tree...though according to the NextDoor site Black bears are being sighted locally and there is a moose kill on trails off of muldoon.
 i did see this pair of bald eagles on my little drive and way up in a pine tree...that dark, round ball is a porcupine.
 not a great shot..i was in my car and there was no place to really pull off safely so it was a few quick shots and gone.
thankful for:  A.  the occasional on call day, which turned into a total lazy day.  we all need those.  B.  fun wildlife sightings..i love living here  C.  having a decent enough pay check to get the basics my early days i'd sometimes "forget" to sign a check and send it in.  gave you extra time without getting dinged for being late.

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