Sunday, February 7, 2016

Selfie with a moose...:-)

 he was very kind to pose with me.  first we chatted a bit and there was some lovings exchanged...then this.  we are now officially friends i think.
 filled up the day and even got my work out in!!  so 5 weeks of working out steady are behind me.  i'm on the way to better health...and hopefully less chubbs.
 my day started with a phone call..well first it started with me hitting the snooze button several times. i think i am now really good at doing this while still sleeping.
 the garmin is now back with it's true owner.  she was pretty chatty and we had a lovely talk.  eventually i just left it on the front deck and let her come pick it up.  it's gone.
 then Blossom and i headed out to North Bivouac for a loop.  i had debated all sorts of various hikes but in my mentally distracted decision making i wasted too much time so i just headed up Campbell Airstrip Road...still indecisive i might add.  i can be like that some days.  i change my mind on the fly.  makes it easier to just go alone often.  i'm not sure when or where i will end up most days.
 after my walk i decided to head down Turnigan and see how far i got.
 i got to here... the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  i've been meaning to come for weeks, but it's only open on the weekends in Jan and Feb.
 WHAT?  my moose friend and i agree it should be open all week.  isn't he cute?
 he and his buddy were chilling and munching on a bunch of twigs.
 his buddy has already lost one of his antlers.
 this is one of the younger moose they have there.  sure cute!  he was bouncing about in his area.
 i could hear the elk idea how to spell that.  they make loud noises and were running about...rather frisky i thought.  this action was getting all the other ungulates excited.  spring is in the least it feels that way with how warm it's been of late
 zero ice in the strange.
 all the bike trails from bird to gird that i could see from the road were totally clear.  no ice.  you could ride any old bike there. makes me tempted to do a nice walk out there.
 booked it home from the AWCC and fed Blossom before heading off to the gym.  had to get that 3rd work out in for the week.
 young musk oxen.  looks like they got a bit rained on.  such sweet faces on these guys.
 there is a new fox at the center.  i could see one fox in the distance but she just arrived yesterday or maybe today so still getting used to the new digs.  she'll be all chill by summer when the place is crawling with tourists.  winter is nice...just me and a few other folks cruising through.

 was surprised to see all 3 grizzly bears were out.  looks like they do toss in some kibble in the winter. i think they feed them very little and try to encourage them to hibernate.  it's not working this year.
 one of them returned to a den they have in the middle of the pond.
 the big guy cruised the fence line eating up kibble.  there were loads of ravens and magpies taking part in that action as well.
 the black bears area was gated off.  maybe those guys are sleeping.
 fun to see her cruising on the ice out there.

 bear tracks all over the place
 love the sounds that the ravens make.

 the bears weren't as into the selfie idea as the moose had been.  i was a bit less willing to try to go for a smooch as well.
 more paw prints.
 another place the bears nap at.  she looked to be headed back in there
 saw several bald eagles on the way down and some mountain goats
 the end of the arm
 sitka black tailed deer.  they have some young  you can see them anxiously watching those crazy elk run about and call out.
 these guys are pretty small.
 i think they preferred my company over dealing with the noisy elk
 again...not as into the selfie
 but i did get loads of licks and kisses.  did i taste salty?
 pleasant drive home.  sunset always nice

 more planning to do for summer trips.  looking like it will be a fun summer.  really need to get myself signed up for the bear trip. will be great fun!!
grateful for:  A.  AWCC..great place, great animals. B.  health, never something to take for granted.  C.  grilled cheese easy and yet so tasty!!

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