Monday, February 1, 2016

a few of the furs.

 they are always great subjects.  i must have just kept hitting my snooze button today.  this fit bit is a bit telling for how little sleep i probably get.  not sure how the thing works but it seems to think  i am restless a lot...i wonder how restless one would have to be for it to just decide you are exercising.  does it know you are laying down?
Miss Breezy Chatterbug is very much into her Blossom.  love the whole process of naming pets.  some people name their kids stuff they should really just use for pets.  i spent some time laying about debating ideas for possible puppy names.  would love to find some combo that brings in Laguna Beach or walrus or the sea some how.  so mixing various combinations and seeing what works.  with names as well, especially dogs, you have to practice the name while attempting to use it with various commands and i also suggest giving a good hollar outside to see how that works.
there is a puppy that wasn't listed as taken yet from the recent litter in the Yukon Territory.  Yukon would probably be a cool name as well...more of a boy and this one is a girl.  not's all about fate but her picture does look awful sweet and my friends in Whitehorse are willing to take her in until she can legally cross the border.  hope she would be cool giving up her Canadian citizenship to become a US dog citizen.  haha.   there is apparently a breeder in WA who wants to try and get an exemption to get her across the border.  if they opt out then fate may bring her to me...guess i'll know in the next few days how that all plays out. in the meantime i found myself dreaming about names.
 a few like Miss Lilly Laguna.  i kind of like Ivory Rosemarus and just call her Ivy Rose.  that is just round 1.  Rosemarus is part of the scientific name for walrus.  just met a cute labradoodle puppy from Kentucky today named Willow, which was also on my list.
 work..a night of Pediatrics sandwiched into 2 nights of ER.  one of those was super busy and the other pretty slow.  for my 3rd night i covered my badge photo with a walrus photo.  in Peds for the second time a kid commented on my badge photo.  work won't update your photo, which seems should look like you look.  anyway.  kids are not known for having a filter for some things and this fun kid asked me if the picture was taken a long time ago.  yes, it was, 2001.  he then looked at me and told me that i looked way older than the picture..Thank You...
it is funny in life.  you hear of awkward years as you grow up...becoming a teen and all that.  i'm starting to think there are also awkward years as you age.  i feel as if i'm in an awkward stage.  too old to look young and too young to look old. trying to figure out how to adapt to the changes in characteristics that show up as we age.  feeling this need to find my best look for a different age.  how to alter make up for changing facial features.  where are my eyelashes?  they seem to be disappearing.
 spoke to a few siblings this week.  sometimes, you just miss your sister and i were talking about this.  she mentioned that she thought it would get easier over time but in truth in many ways you almost find yourself missing her more as you get older.
thought occurred to me that perhaps as we get older and older we will be pulled by the souls who have left the earth to go join them.  when you are 90 more of the folks you loved and related to are on the other side...perhaps they draw you home when that time comes.  a promise of the return of that love and companionship. i suppose in some ways...they probably miss you to.  they may be able to come be near you but it's not the same, right?
 shoulder felt a bit sore tonight, but i got to gym and got my laps in .  25 laps.  the pool was a bit noisy.  i was tired and probably a wee bit cranky too.  aches and pains...part of adjusting to aging as well.  was reading something somewhere about people who are becoming death doula's.  usually doula's help bring lives into the world. there does seem to be more folks realizing that our exit is at least as important to get right.
 Pogi. such a sweet cat.  i shall ramble more tomorrow.  tonight. it's time to sleep.  Monday walk tomorrow and an eye exam.  feeling like i really need to start wearing glasses full time here soon.
thankful for: a.  a safe and loving home environment growing up.  not perfect, but i see some pretty lousy situations.  over 400,000 kids in foster care and i'd guess at least double that just surviving with pretty marginal to lousy parents b.  not falling on the ice so far...knock on wood.  it seems the orthopedic surgeons are very busy these past few winters of ice. c.  beautiful furs.  hoping to be lucky with the next pup who enters our lives.

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