Thursday, February 25, 2016

i think we had a successful first run!!

 went smoothly.  feel like i'm still a bit green in front of a crowd, but it takes time and experience.  we will just have to have more events in the future.  hopefully, a few folks start making plans for their Round Island adventure!!
 these super cute walrus cupcakes were created by Speedy!!  folks reacted with smiles as soon as they saw them.  pictures were taken.  well done Speedy!!
 i slept in a bit and then headed for the woods.  wanted to make sure i got my steps in before the event tonight.  steps in . my average this week is over 12,000/day so more than goal!!
 love these dog imprints left in the snow by warm dog meltage.  so cute!
 of course, started thinking on the walk so i had more work to do when i got home.  i had some copies of Round Island Map out and also a list of gear one might need out there.  then i decided to print out a little paper to slip in with our pamphlet and sticker about how one could donate more directly to help out Round Island.
 we had goodie bags to win...i'd guess we did have the 40 folks there.  so 5 went home with bags.  i think they were all pretty excited about that!! only a few folks left before we announced winners.  KH did some knitting that we were able to add in to the goodie bags.  quite the haul!!
 actually feel pretty tired after the day.  i think it's just stressful worrying that all will go off well.
 Mike at REI was totally nice and helpful.  guess they got several calls through the day of folks who hadn't signed up but wanted to come still.  he told them to come on in
 i let him know we may want to repeat this again next year...figure it's a great way to help convince folks to make their travel plans to this super cool place.
 this stellar was enjoying the seeds and peanuts on the back deck.
 the stellars are always so pretty.
 no animal sightings on the trail today.
 got their early to set up and meet with our speakers.  i took my camera thinking i'd take several shots, but then i was enjoying the lecture so i just chilled and listened.  i was desk person, getting folks to sign up for drawing and greeting everyone.
 the calm before folks arrived.
 i love Seinfeld so i cracked up when i saw this random Kramer in the event room.  haha.  i knew if they were Seinfeld fans all would be fine.
 only took these two shots during.  above, our room has filled and below our Walrus Biologist speaker, Joel Garlich-Miller was speaking.  he spoke general about Walrus, and conservation.  after him, Ed Weiss spoke more detailed about getting to Round Island.
grateful for:  A.  all the bits coming together for a lovely evening  B.  my speakers for coming out on their time and volunteering to talk walrus  C.  friends and board members who came out and supported and helped get this thing planned and successful.  night.

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