Monday, May 16, 2016

beautiful day...relaxing

 started out sunny, met with friends out at Kincaid, Little Campbell Lake, for a lovely walk.  i really didn't stress about too much training.  i mean i always do the loose come around the house (in/out) and sits and downs, leave i guess i always do some training, but really i just enjoyed the walk today.  they do fine on leash overall.  still have to fine tune it but nice to be out with humans.
 Ivy has discovered she can get on the couch.  she is a little smarty.  love her personality and bravery.  i had the sprinklers on and she was the brave pup to go check that out.  a nice breeze that turned into some stronger wind in the afternoon.  we were still able to enjoy the yard.  i'm doing better overall at keeping the play less drama filled.  have 2 of these treat dispensing toys that they can roll around with the food they didn't finish at meals in it.  seems to calm them and all three dogs work together on these so that is great.
 the little pool has a leak so i bought a slightly bigger cheap pool.
 they enjoy the water. some clean up required after play time.
 this reminded me of being in a kayak with a seal in front of me...except it's Ivy.
 had some thoughts of going to Seward today, even packed dogs a dinner...i was due for a chill day though.
 i know, overall i live a fairly chill/lazy life....but i'm very used to my chill/lazy life and so i like chill/lazy days.
 these are at Byron.  haven' t looked at todays pics yet.
 i did actually watch a movie this evening.  i've avoided movies of late....who had 2 hours all at once to spend watching a movie?  i watched, "Cake" with Jennifer Aniston.  interesting flick.  i've been wanting to watch "Suffergettes" but silly me bought a blue ray version and i have no idea how to watch a movie on my real dvd/blue ray machine on the main tv and i tend to watch movies on a small dvd player that won't do blue ray i guess.  tonights flick was on Netflix.
 night two of pups in individual crates. i slept until 0700 today. are these pups trying to make me a day shifter?

 see all that snow...melting fast
 was laughing as Blossom has been started on i have 3 puppies!!  haha
 still want to help them learn fetch as i can wear them out easier if i can teach them to fetch.
 this is where i began to feel i had erred in taking the little pups off leash.  lots of snow to climb up and up and up.
 generally, even if you have a not so great recall if you act crazy and loud and go the opposite direction they will come to really just depends on how willing you are to act the fool...what have i got to lose, right. i have been acting a fool my whole life!!

 they did have fun...can't wait til this next winter.  they will be so excited  when their yard is filled with snow.
 queen of the hill
 the glacier has receded back to far!!  crazy.  we will be a holgate this summer, will be interesting to see how far that has receded.
 ears flapping in the wind
 and you notice the dog is back on her leash.
 safety first
 always beat after a good walk...just as a dog should be
 got someone to take a picture of all of us. not easy to do.  may need one of those big selfie sticks...hehe.
 happily Tusker and Ivy didn't wander too far up..a few humans did, which probably isn't the smartest.  thankfully for most humans, we survive a good percentage of our stupid choices.

 the water was perfect for wading in .  the pups are getting braver and braver with the wading.  nobody has taken the plunge yet though.

 i'd guess it will be Ivy first...she is always the first at the adventures.

 dogs on snow
 headed back
 lone chunk of ice on Portage Lake.
 thought they did a nice job on the design of their boat..i was waiting in line to go to Whittier.
 headed into the mountain.
Thankful for:  A.  a lovely and relaxing day.  B.  cute puppies that make me laugh.  C.  breezy days and sunshine

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  1. Great photo of the 4 of you but it does kinda look like blossom had a purple people eater for lunch πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€