Sunday, May 29, 2016

just back from Seward...

 the pups all had a great time and are wiped out.  pretty much slept the entire drive back and headed to Mimi's by 10:30 i think.  Tusker discovered camp chairs!!  he looks pretty dang cute in them too.  he also discovered the drink cup holder sometimes holds drinks.  he took over my lemonade and i think i was holding Ivy when she discovered an interest in the wine that was in there...does demonstrate the different personalities of these pups...haha.
 so i had a relaxing and sunny Birthday!! thanks for breakfast Lori, MT and new friend, Hillary.
 both days we woke and headed to Lowell Pt beach, a favorite of mine...and now theirs too i think. the dogs had a great time romping and digging and were all beat both days and happy.
 above few are just a stop on the way out with the dogs.  no stops needed on the return trip. i debated a few times, but all were sleeping so well, i figured it would be better to press on.
 was home by 5ish i i unpacked the car i kept hearing this strange sound, was it a bird in distress?  then i saw the baby moose in a panic in front of my house.  word from fish and game is that more often than not when they get separated from their mama's, they will re-unite so best to leave them be.  there has been construction crews on my street this week so i figured that probably caused the separation.  i decided to "help" the little guy move towards the bog.  i just slowly followed behind encouraging the baby moose to head in the direction of the bog.
 eventually i got some help from some guy down the street who was using one of those noisy leaf blowers...ended up scaring the baby back into the bog.  the scar mom in there recently had a pair of babies so if it's one of hers they should meet up.  she tends to chill around the bog for several weeks post delivery.
 of course, the other alternative for the baby is a bit could get found by a bear before it gets found by mom.  as a Birthday wish for myself...i have decided to just believe it will relocate it's mom.
 the rest are from the other little the puppies did well with both their cabin and tenting experiences.  no big scares.  much to learn on meet and greets...we all walked the gauntlet in front of the RV's in Seward.  it was packed.  seems like RV folks love their dogs so many rv's had dogs on either side of the sidewalk in front of the RV camp.  there was also a rabbit in a pen and the second day one camper had brought 3 goats.  they were young goats so needed extra attention.  the things you find in RV parks.  haha.
 she was very impressed with my puppy pen i'd brought along.  she was planning on getting the same to use for her goats next road trip.
 left the crate in the car and let the puppies sleep in the tent loose with me.  only one minor accident on this trip, none on the cabin trip.
 so sweet to have these guys pre-heat my sleeping bag and wake up to their sweet faces.  Blossom is always snuggly in tents in the morning..she's not always a snuggler so i gotta get my snuggle time in.  she was cute in the cabin this one morning. i'd taken Tusker out of the crate and put him up on the platform with Blossom and i.  in the morning, he greeted Blossom and she started wagging...then she got off the platform and went to the front of Ivy's crate and started wagging at her.  she does really love these little guys already. she gets tired and sore i think in the evenings and will sometimes let them know enough is enough.
 how can you get too ticked at these sweet faces though.
 Blossom continues to have a sweet face too though.  can't get upset at any of them for long.
 i will sleep really good.  need to try and write a list of stuff to bring for Holgate before i totally crash for the night.  that is coming up fast.  hope we have decent weather and a few whale sightings!!  never get too many whale sightings.
 there was a young humpback cruising the shore line in Seward while we were we had several sightings from our camp site, from our walk and then also from our drive out to Lowell Pt...then right off shore from where we were playing with the pups.  we also saw several sea lions cruising around all over and a few sea otters.
 bald eagles still make me nervous as the pups are still fairly small...25 pounds.  not too tempting maybe for a bald eagle, but you'd be surprised at what they can do.  a friend had a cat in Ketchikan that ended up with a pyothorax from a bald eagle's talons attempting to get a good grip.  sometimes you will see the eagle sitting on the water.  they may be holding a fish under the water that they are too stubborn to release and unable to lift out
 the drive to and from Seward was uneventful.  the RV count has gone up.  a big cruise ship was in town in Seward and i saw buses and a train headed to Seward no doubt to catch another cruise ship..tourist season has begun!!
 May seems to be for locals and then the tourists arrive.  Memorial Day weekend is the start of it all.
 work can get crazy as many tourists, many will end up with injuries or sick and end up at our hospitals in AK.  some will mutter about how crazy people are to travel when they aren't healthy..i guess i figure, what the hell.  better to die doing something than die doing nothing...and people do die on vacation . more often than you'd gather.

 TO and MO...they are in love with Tusker.  he wins many a heart with his sweetness...
 i got some sun, a light burn on my arms and face.  feel a bit sun sick past few probably best i came back home to hide from the sun.  it's supposed to get more cloudy and possibly rain in the next few days as well.
 felt a bit itchy so i just showered.  feels better.  sleeping will feel really great!!
 scenery is pretty dang amazing..enjoyed my drives this week.

 pups digging...this could become a bad habit later, they say give them a designated dig area.
 it does drain energy
 i fear i'm waking puppies with my sneezing.  just started sneezing...when i do that it could be 30-40 sneezes before i stop.
 spoke to 3 siblings today. had the usual happy facebook birthday...always fun
 had some tasty s'mores this week as well.
 dang, i really need to get moving along.  those puppies will be up early no matter what time i crash tonight.
 so two relaxing trips this week.  missed the walrus cam, was trying to catch up a bit tonight on the chat.  some really nice people on there.  hoping it gets the support it needs.  i stopped by the sealife center really fast today.  like to just be supportive of them and all they do for Round Island and the walrus.

 i will join Ivy in this deep sleep.
grateful for:  A. another year on this earth, enjoying the amazing scenery, variety of animals and some pretty amazing people B.  safe travels C.  fun whale sightings

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