Thursday, May 19, 2016

leave the car for just a few minutes and....

 this little guy climbed onto the dash!! silly puppy.  only 1 pound difference now on the pups.  she was 25.6 pounds and he was 24.6 pounds.  they keep getting bigger and curlier.  so adorable.
 today when i said, "lets go for our walk" they got up and followed me to the car and put their front paws up to get in.  good puppies. they are little sponges, learning everything so fast.  well, Stay is a bit tough but i'm impressed with all they are learning and how sweet they are.  i'm falling in love with these little puppies.  Blossom seems a bit smitten as well.
 this was the scene when i came out to car.  haha.  except before i opened the door the green leash was in Ivy's mouth.  so cute.
 the cats are becoming more bold in their meet and greets with the puppies. some times it goes better than others.
 walking with friends all week.  for sure easier with 2 pups with friends.
 the mosquito's are out in abundance.  the bog was getting a bit unbearable.  hate mosquito's.
 today was campbell airstrip, yesterday Kincaid again.  the pups are getting some mileage and many experiences.
 this afternoon my lower back started to have some spasms. the result of working as a nurse for years.  it happens some times.  makes everything a bit more difficult, but when you live alone and you have just try to deal with it.  i'll head to bed soon and hope for the best in the morning.  as painful as moving can be, it's usually best to keep doing it.
 still trying to referee the play time so it doesn't get too crazy.  working on fetch as it's great once they get it for wearing them out more.  anytime they are off leash on the walks they wrestle so they will just have to stay on leash longer until a time they understand that they can be off leash if they don't wrestle.  don't want them to associate every trail walk with wrestling.  that will eventually just be a yard activity.
 they still love the dunes and the sand...digging is great.
 these are all just iphone pics. rainy today and well, the phone tends to be handy and easy.

 Tusker digging away.
 cat interactions.
 they look so cute walking together.  they seem somewhat high energy at times, especially Ivy, but when i remember back to my labrador, Huey, they are quite tame.  he was in go mode, pulled constantly on the leash.  i was still learning how to train a dog and not really very good at it.  you have to put that time in early in order to reap the benefits of well trained dogs. fingers crossed.  i doubt i'll get these guys up to Blossoms level but she was a single dog and very open to learning.
 as we pulled in home, Ivy decided she wanted a turn on the dash board.
 not something i'd like them to repeat often.  at least they will grow out of this very quickly

 more dog/cat relations.
 the rest are some Round Island captures from this past week.  love that everyone captures pics and i can then repost some to our facebook pages.
 love the morning light on the walrus
 and the sunsets are spectacular out there.

 in for some close ups
 check these out!!

 my back doesn't like sitting so i apologize for buzzing through this entry.  hopefully, this passes quickly.  i sneezed several times today...that is painful!!

 extra tusk on this guy
 more walrus in sunshine.  storms came in last night and the walrus headed back out to sea.
thankful for: A.  the regulars at the walrus cam...great to see the joy and enthusiasm brought out as more people get to witness the beauty of this gem of a place.  B. the cam op's who do a great job helping us get great views and gain appreciation for walrus and round island and many other places on this beautiful earth C.  my happy fur family, it's been a great week

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