Monday, May 23, 2016

so many things i should do right now

 the pups took forever to crash tonight.  took two walks today plus Ivy had her puppy class.  i opted to run some errands...this got them rev'd up for the evening.
 as you can see i did brave the dog park.  kept them on leash until near the end of our walk. i'd run into a few friends who own great danes so we let them play.  enough hands to help if it got out of control. they did great.  so funny how different she is when she is with our pack as opposed to being on her own.  that is the worry with siblings i guess.  at puppy class she was more demure during puppy play time...of course, i was reading a bit more of the dog whisperers book about puppy training.  he seems to not agree with puppy play times at all.  better to have a mix of older dogs like the group i had the other day in the dog park.  much more stable. puppies aren't stable yet so mixing a bunch of puppies together is perhaps not the best thing.  it is a good point i suppose...we humans do love watching a bunch of puppies though, right.
 above is after puppy class and below is before.
 ended up not working at all this stretch.  called off with the back spasms.  of course, the more i think about it, the more i figure this particular bout of back spasms was probably more related to puppies than nursing....not that nursing hasn't done it's share of damage which makes me more sensitive.  still feeling the pain but was going to go for it the last night.  you are always thinking, it's just 12 hours.  but that can be really long.  if i'd had a sitter kind of night, it would have been really tough.  sitting down can be the most painful...changing positions.  if i stand straight up or lay flat...i'm not bad.
 my last night i got an on call. no calls...i hope not anyway.  no messages though either. i am always in fear that i will sleep through a call back call...that is based on my history of being able to sleep through pretty much anything.  in Ketchikan, my neighbor blasted a seal bomb right outside my bedroom...that woke me up.  i went to bed super early last night figuring i would get called in.  i think i almost got 8 hours sleep.
 hit the bog today....of course, handling 3 dogs leaves me quite vulnerable to mosquito attacks! lots of new bites.  also scar moose has had 2 babies...fresh babies it appears.  she is the moose that chased me behind a tree one day right after another batch of babies were born.  she is a solid mom moose and will do anything to protect her calves...makes me wonder if her scars are from warding off some bear attack...what i'm saying is don't mess with scar moose..she will take you down.  i gave her and her two calves a wide berth.
 syd walks the pups.
 the pups also got to see a nice group of sweet baby ducks..and hear their mother scold us for being too close.  the pups sat at attention, mesmorized.  it was quite adorable.  everything is such a new experience for them.
 Miss Ivy did really great in class.  i'm very impressed with both pups and how quickly they learn somethings...i can't say all...the battle with the cats continues.  no peace yet.
 second shot in the same tree...great to watch them grow i think.  try to take a few pictures in the same spots over the summer.
 took my weed whacker over to Sears as i have never been able to get it to run.  the guy really torked on the pull cord and eventually got it to run.  he figures it must have gotten jammed in production.  easier for him to pull the thing...if he totally destroyed it, sears was going to replace it anyway.
 more pics with the Great Danes.
 my swim was interesting.  a fairly young couple.  i'd guess in their 20's were in the free swim area of the pool. they were getting a nice grind going repeatedly...what is wrong with people...there were kids over in that area of the pool...not related to this couple.  all us lap swimmers have goggles on so it's not like we can't all see what is happening below the surface of the water.
 so when i got out of the pool i picked up the phone in the locker room and called the front desk...i just said, "not to be a prude or anything but there is a couple that has been dry humping each other off and on in the pool and you might want to encourage them to get a room".  got in the jacuzzi after that and the girl that had been in the lap next to me was there, so i mentioned it.  it had been bothering her as well.  as i left i stopped at the front desk to see if they had followed up...i also joked that i had no idea that light porn was included in my membership to the Alaska Club.  haha.  thankfully, the front desk girl had a sense of humor and we just laughed.
 the white dane is called Achillies.  i can't remember the dark grey danes name.
 both are big danes...that is her with her human.  this is his second dane.  i met him very soon after i arrived in Anchorage.  so funny how many trail friends i have made over the years.
 ran into Stan, Issac's human the other day and then also Jill, who owns 2 doodle siblings as well.  they have had fun meeting the new pups.
 so i have loads to do tomorrow and then head off to the cabin for a few nights.  want to try to get one walk in before i head over there so the pups aren't totally nuts. will have to figure out the car packing techniques for travel with 3 dogs and two pups that will want to chew everything.  would like to toss one of the crates in there as well, just to make the trek easier.
 talking about car tenting later in the week.  i'm thinking it would be good to put the crate inside the tent as well. plenty of room in my car tent.  don't really want them loose in the tent yet.  they have launched on to the couch on top of me a few times headed for Miss Breezy Chatterbug or Pogi.  like i'm not even there.
 Tusker is a blurr
 much fun was had by shown by the layer of dirt and mud.
a successful dog outing.
thankful for:  A.  smart and sweet puppies  B.  that i can now weed whack my yard..i hope  C.  time off so i can play but also relax and get my back back in shape.  getting old bites big time!!


  1. Is that Ol'Chloe's dad the Dane Guy? I can't recall his name but remember the dog, what does that say? Hope the back gets feeling better.

  2. back better, but camping out probably not that helpful in the healing process..good for the soul though. :-) yes, Chloe's dad. this is his new dane. he took a few years off i think after he lost Chloe