Thursday, May 26, 2016

Part of Bird Creek- Bore Tide Cabin

 don't think i've ever even been in this campground . really close to Anchorage. so has always seemed a bit silly to camp there.  but then...really it was easy and fun as far as a first summer camp out goes.  if we forgot anything it was easy to rectify,
 and friends could come and go. so that was fun.  SH brought us dinner the first night and stayed a bit playing games....different folks came by at different times so the campfire was fun both nights.
 it was my first real outing with the puppies.overall that went well.
 the trail is super close to tracks and a busy road so they had to be leashed all the time outside.  when i got home today they slept a long time and then had a good romp in their yard.
 we walked in Girdwood today before heading home.  saw this guy above on the way  back home from the walk.  below are two new moose calves in the bog.
 the mama is very protective.  have avoided this trail since i ran into them.
 we also saw baby this time of year
 the wildflowers were starting to get blooming out at Bird Creek.
 Bore Tide is the larger of the two cabins out there.  you can park right at the cabin so it was easy to bring all the puppies gear.  headed to Seward tomorrow so we shall see how tent camping goes.
 the weather was outstanding of course, and the lupine below.
 we did see bear scat on the bike path but no actual bear sightings out there on our walks.  i was a bit nervous with the pups and the trail running so close to that busy highway.  crazy.  also lots of big trucks pass by
 at one point a train passed by and that was super loud.
 can't beat the views though.
 pups were tuckered out each night.  i had the small crate is all.  i've left it in the car for the moment rather than move it back inside for one night.  last night i actually just pulled Tusker out and let him sleep with Blossom and i on the wood sleeping bench.  first he and Blossom curled up which was sweet.  at some point he took over my pillow.
 he's for sure the more snuggly pup.  MO had fun playing with pups and i had lots of help with walking them.
 LM came for one night as well as KR.  i think everyone had fun out there.
 Jenga was the game as well as apples to apples i think it's called.  MO always likes that one so we played it. no nertz...dang...i do need to get me some nertz action soon.
 MW stopped by with her beau...he cooked perfect jiffy pop...seems a requirement to cook the popcorn over the fire but often it ends up getting burned.  thanks Jason!!

 the pups got many new experiences. i think the change in their rhythm was enough to wear them out.  so exciting for a puppy
 s'mores were consumed of course.
 had to get this tail shot.  Ivy will not be very curly but Tusker looks to have the curly gene...just check out the difference in their tails.
 they only had one really hefty wrestle session. i suspect the lack of off leash time got the best of them and they had to let loose some how.
 leashes are pretty common when you aren't in the home environment.  gotta keep the pups safe out there.  they do enjoy their yard time though.  hopefully we can get them to  the beach over the next few days for some romping time.  i am somewhat tempted to only do an overnight with them in the tent.  we shall see how it goes.
 Tusker discovered benches and wanted to take a nap mid walk

 Ivy and Blossom were both happy to oblige.

 switched to black and white at some point.
 i wanted to nap this afternoon as well.  tried to get some stuff done...dishes/laundry and all that so i can turn around and repack for Seward.  summers can get a bit nuts.
 got my steps in easily. my phone battery died pretty fast and i don't think i'd charged my charger things long enough. they were useless it seems.
 back better overall, though sleeping in the bag in the cabin are not really the most healing.  felt it everytime i turned in the bag.  camping is for sure less comfortable as you get older...which is why there are hotels.
 Blossom and Ivy investigate some bear scat.  she was for sure a bit anxious in the area.  so who knows maybe the bear was still in the area.  the scat was fairly fresh.  Blossom was barking at the bear we saw from the car today and that woke the pups up...they caught a glimpse of the bear.
 my little joke is that tenting when you are young seems so wild and truth when you are young you just can't afford hotels and rv's...haha.
 may call and see if the dog room is available for M-T and head to Homer.  i may be totally wiped out though after these adventures...and ready to just chill at home.
 put blossom on leash duty.
 dog walking
 relaxing on the bench on the way back...Tusker climbed up...the pups were done every day.

 was trying to compare Tusker and Blossoms paw size.  the pups have pretty big paws.
 cute one of MO.
 Blossom found the one spot of sunlight coming through.  so cute.
 cabin shots.
 so behind on the news...crazy. not that i'm missing much. the election stuff is depressing, the world news is depressing.  sometimes it's better to just be ignorant of it for awhile. the pups have surely accommadated that in my life.
 TO smartly takes her meal out side in the sunshine while we were inside playing games.
 it's serious business.  at least i know what i need to put in the M bag for our Holgate trek. gotta get that stuff sorted out. it's coming up fast.

 sleeping pup...just heard a puppy downstairs...better go check on them.
thankful for: A.  summer fun  B.  checking out new places C.  friends

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