Saturday, May 14, 2016

sleep deprived and hungry...

 very minimal sleep today. Blossom had her appointment with a new vet at 11 am so i mostly just stayed awake. the pups were active. gets tough as i am tired and they are a bit nuts.  not bad nuts...i've seen some crazy pups.  these guys are really not all that insane, it just feels like it with two of them. the play gets out of control quickly, more so when i'm sleepy.  always trying to maintain that calm and assertive state, which is admittedly not all that easy in some moments.
 was quite happy with my first visit at the new vets, Cornerstone.  may still take the cats to another place to get their vax done. good to have options for the pets.  funny how as you get older you tend to abandon guilt.  loyalty to  services that you pay for only goes so far.  it's more important to feel happy with the service you are getting than to feel some guilt over not being totally loyal.  ultimately, i'm still annoyed at my old vet clinic for how things were handled there when i was putting Rio to sleep.
 will follow up on this and buy another one of these gate/fencing things. i made the puppy play area in the dining area which included access to the 4x8 outdoor area.  i closed the gate on that and went to bed.  this helped me feel less guilty and sleep better the day i did it.  there is that guilt word again.  it's just not easy to put them back into the crate after working all night.  this gave them more freedom so i could feel better crawling into my bed for rest.
 overall Blossom looks great.  just need to get her on some meds for bladder issues and on something for gen aches of aging.  so we shall trial a few things and follow up with this vet.  we shall see how things go but i do like that it's much closer.  lots of good comments from other friends who have gone here.
 since i was going to be out and about i opted to just load up the pups and head out for a walk after the vet appointment.
 headed up to powerline pass and the pups got to have their first experience with snow.  they were pretty excited.
 Ivy kept pulling me towards every white patch after she'd fallen for snow.  i let them off leash a few times to play in the slushy snow.  of course, this is major distraction and their off leash recall is far from 100%
 tonight they were still rambunctious so we did out individual walks as well. my step count for day is like 15000.  ended up taking Tusker in the hood and Ivy i took and did part of the bog.  she is more anxious on the streets with all the dogs barking.
 got the lawn mower out for a spin on the front yard as well.  welcome to summer right!!
 work, steady.  amazing how quickly i put out of my head where i worked. this week ER-CICU and the PICU.  variety is always good.

 no idea what is going on in the rest of the world it feels like anyway. my news reading is behind schedule.  have lost a few's all about the pups right now. feel i'm in a puppy fog.  in time that will settle down i'm sure.
 this is a bit insane, taking on the two of them.
 Blossom and Tusker in a rare moment of peace.

 and then comes Ivy.
 as you can see it was a beautiful day.  guess it hit the 70's.
 is it really just May?  crazy.

 not too many folks out there on the trails, enough so the pups get to do some meet and greets but fairly controlled.

 a few brave souls way up there coming down from Little O'Malley .
thankful for: my bed, my pajama's and a snack to tide me over.  puppy diet seems to be effective for weight loss. good night.

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