Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ivory Rosmarus Rambunctious...

 added another name to her.  hehe.  she's adorable, don't get me wrong.  she is full of personality.  gets into stuff...has a hard time containing her joy in life.  nothing wrong with that.  got a few moose photos today as i drove from Little Campbell Lake.  it's that time of year.
 this was a phone shot from my bedroom as i woke.  the sun rises and sets at different times every day, but it is getting closer to 8 am and 7 at night i think. times i would see it.
 pups battle it out over a stick. i spend a great deal of my time sweeping up stick bits.  too big for vacuum and would kill it anyway.  sweep then vacuum.  beats them eating the house though.
 turned around and They were sleeping like this.  too cute.

 these are sunset the other evening down by Point Woronzof.  admittedly i didn't bother to get out of the car.  too much hassle with the dogs.  i do have my lazy moments these days.
 loads of migrating birds made it fun to watch....
 planes coming and going as well, so hoping there weren't any meetings.
 went moose spotting, too dark for pictures on this day though.

 love sunrises and sunsets though.  don't always get more than a phone shot in the mornings though.
 2 walks today and nothing else really accomplished.  my laziness has reached epic proportions, i really need to work on that. did pick up dog poop in the yard, with 3 dogs that has to count as something.
 we got our steps.  that i seem to accomplish well these days.  have lost weight...getting 2 pups at a time turns out to be a great weight loss plan.
 had fun laughing at my favorite comedians making fun of this weekends political stuff. i guess that would be the only bright side to this crazy election.
 as i drove home today there were actually some Drumpf/Pence signs on the highway.  since nobody is happy with this election and the candidate options i have noted that there must be warehouses full of signs for both running someplace...they surely are not out in front of houses anywhere. i see signs for local and state elections but it's a rare sign for the national election.
 fear that if Drumpf loses his steadfast followers may have marked any houses with HRC signs for attack during the riots that will surely follow the supposedly rigged election?  embarrassment at voting Drumpf.  this is just speculation.  i mentioned this lack of signage to my sister a few weeks back and she says its the same around her.  curious really.
 admittedly, a part of me really was tempted to go back to those signs in the dark of night and spray paint P&^%# on them.  not sure what the law surrounding defacing campaign signs is.  there are worse reasons to go to prison though i guess.  it would be super funny...but alas, cooler heads prevailed.
 loved the light coming off the sun.  so pretty.
 back to work the next three nights.  really could sleep and be lazy for another month.  no sugar daddy and i'm way too lazy to have worked my way to the top in  my field.
 cruised past the planes on my way to my second walk today. no moose spottings there but still pretty with the planes.

 had finally met a friend at campbell airstrip earlier in the day.  silly me had gotten it in my head that we were coming from different ends of the airstrip and meeting in the middle.
 part way up i thought it odd that i hadn't run into her.  then i still had this in my head when she returned my text.  when i got to the end of the airstrip and still saw no sign of her finally it occurred to me that we may have been walking the same direction.  so by the time we finally got together it was a bit shorter walk than i had intended...that was why i headed to kincaid.

 at the lake
 strange square cloud in the back ground
 cool...i'm easily impressed.
 not too many leaves left out there, but found a few
 looking brown
 Blossom has been sleeping in the crate downstairs some nights.  it is her old crate and it's where it once was.  the puppies have abandoned it, but she seems to be enjoying it again.  she's so sweet.  i just snuck her some peanut butter and goodies in there.  gotta spoil me Princess!!

 lots of energy run out of the pups on these walks.  it's how i survive.
 my to do list is growing.  i really need to buy new tires, get heater checked for winter, move pics over to shutterfly and make card/calendar for year.  well clean house and purge are always on my to do list.
 more cool blue wood
 and there is the tiny mushroom that causes it.  i seem to be obsessed now with finding these little hardworking mushrooms
 pups on the dock.
 water was so flat and hardly a soul out there. i was actually surprised as there was an article in the paper today about this little lake.  i hadn't planned on going there figuring it would be busier...nope.  just ran into one couple and their dog.  they were nice and the guy asked me about the other dog i used to have out there.  no more Rio Catalina.  still with us in our hearts though
 we did run into another group of folks and helped direct them back to where they had parked.  so easy to get turned around out there.
 playing in the water.  i liked the reflections
 pretty clear right when they got in the water anyway. not sure i got the best shots, but it was that they all get along so well.
 we lost the tennis ball on walk one...i'll have to invest in lots of tennis balls to replace the ones the puppies have lost.  they are not very careful.  we still have petrified tennis ball.

 a few more of the big bull moose.  there was a female nearby.
 there she is.  didn't see another male though.
 some event had just ended in Kincaid as there was a stream of cars passing by as i watched him. he was totally unfased.  several stopped to watch's the right of all citizens of Anchorage this time of year to stop and enjoy the big moose playing all around town.
 nice rack...right!!
 he gave me some nice profiles.which is his best side?

 more to follow...but first 3 nights of work.  good night.
thankful for:  A.  sunrise/sunset  B.  random moose sightings C.  that in 4 years we will have a new election with hopefully more qualified candidates!!  God bless and save America over the next 4 years!! can i add i'm thankful to the current POTUS.  i like him, i like his family, i love how they have conducted themselves in office despite so much pushback from the GOP.  over 500 fillibusters,  i mean stuff that a POTUS has never had to tolerate they have dealt with handily.  no groping, no oval office shenanigans.  respect for the office.  i will give that to Bush as well, both.  didn't always agree with the politics and policies but do appreciate that they didn't sully the office they held.

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