Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the house smells of fresh baked pumpkin bread!!

 found a few new friends at Target that i just had to invite back home.  i always love Halloween. it's not really that i'm into getting dressed up.  it's just that Halloween is about fun, no obligations.  just laughter and good times.
 suspect my photo's are a bit mixed up again.  i've still been feeling pretty tired.  getting more done and sleeping less, still some coughing for sure.  tried to go last night with out my cough medicine and woke at 2:30 am with a total coughing jag.  off to the kitchen for my  meds.  so not quite there yet.
 nice gathering for the annual pumpkin massacre.  especially given my sleepy state and late notice.  minimal planning.  of course.  i slept pretty much all day Friday/Saturday i think.  in the end i think my brain felt that sunday was actually Saturday.  totally blew on getting Ivy to her last class. slept right through it.  was really bummed,  was looking forward to her...and my...finishing the class together.  we'd been out of town the last class for her puppy 1 class.  was so annoyed with myself.
 really think my days were just off.  a friend at the pumpkin carving gathering asked about the class that day and i was blank...what class?  it was only then that it really dawned on me that it was actually Sunday and we'd missed the class.
 Tusker got to his class tonight and his last class will be next Monday.  which is a bummer as it's right in prime trick or treater time.  dang!!  he's signed up for puppy 2.  that starts on Tuesdays in November.  they are doing pretty good, but the more the better.  a bit anxious with the little ice out there.  for sure need more proofing.  taking classes is great incentive for me to keep working on training.  will hope for some agility classes as well at some point.  looks like i may do what i did years ago with Blossom and switch to another training place for that.  this place only does agility on Wednesdays and is much smaller venue.
 Blossom has been having a little rattly cough off and on for the past month. it's seeming more constant and worries me so i'll take her to vet tomorrow.  they didn't have an appointment but said i could leave her there for the day and they'll take a look at her in between cases i guess.  at least they give you an option to get the dog checked out.  will try to get weights on the puppies as well while i'm there.  they are now officially 8 months old.
 don't think i posted these.  how bad is that. haha yesterday and today we did the gasline/powerline/tank loop. amazing how much more ice has formed in just the 24 hours.
 today was the Monday walk and it was just Speedy and i and she had an appointment.  wanted to go a bit easy on Blossom though she's been exercising without issues with this cough.  it could just be kennel cough i guess.  she's been vaccinated, but it could have worn off with the changing of vets.
 found this cool "Rufferee" costume that i ended up putting on Ivy.  kind of looks like prison garb which suits her as well.
 here they are all dressed up and waiting for guests.  the pups did pretty good leaving their costumes on for the night.  a few times they headed out the back door and i had to stop Tusker from yanking off Ivy's costume.
 not sure they've gotten much bigger so it will be interesting to get a weight.
 they are a bit tough to walk on leash these days together.  more pulling.  could be their age, i do find with them both on the one side, which ever pup is on the outside takes advantage of the distance from me and tends to be the puller.  they have good moments as well.
 still barking at moose.  that needs to chill.
 off leash they do better at better though, there is hope and perhaps a light out there that i will eventually have 2 very good, very well behaved dogs.  probably won't match Blossom's skill but there is hope of it.
 lots of fun pumpkins.  below was one of mine and the other one i did was the bat one.  hard to concentrate on my own pumpkin when i'm helping guests, working on seeds and guts.
 i will say the pups did really well with guests coming over.  really should do some pool parties just for that part of training.  they jumped all over poor maddie as they arrived first.  then they settled in . there was a toddler that came and he was tugging on their faces and doing toddler stuff.  they were totally chill with it all so that was really great.
 the sun has been shining and the weather cool so the snow that fell is sticking around which is great.
 Tusker went at the pumpkin
 i put Blossom in one of Rio's old costumes.  probably one of the only ones i could find as a full costume that fit Rio.
 don't they look so sweet together.
 out walking it ends up being Ivy and Tusker wrestling and Blossom and I walking.  i leash her up often just so we are walking together which i think she likes.
 tennis balls don't do well in the snow.  haven't gotten them onto the frisbee thing yet.  that ball/frisbee obsession was actually perfect for training with Blossom.
 below was the only "selfie" where i actually got all 3 dogs.  not the best, but it's as good as it gets with this crew.
 more from the trail the other day.
 they ran wild all over the place out there.  super worn out!

 will probably take the pups for an early walk since i have to drop off Blossom at the vets. i also have the heater folks coming just to do the annual pre-winter check.
 i may have skipped that last year.
 Blossom turns 11 on Thursday the 27th!!  hard to believe really.  she's the best girl ever!!
 my forearm is all bruised from pumpkin carving. happens every year.  it's a rough thing.  i have more pumpkin all ready to be made into bread.  may need to freeze some of it like i did last year.  just put it in 2 cup increments and pull out to  make bread.  so tasty.
 he looks all cool and frosty.  he's gotten a few snowballs between his toes.  he seemed to manage it ok.  someone was asking me about booties.  i never did with Blossom.  they seem to toughen up through the winter.  Rio wore boots when it was super cold.  just seemed like her feet were more sensitive.  will have to just pay attention.
 we are for sure in winter mode now though.
 the other day the sun was out and snow was falling through the trees, which always looks so cool.
 here the sun catches the snow picked up from the pups running
 i should check my balance, pay bills and check my schedule.
 thinking of just asking for time off and getting Ivy spayed when i have time off to watch her.
 these are just captures of the snow falling in the light.

 then some other walkers came up so i booked down a side trail over from the homestead trail back over to Rovers run.
 met quite a few folks but the dogs were doing well, coming over to me on the side of the trail and letting the bikers go past.
 open area, always lovely in here.

 pups had a great romp each day even if i came home and crashed for a nap for several hours after.
 the sun really beats down into my front room and so it feels so warm it lulls you to sleep.

 ivy gets her share of snow/frost as well.

 don't know where these days go, but October is almost over already. crazy
 just thought this looked pretty.
thankful for:  A.  Halloween fun and festivities.  B.  pumpkin guts which means pumpkin bread C.  snow..did i say that last blog...snow, snow, snow, snow!!

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