Sunday, October 9, 2016

strange happenings...

 who would have imagined this election could get any more nuts.  it has though.  with loads of big name Republicans backing out of support...which i'd already figured they were secretly doing anyway.  then there is the next debate tomorrow.  what will happen at that?
 these are from Powerline pass the other day.
 i suspect nobody will be discussing actual issues and will instead be talking about all the other crap. our nation may be hanging by a thread over the next 4 years but hopefully out democrazy will survive intact.  so much phonating going on out there.  we decided last night that phonate was our new word and we would find new ways to use it in our daily lives.
 worked ER the first 2 nights and then the third night it said i'd be in ER but when i got down there they were surprised to see me, so called house sup and in the end i was sent to the ICU for the night.
 PFD's came out this week...thought the ER would be blowing up but i guess many of the drug addicts maybe don't have auto deposit.  free money means much of that money will end up being spent on alcohol, heroin, meth...whatever the drug of choice is.  overdoses happen often this time of year.
 every time something new comes out about this election i entertain myself watching the spin and how this new thing is justified, watered down, disposed of, discounted.  it's actually pretty impressive.
 i'm loving this one Republican they have on CNN often.  Anna Navarro.  she is great.  she calls it like she sees it.  it's like she is the one rational person amongst so much madness that is desperately begging Republicans to save their party.  at one point she apparently used the word "P...." too many times in the segment and this Trumpbot asked her to stop as it was an offensive word and her daughter watches the show.  OMG she fired back at's offensive when she says it but somehow the guy trying to be POTUS gets a pass when he says it.
 look up her segments...she is awesome!!
 it's just so surreal watching this madness.  so odd that this is the party that has for years proclaimed itself the religious right and now they are having to try and defend the impossible.  mostly it seems that instead of doing that the trolls on line just spin it back to HRC.  deflection.  i feel badly for the party as this Drumpf thing just happened to them and nobody expected it to get this far.  guess some are calling for him to back out, but people are already absentee voting.  he refuses anyway.
 for sure learning some history on this one.  learning how our government functions or could function in these situations...which  i don't think has ever happened.  how does that even work so close to an election.  of course, tomorrow some other source will reveal new crap about either one of these candidates...the founding fathers never dreamed of a day when elections would be so impacted by media, social media and the could they have.
 did Drumpf know the mikes were on and didn't care or did he forget they were on? how many other clips just like this or similar are out there waiting to be thrown out there at us.
 beautiful views of sleeping lady in the background.
 the tundra with all these lichen...the colors are so pretty.

 not sure where i'll hike tomorrow. should try for a bit longer hike.  would like to watch that debate though...then again, do i really want to torture myself.  this election is like that train wreck that you know you shouldn't watch,but can't look away either.
 last week hit that movie about the oil rig out of Louisianna burning up.  it was okay but in the end you left the end i decided it was just flat.  they told the basic story but there really wasn't any angle. no development of the story or characters. i know it was based on a true story, but it failed where "sully" succeeded.
 11 men died out there on that rig.  the oil spill wasn't able to be contained for months and how many animals died, how many jobs were lost, the total impact on the fishing in the area..none of that was covered or mentioned at all.  it was the worst oil disaster.  did sound like the workers were forced to cut corners....corporate greed strikes again.
 was lazy yesterday.  first day in a long time that i have skipped the dog walk.  today, oddly, i slept like a rock.  i was kind of depending on the puppies to wake me up but they didn't.
 weather is supposed to be nice.  i still have some yard work to do to get ready for winter.  did get the patio furniture put away and the hose is disconnected.
 hiking in N Biv today, it was late afternoon but there was ice forming on the ground...after the earth freezes up whatever snow falls will stick around generally.  everyone is hopeful for a good snow year.  we are due.
 excited for frozen, stench free dog poops..i'm so easily made happy.  really should have thought a bit longer about the 3 dog thing, haha.  lots of life is poop.  i often tell my patients i'm a poop expert.  i've cleaned up poop from a wide variety of species.  humans, rhino's birds, snakes, chimps, bats, zebra's, dogs, cats, rabbits...i mean i could go on and on!!
 puppies seem to finally be winding down
 very proud of Ivy.  generally when i get home from work she had started leaping and leaping and leaping. last week i started turning my back on her, calmly saying sit.  this week, i cracked the door open as i arrived and said sit...she didn't jump on me once.  no leaps today on the walk either i think.  we still have more work to do but it's a start.
 took her in the Bass store today for training.  Tusker got training sessions in both Bass and Petco today.  he was a bit nuts in Petco for some reason.  overall, they did pretty good.  he did really well in Bass.  taking them in stores is good training.  i was better at putting Ivy through sits and stays in the store than doing same with Tusker.  he is a class behind though and it does kind of show.  she's just also much more eager to please me.  he relies on his dog charm and does his own thing.
 was just reading an article in the ADN.  HRC spent some time after college, before law school up here.  that was back in the late 60's.  not much information about it.  interesting just to read the article more for the history of life in AK in those days.  does seem odd looking at her now thinking she worked the slime line and washed dishes...Drumpf has probably never washed a dish in his life.  what would that be grow up like that.
 we did not grow up wealthy at all.  we did have access to a beach house in Laguna which made us pretty spoiled compared to many others in the world.
 overall, we had everything a kid in those days would need/want.  clothes were just to wear back then.  we didn't require anything special.  i was probably in my teens when clothes started to be walking advertisements for companies.
 we drank water from the tap...nobody dreamed bottled water would catch on, but then again, we'd seen pet rocks sell.
 a household would only have one tv and it generally took up a lot of space. we had no remote controls, you had to stand up and walk to the tv to change channels...and there weren't that many channels to change to.  we didn't have any other options.
 options have really complicated life though.  when we were kids the stores had milk, maybe there non-fat and low fat...but now there are so many options.  now i stand in front of the toothpaste section and you can spend an hour there trying to determine what is the best one to buy.  it makes life so complicated.
 so much stimuli.  i think many do miss the simplicity that we grew up with.
 getting out in nature does allow you to return to that in a way i guess

 lichens, closer in.  so pretty and so much variety.  nature isn't simple really.  it's complex, but just walking and taking it all in is simple i guess.
 dogs aren't complicated, which is nice.
 pups had some fun running around up here.  pretty easy to walk that extra bit and enjoy the scenery.

 pups were sure beat after this walk.
 ivy airborne.
 really airborn.  haha!!
 that dog can really fly...she can leap higher than my head and i'm like 5'6".
 portraits of the dogs...they were just tired enough to let me snap some pics of them.

 liked this profile one of Blossom and Tusker.

 more lichens.

 guess i should head to bed.  Ivy's class starts fairly early for me.  will pack up and prepare for a good hike after with the dogs.
thankful for:  A.  gloves   B.  warm clothes  C.  Democracy...that no matter who gets elected they have a limited time in office.

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