Sunday, October 30, 2016

moose and bears

 these moose were seen the other morning as i walked from the hospital to my car.
 worked that they walked in front of the window so i could have them back lit
 the rest are from hallo Bay. still bears and views to share from that lovely trek!!
 these are still a single female, collared bear that we followed out on to the tide flats.
 the pups are happily dragging sticks into the house and chewing them to bits.  there are worse things.  choose your battles as they say. i will have to do some tiny splintered stick clean up in a bit.
 worked my 3 nights.  still coughing loads but less than the week before.  i managed to survive the week.  i was sleepy between shifts and the pups missed a few days of walking.
 we are back on track.  it warmed up a bit and some of the snow melted.  it's a bit of a mess out there.  the trails weren't bad the past few days though.
 i was cracking up the other day.  the pups were on the deck and in the warmth some snow slid off the top of the dog kennel and slammed onto the deck right next to Tusker.  poor guy was confused as hell.  he looked up at the sky with a look like, "i had no idea that could happen...whoa!!".  it was pretty funny and cute.
 my week was ICU-ER-ICU.  last night fairly busy as poison control had me giving a lot of insulin and i checked blood sugars a lot to make sure my patient didn't bottom out. nobody had done the protocol so i think it was probably good they gave the patient to an "old" nurse such as myself.  often the newer nurses have had protocols while us older nurses learned in a more free flow, fly by the seat of your pants manner.
 i'm not knocking them it's just it would have probably made them more anxious to be flying without any sort of guidance.  i was a bit anxious at first and as i was trying to get report these RT's were right behind me talking about nuclear war with Putin and the apparently new nuclear arms they have that can take out most of our nation in one blow.  lovely.  mankind...gotta love it.  i was probably rude but i just turned around and said something about trying to listen to report on this critical patient and how difficult it was with them talking loudly about bombs and nuclear war and WWIII.
 the patients family called and clearly there sounds to be a bit of a power struggle.  families can be a bother.  who is in charge, who gets to make decisions.  everyone wants to get their own updates...and if the family is extensive..this is not really possible.  my standard response is i can sit here and chat with each of you on the phone or i can take care of your loved one...i can't do both.  your choice.
 this time it became, who got to make the password.  i told the guy who insisted on being the one to make the password that he needed to tell the other siblings as otherwise they would try to call and be blocked.  of course he didn't and man was that family member pissed in the morning.
 have a spokesperson that is reliable if you are ever in this situation.
 another odd moment at work.  a DR apparently said a rather inappropriate thing to a patient.  this patient was super upset and i had to try to figure out what the deal was...surely that DR did not say what this patient said he said.  when i went to him it was clear that he did say it.  then he had the audacity to want to write up someone else.
 otherwise just another dull night at work, haha the bear is eating some sort of bottom fish.
 tried to watch a movie last night but i crashed in the middle.  joined friends for a game night.  easy and fun. there was another party, a costume party but i didn't have the energy for that anyway.
 Blossom seems to be eating and more energetic with the ab's on board, but she had an elevated white count and is still a bit drooly and coughing, less but still.  she will go in Tuesday and get her teeth cleaned/checked.  if she has a bad tooth that is the cause of the infection it will be removed.  they will also check to see if there is any other cause of the infection that wouldn't be easy to see on an awake dog.
 poor puppy.  happy that she has been feeling better at least.  very playful and while she is eating fairly slow, she is eating all her kibble so that is good.
 the election....oh my...each day you wait to see what new awful thing is said about one or the other candidates.  i'll just be sick if this idiot Drumpf gets in.  what sort of insanity has befell our nation!!  not that she is stellar, but she will be controlled by the obstructionist party..formally known as the Republicans.  the GOP is incapable of controlling Drumpf which makes him a very frightening option.
 apparently, Putin will blow us all up soon anyway so i guess eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may all die.
 sadly, many who rise to lead are not leaders at all but are instead power hungry, selfish a-holes.  our nation has taken a sad drop to the bottom of the outhouse for this election . hoping we can wade through all this and survive for the next election hopefully, there will be some changes due to this but all signs point to no changes happening.  blame, lie, blame, lie.
 new email information which really sounds like much ado about nothing and very oddly released information so close to the election.  not even hers.  she has been chased for decades and yet nothing has yet come to bear.
 they can keep chasing and then have the pleasure of indicting her if they ever get anything on her that could actually stick.  for me it just makes them look nuts that they keep hunting and keep failing to actual get her on anything.  he had some court cases of his own coming up.
 pups are having a crazy time right now.  i am ready for them to chill. they always seem to have one more crazy time in them about this time.
 we went to  Bass and did training walks around store.  worked out great as they had a halloween thing going on with loads of kids and parents dressed in costumes.
 then i met a friend for dinner at a newer mexican place.  it was good  Xalos.
 another week and we will see what happens in our nation.  it's craziness.  suspect it will get worse before it gets better.  some times a nation needs a clean out.  it's time to get those out that are too seeded in and get some fresh blood with better intentions in the various offices.  people need to vote and people need to get more involved.  we have all been slackers i think.  it's such a nasty business running for office.
 we lunched while watching the bear.  it was a bit windy so a bit of a sandstorm so we had tucked in the rocks.
 i'm sure we all ate some sand though.

 i'll have to go entertain the puppies.  generally when puppies get active it's a great time to run them through some training stuff.  it wears them out and is less destructive.
 just want to finish this before my computer does some restart on me and blitzes all i've written

 awe, black and white

 totally cool rock formations and how the rocks were breaking apart was interesting.

grateful for:  A.  life in Alaska.  we have some separation from the lower 48 that i love  B.  dogs that are slowly getting trained. it is very rewarding when they do the right stuff.  C.  rainy days since they are lazy days.

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  1. forgot there are a few pics of a wolf in the distance. that was a cool thing to watch while we ate lunch too