Sunday, October 9, 2016

not much town in that debate....

 felt bad for the moderators attempting to keep control of that chaos.  i'm sure they were met by friends and a big glass of wine after that one!!
 also decided the fact checkers probably threw in the towel and headed for the bar early.
 the big talk was about Drumpf's lewd tapes being released the other day.  Drumpf came up with an was clearly his idea as i suspect any body advising him would have tried to prevent this stunt...and yes it was a stunt.  right before the debate he dragged the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault/rapes and then another woman who HRC had defended her rapist as a public defender, he had a press conference with them.  the one woman was clearly shaking and it was really just bizarre to me, this whole thing.
 he only does things for himself so this was clearly to deflect attention from his tapes and not some altruistic attempt to let these women finally have their say as one extremely right leaning "reporter/commentator" tried to say.  really, to me it was just strange.  as was said on "Strait Talk" with LZ and Matt...if this behaviour wasn't ok in the 90's why is it ok now.  in his apology he mostly tried to deflect this back on BClinton.
 they touched on this, but this is always the odd thing for me.  for decades the Republicans have claimed themselves as the Religious Right, like if you believe in Jesus and God you have no other choice than to be Republican.  they have professed to be morally superior...then they have this pretty reprehensible person running in their name.  suddenly, his behaviour, which would not be tolerated  by party members at all if a Democrat was doing them is suddenly reasoned and rationalized away.
 some troll had acted like why does anyone care..we care because this is the party that wants to push their morals on everyone else through laws.  suddenly they have this seemingly immoral candidate.  it's just so odd.
 LZ and Matt did mention that the Mormons were really the first and maybe only church to distance themselves from this candidate.
 ended up just doing a bog/neighborhood walk after the debates.  got to Ivy's class and she had a pretty good day there i think...there is this little dog that does great.  i think it's for sure the best one in the class.
 when i got home i decided to lay down for a few minutes....well, i woke up before the debates. took my shower and then turned on the tv in time to see Drumpf bring out these women.  he also brought them to the debate.  odder still. several in the audience had a tough time following the rules to not call out.
 strange to still see a few flowers out
 the rest are from Hallo Bay.
 it was pretty rough on stage.  Drumpf obviously decided to come out in attack dog mode.  paced and held the mike to his mouth when it wasn't his turn to talk and often could refrain himself from talking or whining to Cooper Anderson about her getting 20 extra seconds or whatever else.  he seemed to focus on Cooper, made a few to the side comments inferring that they were treating him unfairly...typical.
 it was funny at some point that he made a point to say he differed on some basic foreign policy from his running mate.  in fact had no idea that they differed.  odd that they wouldn't be communicating about basic stuff like this.
 said he'd prosecute HRC if he was made President.  don't think he can actually do that...can ask others to look into it i guess.  i really just can't imagine that he will become POTUS.  at this point he should be building his numbers not alienating folks.  even members of his own party are claiming they just can't support him. save yourselves.
 in my hand is ash from a huge eruption many years ago..i think over 100 years ago.  amazing to still find it, but several areas closer in were completely covered in many feet of ash.
 these are odd how symmetrically shaped they are.
 i accomplished very little.  wasted too much time on the debates and ended up just annoyed for the day. should have hiked and swam...guess we need a few days like that.

 looks like a bouquet.

 Val and i with floatsam.
 it's mostly odd to see folks attempt to make those tapes out to be no big deal.  they are a big deal and i have no doubt there are many more out there just like this one.
 locker room banter.  maybe, if you are a young man in high school, bravado...but by age 60 i would sincerely hope that talk like this has calmed a bit.  guess i'm wrong.  it sounds like many do talk like this.  at least if you believe some news stations.
 this is not the sort of man i'd want as head of our nation  what a horrible example.  not that i'm a super fan of HRC either, but when it comes to how they would behave on a day to day basis in office...i'll take my chances with her.  i'm sure the Republicans in DC will do all they can to prosecute or impeach her...they will never give up on their attacks.  they are very good at this.  not something i say as a compliment really just the facts.  Drumpf is a wild card.  they can't control him, nobody can.  this is not good.  at least HRC they will continue with what they have done for 8 years.  nothing will get accomplished, but at least a nuclear bomb won't be dropped at 3 am because someone got pissed at someone.
 sorry to rant on and i do hope my title would have hinted that this may be the meat of this.  how can i be quiet about this though. i do my best to keep it out of facebook.  i just like stuff that i find funny and anti drumpf.  this is a blog though.  not one that is read much i suspect.  hopefully, folks who hate my politics can still enjoy the pictures.
 most women are the victims of some sort of sexual assault/harrassment at some point in their lives.  the statistics are 1:4 i think were last i'd seen.  some have more happen to them and some less.
 i have had more than my share of flashing, groping, inuendo's.  if you don't put out you are frigid, if you do you are a slut.  for women it's tough some times.  you are supposed to just let it go, ignore it all.
 i have never prosecuted any of the men who did these things to me.  most women don't.  at least in my generation we were not encouraged to.  it was more of a boys will be boys way of thinking.
 when a teenager crept into a room i was sleeping in with a friend as we house/baby sat for a weekend, and groped both my friend and i, well i for one was told several times to let it go.  we didn't want to make trouble for the family who we went to church with.  when we made several attempts to get someone to just come stay at the house in the middle of the night to keep us safe.  well, that didn't go well either. one brother did finally show up 5 hours later with donuts. we didn't need donuts, we needed action and protection.
 we put up with a lot and we have it pretty easy compared to many other females on this planet.  i hope the next generation of women and the next and then next after that has to deal with this demeaning behaviour less and less.
 i'm over 50 years old now and it's still not over.  i'm not some hottie, but still i have male patients make comments about my rack at work.  there is the occasional hand not where it should be.
 what i'm saying is tapes like the one released offend us and remind us of all that we put up with from men like this who feel entitled to grab whatever they can and say whatever they want.
 it does go to the core of him.  of who he is.  of how he has probably treated women for decades.  i was thinking the other day after seeing this.  all those in the religious right defending him. those who want roe vs wade overturned and it occurred to me that he has probably paid for a few abortions and had paid off the women and had them sign non disclosures.  i would not be surprised at all.
 he has 5 kids by 3 women...he's had affairs...someone said if that was HRC's record she'd be shamed and slammed, but nobody bats an eye.
 at the end of the debates a person on stage asked if they had anything good to say about the other.  HRC said that his kids seemed to be good and decent people.  since he's made mention that he leaves all the raising of the kids to the wives, this was more of a compliment to them.  i suspect she really could think of nothing redeeming of him...especially after he had just dragged out her spouses past conquests.  with them in the room, she gets bonus points for keeping it all together.  you know when she walked in there she probably wanted to slap him silly.
 maybe next debate she can have a press conference with all the women who will no doubt come out over the next few weeks saying he groped them.
 two police officers were killed in Palm Springs. these police killings are disturbing.  i want to hide out in this seems in many ways to be it's own entity.  some days i think perhaps i should buy some more remote land and get even further away.
 i fear life in the USA will be a bit tough for awhile after this election.  Drumpf will not lose easily.  his die hard supporters won't take the loss either.  he has a core support group that are almost cult like.  it seems most of the rational Republicans are just at a loss.  they can't check either box.  i can't blame them.  i'd hoped for years that HRC would not make this bid.  she has been so hated for years.  i figured it would be so eruptive.
 when i really consider it though.  at this point it matters not at all who the Dems pick, the GOP will go after anyone like a pig on slop.
 how can anyone bring this nation back together.  we have done exactly what the terrorists want.  this is their goal and we are falling right into their playbook.  together we rise, divided we fall.
 a random group of white males attacked a Sikh man.  they removed his turban and cut off his hair.  this is how it starts.  this is what happens when hate is encouraged, when certain members of society are blamed for all that is wrong in a society.
 this man is taking a segment of our population down a frightening path, one that we may not be able to pull them back from.  they have lost rational thought and believe anything he says.

 no idea how the GOP will pull themselves out of this mess.  a few who have denounced him were boo'd this weekend at events they had planned.  surely, GOP seats will be lost in these next elections.  it is shocking. i've said before we are witnessing the implosion of a party.  saying it and seeing it are very different.  we do need that rationalist party to keep us from destabalizing all together.

 sorry for the doom and gloom.  it all just seems pretty hopeless.  when you see a POTUS candidate parade out women like this before a just feels disastrous.  we have gone down the drain of respectful behavior.
 well...i may toss in a movie and try to wash this debate and this election news off.  the floor of the sea at low tide was like a carpet..air pockets popped up bits of it.
thankful for:  A.  to not be Hillary when that press conference happened.  B.  to not be a Drumpf wife  C.  to hopefully live far enough away from the mess that will happen after this election is decided.

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