Tuesday, October 4, 2016

other dogs annoy me sometimes...

 mostly a few dogs in our dog training class tonight.  i mean distractions are great, it's one of the best reasons to do dog classes when you are training, but one german shepherd was gated into a separate area through the class and that dog was very reactive if it saw any dogs or people it seemed.  big loud, mean bark.  tried to keep Tusker from being anxious.  loved the above of Ivy Rose. these first are from our walk yesterday out towards hidden lakes.
 there was another dog, a husky cross, or just a husky. not sure.  it had that loud high pitched bark randomly.  seemed a nice enough dog, but between the two noisy dogs.  yikes!!
 then there was the Rottie.  cute enough, but the instructor fawned all over it.  obviously the teachers pet!!  then at some point after she keeps saying how great he is doing it turns out the owner does obedience trials...
 Tusker and i ended up in the corner as far away from the mean shepherd as i could get.  i think he was tired from Dog Walk Monday and then all the excitement in the room. he did pretty good though.  walking on leash wasn't his strong moment though. more training for both dogs in order.  that is the reason for classes though.
 headed out after class to relax and watch the sunset, see a few moose.  as i watched the sunset at Woronzof i didn't notice that there was a mama and 2 calves by the pond behind the parking area.  also saw another female and later a male. not much for pics.  lost the light.  enjoyed seeing them though.
 news was showing a woman quite possibly killed by a moose in her front yard.  it is the rut.  you do have to be careful.
 my handsome young boy. so sweet.  looks and charm.  for sure it's working on Blossom.  she seems smitten.  gives him the front seat, drops her tennis ball for him.
 Ivy wins you over with her personality. cuteness...

 a few favorite action shots from yesterday .
 they really do have fun wrestling.  they are doing better at moving forward on the trails when off leash though.  that has taken some time.  don't want them to think that all off leash time is wrestle time.  Ivy leaps on me more right after we've met other dogs.  she has got some energy.  one guy on the trail noted that she could jump above my head...so she jumps over 5feet 6 inches.  impressive really.  still, a habit that needs to stop.  no touch, no talk, no eye contact...it's not easy.  i've tried all the other tricks i'd learned over the years.  i think any attention she gets only encourages her.
 after todays walk and yesterdays longer walk they seem pretty beat.  i walked at least 6 miles but my guess is they may have nearly doubled that with their running back and forth.
 on the way back a girl with her younger puppy seemed to be sticking to me.  she wasn't really chatting.  i mean i've met strangers on the trail and then ended up just walking and chatting with them since we were going the same way.  but this girl just walked a bit behind me.  i'd slow down and try to let her pass or speed up to just move past her so i wouldn't be a bother.  her dog was on leash.  then finally i went up the hill to an open area.  figured i'd just stop and let the dogs play a bit and then she'd move on.
 next i knew she was up the hill next to me.  that is when the truth was revealed.  it was apparently where her 7 month old puppy dragged her.  not a big dog either.  she was following her dog and her dog wanted to be with my dogs.
 just going to say...if your dog is on leash, it is supposed to follow you, not the other way around.
 she let the dog off leash to play after asking and they all ran around for a bit.  after several attempts to catch her dog up after the play time i figured i needed to move on home.  she did finally catch the dog and i saw her again behind me.
 as we came out a 4 wheeler headed past us at a pretty good clip.  don't see that very often . turns out someone was injured and they were off to get them.
 i need to tackle all the bits of paper that collect in a house.  that is also annoying.  amazing as well how rapidly those papers add up.  my place needs a proper purging. i look around and see way too many bits of paper.
 just tossed several bits of paper...from a readers digest article...paper i'd torn out.  "never compare your insides to someone else's outsides" liked the quote...now i can toss it.  funny, the other day i finally found this little paper that i'd been looking for a while back.  it was the contract i'd signed when i changed to going back and forth between ICU and PICU.  my schedule all laid out.  it was a lovely paper that made 8 years of my life quite enjoyable, schedule wise.
 float pool is working for me so far though.  i'm sure one day i will get the itch and move on to some other thing.  according to Next Door there was gunfire down the street from here last night. not sure why i didn't hear that.  i did go to bed early and when i sleep. i'm out.
 if i move anywhere it would be to a smaller town in Alaska.
 another quote i really liked.  Alain De Botton i think it says.  "work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all trumps the terror of doing it badly".  this quote came at a timely moment when i was starting down the path to creating Walrus Advocates of Round Island Sanctuary-WARIS.  there is much truth in that.  we often do nothing until doing nothing is no longer an option.
 ivy was covered in purple after they wrestled in the berries.  there were still some blueberries up there.  as i went to try to eat them though the dogs made a dive for them and that was that.  they are learning the art of berry picking and eating.  smart dogs.

 another paper i have written traits of likable people.  am i likable?  no idea.  i know i'm not popular. never have been popular.  people have liked me.  generally my entire life i have felt i was on the outside of groups.  i was permitted and welcome on the outskirts of groups of people but never really invited in.  
 i good enough to be invited to some things but forgotten about for others.  if you have a party you are planning and need better numbers i will get on the invitation list.
 i'm a loner at heart though.  even as a kid i recall spending a lot of time in my  bedroom.  so here goes.  traits.  1.  they ask questions-i try to ask questions.  my downfall may be that i often forget the answers.  i have zero memory for details.  often forgetting to ask follow up questions later.
 2-they put away their phones-easy for me, i rarely get texts or calls or messages so not much to look at.  could play games but i am aware that would be rude.  3- they are genuine-i got that.  don't get much more real than me.  4- they don't pass judgement-i think we all do this from time to time.  sadly for me, when i do pass judgement or am annoyed or any other emotion, i fear it is clearly played out on my face.
 5-they don't seek attention- i'm pretty invisible on earth. even if i attempted to seek attention it wouldn't find me.  in truth i tend to avoid direct attention as it makes me uncomfortable and i don't feel worthy of it really.  6- they are consistent- i think in that i am pretty true.  7-they use positive body language- i have no idea.  don't think i look like a grouch though and i get loads of compliments from patients and their families, i think i tend to put them at ease.
 8-leave a strong first impression- not sure if i do this either.  what did any of you think when you first met me?  9-greet folks by name-  okay i will just take a fail on #9.  10-smile- i do think i tend to have a smile...at least at work.  i do get annoyed at times.  and then well, i will have my annoyed face.  i think the charge nurses in ER have seen that face a few times.  they seem to still like having me down there anyway.  11- they know when to open up- not sure if i know when to open up. am i an over sharer?  i put stuff in my blog, but then again, i don't write too personal of stuff in here. not diary type stuff...but then i am bad at details.  names especially...so i'll never tell.
 12-they know who to touch.  well, i'd say there were plenty of guys in my 20's who would think this was true...haha.  i'm not a hugger i will admit.  i do occasionally dole out hugs though.
 finally....13-they balance passion and fun.  i probably could use more passion and more fun.  i mean can you have too much passion and fun in life?  there another bit of paper that i can officially toss.
 i am seeing my desk again.  as for the WARIS desk.  that still needs to be tackled.  need to set up my file system though for that to clear.
 i've been at Providence for 15 years...as of September.  they let you pick from a little gift thing, which is nice. i ordered a jacket with the hospital logo on it.  i think i missed out on the 10 year.  Peds/Picu manager lost my box with the pin and ordering info and i didn't see it for a good year or so after.  actually, they eventually happened upon it and gave it to the Resource pool manager to give to me.
 i really should update my will.  need to put something in there regarding WARIS i suppose and also updated dog information.
 deepening and ugly looking bruise on my upper left arm.  first the injection and then i landed square on the area that was injected. i thought it seemed exceedingly sore for just an injection then i saw the bruise and remembered my last fall. walking with 3 dogs, especially right when i get started is distracting and  the first mile is when i generally trip.  knock on wood they haven't taken me down.  laughed at a friend who said she sat down once or twice when her big dog thought he was going to take off.  hadn't thought of that option...may need it one of these days though.
 got lucky with these swans out at Potters.
 they are passing through.  some years every time i check out the swans they are too far off for my 300 zoom.  this day...they were pretty close

 then this one flew very close to me.
 got lucky with the flight shots as well. often these just turn out too blurry.  timing and luck.

 these large, graceful birds are a joy to capture when you get it right.

 even some details in the wing feathers.
 i can toss all the papers from this summers adventures too.
 blog is written and my desk is cleared off a bit.  that is all good.  i seem to be collecting little treat bags all over as well.
 need to purge the files that i have.  don't use enough of many of them often enough to merit keeping them.  you can look stuff up quickly on the internet so keeping them in a paper form is moot.
 news is crazy still.  is this election for POTUS or for grammar school President.  still, when i drive around i see almost zero posters up for either candidate.  lots of posters out for local and state elections but i've seen very few for POTUS and the ones i see are rather small.  nobody wants to shout it loud and public who they may or may not be voting for.  half the ones that do on tv...who knows if they will really check that box on election day.
 i now expect riots to break out if a certain candidate doesn't win.  not something i have ever even contemplated may  happen in an American election process.  maybe my mom was right.  any disasters and she would mention the second coming.  perhaps this will be it...and we will have Drumf and HRC to thank for it.
 hopefully, no riots or gun shots will ring out tonight and i shall sleep in peace.
thankful for A.  not buying a shepherd or husky type dog.  B.  snuggle time with the puppies  C.  water, it's my drink of choice

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