Wednesday, November 9, 2016

horrible, sad, depressing day for our nation...

 yesterday was a busy day.  woke early and never stopped.  Blossom to Vets, we still don't know why she seems to be drooling and has a strange gurgly cough.  her teeth are clean though. off to foot DR, xrays show i have an injury to my plantar plate on my toe. patience as it will take a long time to heal.  thankfully, it is not misaligned so that is good.  vote, home to feed dogs.  walk dogs, shopping.  home, pick up Blossom.    thankful to my dear friend Lena for coming over to sit with Blossom, who was still sleepy, so i could take Tusker to his first day of class for puppy II  then...
 the election results starting coming in and they were not good.  Drumpf was winning and he eventually did win.  not that i love, love, love Hillary, but his tone, his message, his followers....there is so much wrong with this that i can't begin to say.  i've covered it off and on in this.  this is how i vent.  how could so many Americans be that angry.  sadly, the angry ones have continued.  a few times i wanted to won, enough already with your hate. it won't stop though.  once hate has seeded into a society we are doomed to see it through.
 the GOP has and still is the obstruction party, the blame party, the we have never done wrong party. they have blamed the Clintons and Obama for everything for decades now.  this is theirs though.  they own this.  every person who voted for this maniac owns everything that happens for here on out.   even as this man welcomed KKK members into his fold and terrified all of color, different religions, different ethnic backgrounds, various sexual orientation...women, the list goes on and on.  when all the votes were finally counted, he comes out and is all, great now we can unite.  it doesn' t work like that.  you can't bully half a nation and then just think they will jump on the Drumpf train.  there are terrified people, terrified families.  people are now gathering in protest.  so far it's been peaceful.  i think they are like me, just shocked that this could happen in our nation and in a show of support for all who are not white and male and straight.
 watched a commentator desperately try to kindly explain this to Drumpf's surrogates and with a smile they just kept saying, but Obama and Clinton said people need to unite now.  he just kept shaking his head.  they are so clueless and out of touch.  we are doomed.  the environment is already being put on the chopping block.  his cabinet will no doubt be a group out of some nightmare.  the one surrogate started wagging his finger at Van Jones...who just calmly said, if you want this to continue and get worse with these protesters just keep wagging that finger at me.
 at 2 am, Hillary sent her campaign manager out, said they would speak in the morning and that all should go home.  Drumpfs surrogates were screaming that she should have stayed up.  unlike Drumpf, i suspect she wanted to  make sure that she said the right thing.  she knew the importance and the possible implications of how what she said would be taken.  he just rattles off whatever he thinks at that moment without a clue as to how it will impact others.
 our Democracy took a hit yesterday and no doubt we will travel an extremely rocky road over the next 4 years.  one can only hope that it is just that, 4 years, and that at the end of those 4 years he leaves peacefully.  Bernie, vowed to fight for us and hopefully in 2 years we can vote out many of those in senate and house...but what damage will have already been done by then.  God only knows.
 puppies latest antics, bringing chunks of ice inside, along with sticks and picking up their bowl filled with food and dragging it across the room, spilling the contents.
anyway.  i have not in any way said all the things that have crossed my mind all night and all day.  i did finally walk.  pups did great until they saw a squirrel.  will have to work on that. peace to our nation.  may God help us all.
grateful for:  A.  my right to vote.  many women fought hard to give me that right.  hopefully, we continue to have and exercise that right.  hopefully, more people start to get involved at the grass roots so we can get all these jerks out of office.  B.  my nation, it's flawed but i still think the founding fathers had some brilliant ideas.  C.  dogs, they accept me, the love me.  they are not political, they don't think i'm an idiot because of how i think or what i believe.

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