Tuesday, November 29, 2016

and so it begins....

 have never actually spread my pets ashes and it is working well for me. i combine some from Blossom, Rio Catalina and Baby Huey together in an old medicine container and carry them with me.  when the time and place is right i create some sort of memorial. i realize it is temporary and i had to remind myself that they are now spirits so impervious to the cold at this time.  they can simply enjoy the view and the memories of times we shared at the various spots.
 Huey's buddy was actually Butch, but Butch passed away in Ketchikan and is buried there as there was no respectful way to get his cremains returned to me.  seemed fitting to just add his ashes in with the other pups.  the first one above was out at North Bivouac.  clearly we spend a great deal of time there.  below i am trying to make another memorial at the open area on the way up to Hidden lakes off of Powerline Pass.  the puppies are not always helpful in this process.
 some of these were taken by friends, i think MT.  the cairn got tipped a few times.
 today it was 1 F when i woke up.  it's supposed to drop below zero tonight.
 Sundays and Tuesdays are working out to be longer walk days.  i need to get my work out together for at least Sat and Mondays.
 i do miss the pool.
 the rush is on for Christmas stuff.  can't say i have much enthusiasm but we shall try.  the cards are made and so are my calendars.  no shopping done.
 these are for sure MT.  hope she doesn't mind me sharing.
 Winston was in fine form.  it was pretty cold that day as well.  warmer than today though.  close to 5-10 i'd guess.  i loaded Ivy up with pink and purple as we headed down the hill.  she did share that with her lighter colored puppy friends.  sorry guys. not sure MT and JT were excited to take that extra mile or so up the hill but when i mentioned i'd brought some of Blossoms Ashes...well, of course, they had to come.  sorry for playing the deceased dog card and many thanks again for coming with us to scatter some ashes.
 Blossom and Rio had many friends these past many years and Huey was known in his day as well.  hopefully, these two pups can make many friends as well.  i'm sure the jumping will eventually subside.  :-)  she is a cutie
 MT adds some treats for the pups.
 attempts to get all the dogs on one rock for a photo op.
 Tusker had class tonight.  i think the other dog owners are a bit distressed as he is so mellow in class, i think he'd rather nap. i assured them i had another puppy who was not as mellow.  my yin and yang pair.  i have fallen for them both though.  so grateful to have them around.  i'm sure i've been a bit over protective of them these past few weeks.  just can't fathom losing another animal for some time to come.
 today we went to the beach off of Kincaid and they got to run and run.  i gave them some freedom.  it's probably a sign that i am starting to move forward more. i will miss Blossom for a long, long time.  it's been a year and i was still missing Rio.  at least they are together and i can take some comfort in that
 the ice is in at the beach.  haven't looked at the pictures yet.  love the beach with the ice.  it was low tide. they aren't as obsessed with the water as Blossom was...at least not yet anyway.
 i decorated the skeleton for Christmas.  check.  will need to ponder the Christmas Tree thing.  can just see those puppies trying to drag the whole thing out the dog door.
 the phone pics are always so jumbled.  just another view of the first memorial and below a moose we passed rather close to.
 we've had a few close moose encounters this week.  aside from Tusker letting out a little bark or two, which i was able to correct.  we have managed to pass by unscathed.  i'm hoping they are learning how to behave around these rather large ungulates.  on todays walk we passed 4 moose on the way in.  that was really in an only 1.5 mile part of the trail.
 one was right on the trail and we had to again, go off trail to get around the young curious moose.
 attempts to get pictures with my puppies are not always easy.  haha.
 it turned into a wrestle session.
 last night Tusker began looking up at the ceiling.  it was odd.  no Ivy, just Tusker. he did it like 10 times.  looked a bit spooked.  this was downstairs and the door to the room above us was closed.  i always think, when dogs do this, especially so close to a death, they are seeing something that as an adult human i can't see.  wish i could see her and know all was well.  he soon settled back down and that was that.
 here is memorial 2, up Powerline pass.  it was a few stones taller but Ivy jumped up a few times on the rock and toppled them. i'm sure Blossom and Rio would understand.
 Karen snapped this one of me and the pups on the very chilly Monday walk.
 thought it turned out well.  changed my profile pic.  time to let Blossom rest as far as that goes.
 seems like lots of break ins of late.  makes me ponder moving to some small town again.  did love that feeling of safety living in Ketchikan.  no big plans...just something i mull around from time to time.
  the pups love to run on the ice out there.

 it was also how i kept them occupied while i set this up.

 watched Gilmore Girls. don't want to do any spoilers, but i will say it seemed a bit awkward at first.  took them awhile to get back in the groove of their characters. the last one, fall, really felt like them again.  maybe that was part of the plan.  fun that they did that and i'm happy with it overall.
 back to work again tomorrow night.  hopefully, it's fairly chill.
 her color wears off it seems in like 5 days.
 they are pretty good snuggle pups.  happy to have them around. i'd be way more nervous if i had no dog at the house.  they are learning to bark, though oddly when someone stopped by tonight and knocked they didn't bark at all.

 the frost is building up with all this cold. they do keep predicting snow, but then they push back the day it will happen.  everyone is enjoying ice skating and kick sledding but we are also very ready for snow.

 a few from the start of walk out Powerline Pass the other day.
 some blue skies showed up and so did the big mountain, Denali.
 waiting for JT.

 dogs on the loose.
 always a fun and easy walk.
 guess i should look at some photos and head to bed.
thankful for:  A.  kindness, brave folks who are standing up for others.  B.  our forefathers...may their beautiful Nation stand protected, may all the checks and balances hold true.  C.  icy beaches...so cool. can't wait to see if any pictures turned out.

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