Monday, November 7, 2016

ran out of hours in the day....and now it's already tomorrow!!

 we joined a friend out for a loop at Jodphur out to dunes. always a dog favorite.  they love those dunes.  Blossom is starting to show her age...she is still the cutest/sweetest pup!! she is aging beautifully in my humble opinion.
 frost covered everything today..tonight snow covered it all.this is moose poop.
 yesterday i watched, "big eyes", i'd seen the preview ages ago and finally got around to netflix it.  liked it enough.  tonight i watched a doc on dogs and another on cats.  i yawned while i had Tuskers attention and he yawned back, clearly a sign of our lovely attachment.
 no matter how much i know about dogs and cats there is always some new thing that comes up that is interesting.  cats whiskers have a blood supply and nerves.  they have them on their face but also around their feet.  they weren't actually domesticated to be mousers as is always told, they were more domesticated for amusement it seems.  cats came from the middle east.  mostly imported around the globe fairly rapidly by ship.  colors and color preferences began soon after they became domesticated and breeding preferences emerged.  unlike dogs, cats are really only breed for colors..dogs more for work needs and later purely for companionship purposes.  orange cats came from the cats are my favorite...extra toed oranges even better!!
 liked this cool pumpkin done by the peds crew.  i had seen it on pinterest but fun to see it live!
 pretty day at the dog park yesterday.
 so i guess you can teach a dog to "do as i do".  Tusker didn't seem to respond to me spinning in circles, but i guess once you teach them this you can get them to just watch you and repeat back what you do....that is nuts. not sure i can figure that out with my training abilities, but intrigue!
 frosty leaves...
 and frosty greens.
 a bit of ice on the trails out there today. i wore my cleats though...Ice Bug shoes have cleats built those shoes.  i was smart and brought a pair of shoes to change into for training time at the local Cabella's. there was one on the way home from the walk today so i took turns with the dogs.
 Ivy and Tusker both did amazingly well today. Ivy is a bit more skittish walking through the it because her brother isnt' there?  not sure.  but they both walked very well on the leash.  i circle around displays and crazy walk more and more and they are getting better at following me instead of doing their own thing.  Tusker barked at the wild animal display once and i found out that they have a monitor at the front of those that you can hear the animal sounds. Ivy spooked a bit at the bear growling.  Tusker also let out a bark after we left the store and walked past the moose displayed.
 also stopped at the local PetSmart.  this time i decided to take Blossom in.  seems like lately the pups get to go in so i can do training. Blossom always enjoys her treks to the pet store so i think she really enjoyed it.  the snow had started to fall and she wasn't keen on getting back in the car.  i bought the pups silly "ugly sweaters" for Christmas.  hehe.  they will be adorable for some pictures.
 love to get them worn out. they are done for tonight as well.
 the other day i woke up with everyone on the bed with me.  the cat was snuggled up with Tusker.  so sweet.
 the sunset is now much earlier due to this time change.  sunrise about 9 am and sunset 4:40. below is Mt Redoubt, a local volcano.  active.
 great views from the trail heading over to the dunes.  the dogs had a great time running back and forth.  there is a new bench this past year so sat with my friend to relax, enjoy the views and chat.
 no moose sightings so that was good.
 tried to get some family pics with the dogs.
 they aren't always the most cooperative with this.  i look pretty bulky in my winter jacket.
 oh well...that is what it is i guess.  it's winter.
 looked like a big circle out there.
 another of Redoubt.
 the ice forming on the shore. news off and on...after a week the FBI has once again decided there is nothing new in the emails they made an announcement about last week...all that comes to mind about that is the timing of the original announcement and the corruption that must be in play for that to have happened.
 there are actually a few times that this stuff has happened that all it really has done for me is made me impressed with HRC and how she has held up to it all.   the other time was when they put her through that 11 hour interrogation about Benghazi and eventually the GOP committee came up with nothing to charge her with.  still they yell, "lock her up".  as an Independent, even i am tired of it all.  either charge her or shut up about it.  this constant witch hunt for me just makes the GOP look ridiculous. they did the same with her spouse and all they got him for was having sex and lying about it.  not that i condone what he did and once caught he should have just fessed many in these situations really believe that no matter how well known they are, they can get away with it.  sex isn't in itself impeachable or we probably would have impeached many Presidents.
 loved the coastline with the ice catching just a hint of light.
 many rip on HRC for staying with her man after all the sex scandals.  i was laughing as a few who have been clearly Drumpf supporters on fb copied this post that was about this man having an affair and the very touching (gag) way he and his wife worked through it and had a stronger relationship after.  just thought it funny that this was some beautiful story but they hate HRC for sticking with her marriage.  love is a whole different thing.  we can all be idiots with love, hard to judge why some people stay together and some don't, she wouldn't be the first one to stay together for a variety of reasons, kid, political gain, he now would owe her big time....just think it's funny that for some reason her decision to stay with him shows some character flaw.
 these next few pictures show the fata morgana.  it's an illusion that happens at times. seems like it happens fairly regular up here.
 the mountains in the distance look blocky.  it's a mirage.

 still haven't gotten great pictures of them, but it's an interesting illusion.
 got them all together and looking up.  now if only i could get myself in there too!

 Gail and i.  chilling on the dunes.
 most of the fetch sessions really turn into wrestle sessions.  Ivy may get the toy but mostly she will drop it for Tusker.  if Blossom gets it she also will drop it for Tusker...see the trend here.  he is charming and disarms them.  sometimes the puppies will take turns chasing the toy.
 everyone seems to get along well though.
 one last shot of Redoubt
thankful for:  A.  good news on the never drumpf/pence  B.  that i am playing with the cat with the puppies is settling a bit  C.  fresh snow.  so fun!!

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