Wednesday, March 29, 2017

back from Homer

 did a few memorial cairns.  seemed fitting . Blossom, Rio Catalina and Baby Huey were fans of Homer..i mean who isn't really!! above turned out really pretty.  above is Bishops Beach and below is actually in Seward.
 they loved the beach there as well.  i made it out of town finally.  hit the dog park first and then headed to Seward for some playtime and then off to Homer.  it added extra time but it was worth it.
 even stopped by the SeaLife center for a quick run through.  mostly like to see the jellies and the octopus.  then don't disappoint!!
 these little filter feeders were cool too.  i think they are actually barnacles, but i can't remember for sure.
 here is lady octopus.  she was sleeping in the corner.  cool to just watch her tentacles.  the ocean is filled with all sorts of amazing creatures.
 of course the iitoo just signed another executive order to try and destroy the work of Obama in protecting our planet.  this will end up in court and i suspect he will not be on the winning end of it.  much time, effort and money will be put in to stopping his rampage of destruction. i have to hope it's successful.
 what executive orders do we have to look forward to the comments please list your most ridiculous idea for the next one he will sign.  I'm going to go with legalizing shooting of bald eagles, or an executive order to burn all bee hives or lets see the iitoo could write an executive order to take away lunch for kids and old folks...oh wait, he already did those!!
 saw some amazing sunsets the two nights i was there.  got there just in time to check into the hotel and run down to the beach.  the pups were tired both nights.  sadly, I'm sure they brought half of the sand from the beach into the room each night.
 not much room for me on that bed.  it was a snugly night with my pups though.  I'm really not going to complain about that.  i love puppy snuggle time.  took a bit for them to settle down that first night.  lots of odd noises around in this new place to them.  i vowed to totally wear them out at the beaches the next day.  i put in over 9 miles and i know they ran at least twice that.  they were was i really.
 the aurora was supposed to be really good both nights.  i did get up the first night around 2 am and tossed on clothes and headed to the beach.  i could see some lights dancing but after a bit i really just wanted to head back to the warm bed.  i know I'm terrible.  i should have gotten the camera out and set up and taken shots, but i had driven a lot and walked a lot.  what can i say.
 these are iphone shots from the trek.  i am still looking at the regular pics...then i will put them in here along with Iditarod shots...I'm forever behind on pictures...but there is just so much to see!!
 Tusker did a bit of swimming, Ivy Rose is still just a wader.  she's goes for the stick but if it gets to deep you can see she looks a bit nervous and turns around and heads back and waits for Tusker to get it.
 love looking at the underside of these sea creatures in action you really don't always get that look.
 this morning i could see the storm heading toward Bishops Beach and I'd heard of snow storms in Anchorage and on my route home.  i figured I'd better just book it home.
 it started snowing in Clam Gulch and thankfully, it seemed to have stopped as i approached Cooper Landing.  the road in that area is more curvy so i wasn't looking forward to doing that one in a snow storm.  the road crew had gotten out there so it really wasn't bad at all.  i just went slow...precious cargo in my car with these two.
 it did get dicey again coming down to Turnigan Arm. it's a long downhill.  lots of snow and it didn't look like the crews had been there.  the roads were pretty crappy until i hit Girdwood and then it was great. a bit of rain here and there. so far the big storm hasn't materialized from what i see though i did hear the valley was a mess and commuters coming to Anchorage this morning had crap roads.
 check out the suctions on those arms!!  pretty colors too.
 Ivy and Tusker always make creating these memorial cairns a bit more challenging.  when i was on the spit making one, they had wandered off and were terrorizing some poor folks just trying to take photo's.
 the pups are still a bit impulsive and need watching  they do not seem to have any sense of danger....especially when they are together.
 thought the pink lights on those mountains almost looked like northern lights...look like they are dancing.
 this is the cairn from the spit.
 the puppies continue with their obsession with chasing birds.  any bird, any size.  it's a bit of an issue when they are on leash as it's tough to hang on when they up and bolt together.  risky as there could be cars!! at one point i had them on leash on the spit and was heading over towards the boat harbor...suddenly i realized they were on high alert...there are loads of birds in those i had to abort that idea.

 the light in the evenings was pretty amazing.  it seemed to reflect off of Ivy Rose.
 it was nice to be busy and have less news...the news is just so nuts.  life with the GOP regime is very chaotic...and i realize much of the blame resides with the current iitoo, but this they own at this point. all of them!! and each day they allow this madness to continue it becomes more of a GOP failure.  it's all on you bitch!! never seen such dysfunction.  for a party that has for years made claims of being the party of God and the party that owns patriotism they are a failure at following the words I've read in scriptures and they are more greedy than patriotic.
 starting to hope that even Put will pity us and admit to deals made with this guy and cut him loose.  you know they have all the proof...all they have to do is release it.  I'm sure they have some juicy info on many of the GOP members.  i have never believed that they only hacked the DNC.
 if Put has put his faith in the dysfunctional GOP and the iitoo he may soon admit defeat and

 rarely get to see an urchin at work, check out all those tiny tentacles searching for food.

 the colors were just amazing.
 getting away for a few days was nice.  great to be back on stretches so i can play a bit more.
 the pups were great travel companions overall.
 funny to watch them sparring for front seat time.  one would be happily sleeping and the other would decide it was their turn.  they would just step up and have a seat on the sleeping puppy.  eventually, sleeping puppy would awaken and move to the back for a bit.
 bears wrestling at the conservation center.
 the pups seem pretty tuckered out again tonight.  i did all the driving so I'm not sure why they are so tired.  we probably just did over a few miles this morning. i suppose just being away from home for puppies can be exhausting, change in their schedule
 black bear with a raven, magpie and bald eagle...thought it was an interesting gathering.
 Miss Breeze Chatterbug  probably enjoyed her puppy free time.  she seems to have finally reclaimed the office chair while I'm typing.  i did have to spend a few minutes convincing Ivy Rose that she should leave kitty alone and in peace.  they are all happily sleeping in the same room at this point.  I'll have to move them all out when I'm done here.  i always keep the office door shut when I'm not in here.  way too much for Ivy to destroy.

 more from another day on the arm.  those big ice chunks are still there.  spring isn't here yet.  it teases us and the snow that does fall tends to melt back pretty quickly.
 I've got skills fair tomorrow.  may just do a loop in the bog and head off.  I'm sure these guys will be wide awake by tomorrow and raring to go.  at least we have longer days so i can take them for a walk when I'm done at the fair.

 Nunes needs to recuse himself, they need to get an Independent investigation and get to the bottom of all this Rus crap.  enough already. this mess is looking more and more like it runs deeper than any one could possibly imagine.  many movies will be made in years to come but for now...I'd just like the hell to end.

 bore tide coming in
 smashing against the ice bergs.
 it was a good bore tide that day.
 i shall head to bed soon.  i was thinking it would be early but it's nearly midnight so i guess i missed that.  i had thought maybe I'd get in early enough and got half of the stuff done today...but then after i unloaded the car i ended up putting on my pj's...
thankful for:  A.  rejuvenating days in Homer, beaches, sunsets...lovely  B. safe travels to/from  C.  tired puppies..always great!

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