Monday, March 20, 2017

Iditarod is over for the year...

 but my pictures from Fairbanks are just beginning.  so i will post them and hope you enjoy all the dogs!!  it was a fast race this year.  above is early morning on the Chena river. i went out to scope out our spot for viewing.  i had woke early so figured I'd head out walking.  never mind that it was -24F when i started out walking.
 i had my 10,000 steps in before the dogs even began running.
 these are in Nenana.  i really need to get on their site and put in my guesses for when the ice goes out.
 they put a tripod out and have for years and it's a big pot for anyone who guesses the right time and date the ice breaks up.
 I'm sure Nenana had it's hey day at some point.  this is the old rail gift store and i guess you can rent a room upstairs.  still a cute little town
 it was starting to get sunset as i headed for my last push for Fairbanks.  wanted to book so i wouldn't have to do that last bit in the dark.  i made it to Fairbanks as it got dark.  not a bad drive through though.
 stopped a few times to watch the sun go down
 and check out the views.  pretty.
 always enjoy the colors of sunset.  may as well enjoy it....our days are getting longer and it won't be that long before sunsets are tough to stay up for.

 did get my toilet repaired. i know the downstairs bath needs the same but it is much older gear in there and i suspect it will turn into a more major job.  only so much I'm willing to do alone.
 DeeDee's truck flew past me as i had stopped to look at this view.
 back to the morning sunlight.  the paddle boats were a great back drop for dog viewing.
 great and relaxing way to start my day.
 was cloudy here and there were some doubtful calls for possible snow and the day cleared up.  i wandered around the N Biv trails with the puppies.  we worked on "hold up" and then "stay". they did pretty good.  off leash training.  much to do.  they still do not want to do things from a distance.  Blossom was obsessed with the tennis ball which allowed me to do some pretty amazing training with her.  these guys are more obsessed with playing with each other.
 not sure I'll ever have a dog trained to the level that Blossom was.  easier with one dog though.   Ivy would be doing it all.  she is very smart and so wants to please.  Tusker..well, he gets a bit distracted out there.  they are both doing great really though.  i need to add some more fun tricks to their list.  Ivy is dreaming next to me at the moment.
 so exciting laundry done, shopping.  wanted to do more cleaning up.  over all the clutter.
 my WARIS desk is a mess.  i need to file stuff.  also i need to finish hooking us up with they will donate a percentage of peoples purchases and all i have to do is finish the sign up.
 zipped over to the start area at the Pikes hotel.  they were bringing in busloads of folks and  it was looking pretty packed already so i was happy to return to my hotel and our spot by the boats.
 the only downside was that as i approached there were busloads of kids being off loaded from the local schools.  and i do mean busloads!!
 i wish i could say their teachers were using this as a learning opportunity as far as being good citizens...but they weren't really.  they would just surround us and take over where ever we were.  we moved closer to those boats and i think eventually we landed on the other side of the boats.
 i did figure correctly that all those kids in temps well below zero meant they would not really stick around that long.
 clear and cold
 friends from Anchorage/Girdwood out watching with.

 waiting for the first team to arrive.
 watched a few movies the last few days.
"the rewrite" with Hugh Grant...never even heard of it. also watched a movie, "Midnight in Paris" with Owen  Wilson.  enjoyed both.  not going to say they would make my top ten but they entertained anyway.
 and here come the dogs!!
 they start with #2 bib.  #1 is honorary.
 just fun watching the dogs cruising.

 actually read the paper this morning.  it's been awhile since i actually wanted to read a paper.  i have them.  i skim them on occasion but it's just been too depressing.  i read articles on line.  i like to read from a variety of sources.  i do like getting the local news though.
 tomorrow should be interesting news wise.  hate to be hopeful of bad news but i really do believe this current iitoo needs to go and i suspect they are getting closer to making that happen. i hope so anyway...
 he is alienating our allies.  he is a rude buffoon and is spending our tax dollars at an alarming rate.  we really don't want to be keeping up with his golf games in Florida and his wife in New York and his kids flying around the globe...
 everyone seemed appropriately bundled up for our day on the river.
 nice having the boats there!
 Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem for you personally.  can't recall where i saw that quote but i did like it.
 living in fear that i will run over Ivy's ear.  she is laying that close to me.  not sure where Tusker is...may have to have a look see.
 started changing up Skelly for Easter.  it's a work in progress. it after Midnight already!!
 checked outside for Northern Lights.  i tend to do that anytime i head downstairs. of course, at this point anytime i step outside in the dark the puppies assume i will be getting the laser light out.  this makes Tusker very excited.  he wants to chase turn Ivy gets excited as she wants to chase him chasing the light! i may have to give them a little laser action before i head to bed
 a few close calls with the dogs getting a bit close to us as they ran past.  i survived.
 my goal was to finally get these pictures all looked at today.  it was a lot of pictures.
 I'll mix in regular AK shots with dog shots...gotta show you all these dogs though!!
 was looking at one team and i know now that one of those dogs passed away.  a woman claimed to live in Kotzebue, where the team came from and she did not have good things to say about the musher...of course, the woman who ran those dogs is girlfriend/fiance of Baker who grew up there and won the Iditarod once.
 rumors I've heard is that Kotzebue can be a tough village on new comers.  this woman said she works by the dog yard and that they never go in there...they hire others to care for the dogs...she was saying perhaps if they cared for their own dogs they would notice if the dog was ill.  that was one woman's not very kind take on it all.  who knows she may be right.  there are those who take others dogs out on the trail.
 perhaps some truth in this....if you are involved with the dogs daily you would be at an advantage of knowing if this dog or that dog was not feeling well.  i feel the same about sleeping while the team is moving.  how can you possibly notice if a dog is not feeling well.  not sure we ever get those details as they are not included in a necropsy report. more dog pics tomorrow no doubt.  enjoy
grateful for:  A.  a functioning proud!! B.  friends old and new.  C.  family who are also friends.  that is the best!!

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