Saturday, March 18, 2017

some of puppies

 the last teams should come in to Nome over the next 24 hours.  everyone looks to be out of White Mountain by now.  8 scratches.  4 dog deaths...that are the stats.  the deaths are always sad.  actually kind of 5 but the one happened after the dog was no longer in Iditarod hands.  dog hit by car in Anchorage after escaping from handlers house.
 Ivy is nearly done with her AB's and her incision looks great.
 i was on call last night and never got called in.  actually got some sleep.  lazy getting started this morning so i was watching some Video on teams coming into Nome.
 the tide is headed out so thinking we may head to Kincaid and hit the beach.  always fun.  debated heading to Seward but i'm moving too slow and there are things i probably should get accomplished.  toilets that need repair.
 these pups are so much fun.  they are both snugglers.  Tusker is a calm snuggler and Ivy Rose is a crazy snuggler.  both love bugs still the same.
 the night before last at work i was a sitter all night. don't really think that lady needed a sitter so it was pretty chill. i literally read a book.  it was a 700 page book and i got up to the last 100 pages i think before shift change. just a novel about a woman who's hears her husband died in a plane crash but it wasn't the plane she thought he was on going to where she thought he was going so it was her trying to figure out what all the lies were in a marriage she thought was stable and good.
 one of the newest additions to my native art.  love these scrimshaw art pieces on baleen.
 Ivy 24 hours post op and jumping on a table in the yard....i do hope if i ever have a hysterectomy i am this spunky post op.  everyone who says they've had the surgery deny feeling this good after though.  haha.
 my other piece below.
 loved all the different whales.
 OMG...i got a note on my car last week from a presumed admirer.  nothing gross or weird, but i have to admit the name is not familiar and no number was left.  so odd but i was in no way freaked out or anxious or nervous about it.  i did ask a few people in the ER if they knew who this person was as he had mentioned seeing me in the ER.
 apparently, this note freaked a few out who were concerned i was being stalked or something.  one person mentioned it to security.  while i was in the room sitting that last night the house supervisor came in concerned about me getting this note and wanting me to write it up in an "unusual occurrence note".  (UOR).  i didn't of course, it's one note and it's not like there was any lewd remarks in it.  very innocuous note.  only one note.
 it is so inconceivable that i could be seen as attractive to these people that someone giving me any attention in a romantic way is seen as an unusual occurrence?
 pretty sad really.  i realize i am not out there that much but i am a pretty dang good catch at any age if i do say so myself.  finding me attractive is not just an unusual occurrence!!
 thought it was silly to send out the alarm on this anyway.  i found it funny and flattering at least.  still no idea who wrote it.  could be a joke for all i know.  i'm not concerned about it. time will tell.
 these are from another day on the beach.  the coastal refuge.

 big chunks of ice of course.
 probably more out there now since there were some big tides.  i had driven out and saw a pretty good size bore tide after this and saw a video of a bore tide the next day that was even bigger so i'm sure some ice bergs got tossed a bit
 the pups playing on the bergs
 stark but beautiful scenery
 this one is tough to see but it's one of those big pancake ice bergs

 pups had fun checking it out.
 we have had fun hitting the dog park again now that Ivy is not in heat and all spayed.  they do enjoy it over there.

 the dogs are on the big pancake ice above.  that is all one big round berg
 Tusker on the ice.
 no walk yesterday.  somehow doing nothing but sitting in a room all night can be more exhausting than actually working.
 my last half hour of my shift the first night got a bit nuts.
 a family member, who sounded very drunk, called and he was not a pleasant drunk.  couldn't understand anything the man said until he would start yelling and swearing at me.  he screamed, "are you a f.... retard?"  and then he started screaming more expletives at me..pissed that i couldn't understand what he was saying.  i had to keep asking him to repeat what he was saying. the swear words were the only things that could be understood.  i hung up on him.
 really no point trying to reason with someone in this state.  better to just hang up and cut them off.  sober up jerk.  then my patient got a plug.  this happens when the airway gets obstructed with crap.  before i could clear it out her sats dropped down to the 40's and then her heart rate dropped...nice 8 second pause.  must have cleared it as it all returned.  always gets your heart racing a bit to end your shift like that though.
 am i getting to old for this?  some days i wonder.
 have one co-worker who apparently seems to think i have it easy and get special treatment all the time.  mostly he seems to focus on my assignments.  he was shocked to see that i was in a 1:1 assignment the other night.  he seems to always be complaining anyway.  people need to just come in, do their job and not be so concerned with everyone else.  i think it's easy to create this stuff in your head. i know there have been times when i have had less than ideal assignments and have looked at the list and where others are going. easy to start to believe that you are getting the bum end of the deal.  i try to just look at my assignment and move on.
 i think we all get the shaft at times or for periods of times.  we are often joking that this person or that person has a dark cloud over them. crap is cyclic.

 always beautiful. today it looks cold out there.  i think we are back down close to zero or below.  made it easy to linger in bed for a bit.

 Ivy checks out a log on the beach

 off to the arm for some views and i hit the Conservation Center that day as well.

 always looks cool in black and white.
 guess i better get my day started.  enjoy yours.
grateful for:  A.  my education and relatively carefree childhood.  B.  freedom, as a kid and now  C.  the media, a free media is a great thing.  go team....find us the truth and let it be known.

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