Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ceremonial Start 2017...Anchorage!

 wandering around with friends downtown.  always a good time.  so much going on.  lots of people watching.  lots of dog watching.  laughter, smiles.  who wouldn't enjoy that.  everything is set aside and we just enjoy the dogs, and the warm sunshine...okay, so it was pretty dang chilly out there today.  what are a few numb toes between friends.
 like to check out the art on the dog trucks and the kennels on the dog trucks.  so many are super unique and cool.
 always try to get there early so i can watch them getting the teams out and getting them ready.
 don't think they run the entire team.  they usually start with 16 dogs i think at the real start.
 Dallas Seavey.  i think he was pondering a question from a reporter, but he has won several and will no doubt win more.  he is driven it seems no matter what he does.
 liked that the Beatles were posted up on this dog truck. on the other side was Rocky Balboa.
 so many cute puppy faces out there.  left my house at like 8:15 am and by 12:30 i figured i had better head back home and make sure Ivy had not pulled apart her incision.  she hadn't.  i think Tusker keeps her to busy playing to bother with her incision.
 she did grab my gopro this evening and chewed up the holder.  looks like the camera is ok.  brat!!  if she sees something interesting, it seems to be fair game no matter where it is.  i'm pretty sure that was in the hat on the counter...the hat was also found outside.  that dog door is great, but it is also a means of getting illegal toys out the door fast.  Ivy is a clepto....i have to admit it.  i know she's a reflection of my training.  i did not teach her this, but i guess i am a failed dog parent.  she also steals newspapers and tonight a reusable grocery bag.
 like this guy though, Ivy is blessed with a sweet face, they both are.  this allows them to soften the judge of the household and lighten her sentences.
 the vets exclaimed how sweet she was...were they just being nice to me?  was she really a good girl at the vets?  we may never really know.  i guess i will have to take their word. of course, the vets doesn't have a doggie door and she is a good girl in her crate...when i used to put her in one.
 have been busy packing.  warm clothes. it is gonna be super cold up north.  reminds me i need to load my extension cord in the car.  plug in the car whenever i can.
 it will be a long drive north but should be fun quick get away.  had debated taking dogs, but my friend has volunteered to stay with them.  probably better for Ivy anyway.  i'll walk her and Tusker like i did today off leash and it probably is best if she just chills at home more.  did take them for a long leash walk yesterday.
 it is super exhausting walking 2 high energy dogs on leashes when they want to just run and play.  i've been working on not letting them escape my grip....they see a bird or snow falling and they just decide to go chase.  it's a newer game.  i must win this game though.  don't want them chasing everything of interest and slipping their leashes.
 there will be bears in summer and these moose do not want to be chased.
 they both escaped once to chase a bird. thankfully, they do come when i call them properly and don't just scream at them.  funny how that works. the next time there were ravens...that is a favorite. Ivy slipped away from me as i was thinking it would be Tusker that would break.
 after that i will say i managed to hold on.  i utilized a few trees along the way when there were other dogs on the trail and once...well they got me off my feet and dragged me a few feet, but i did again win.
 4 miles of leash they ran free.  i half expected to see Ivy's guts hanging out her belly, but she seems to have survived the walk/run/battle with her brother.  hope they sutured the heck out of her.
 cute little girl mixed in with all these sleds.  lots of family and friends of mushers inside the fences...of course, there are all these annoying VIP's...i think just guest passes from sponsers.  they area always standing right where you would like to get a photo op.

 happy i got a chance to look at these from today before i head north to Fairbanks for the restart.
 always like the photo ops of the dog lines/harnesses.
 lots of dogs peeking out from these boxes.

 the dog handler volunteers always look to find a few minutes to enjoy their charges.

 i'm also spying the dogs out for which pups would be cool shots later too.
 there are 72 or 73 teams that will be starting the run to Nome.  that is a lot of dogs.  over a thousand dogs involved.

 our day today included a mad tweet session by our iitoo.  we can't have a day off.  meanwhile they are trying to destroy as much as they can in as short of time as they can.
 many relate to decreasing regulations on our water ways.  building things with less oversight or concern for nature.  putting limits on endangered animals.  Walrus were on the list to get listed so i suspect that will be more difficult.  while they slash things that seem vital to me they spend or want to spend millions on other stuff.  billions of a ridiculous wall, millions every weekend  for the iitoo to play in Florida.  millions also for the rest of his family to travel on business or stay in New York because they don't want to live in the White House.
 thinking of things to pack.  need to put the sleeping bag in the car.  always good to have emergency supplies in case you are stuck in your car for some reason.  we have limited roads anyway, and even more limited in the winter.  one accident or an avalanche or can block that road and then you may have to make due for a bit.
 huge bruise on my arm.  i tripped over Tusker.  it was a slow fall but no way to stop it. landed arm first into the point on the wall, then slid down.  it was one that started to bruise immediately.  pretty unsightly.
 hoping to hit Chena Hot Springs while up there.  always relaxing.
 these dogs gave us a bit of a chorus.  well done i'd say.
 liked all the steam
 maybe they do too.
 i'm sure i have loads to do still to get ready. hoping to be on the road pretty early.
 Tusker still has super long legs.  some times i just look at the size of his legs and feet and it hits me.  he's all stretched out.  he is quite the mama's pup.  follows me all over, they both do. they are both in that dream mode right now.   chasing ravens no doubt.

 the gang is all here.
 pretty bunch or pups

 should be a beautiful drive even if it's long.  the sun should be out.  cold but clear.
 liked that this team got to sleep on the humans jackets.  stay warm puppies

 time to bootie up.  i'm sure they went through loads of booties today.  they often toss spare booties from their sleds at the ceremonial start for the kids.

 i should get some sleep so i can make that run tomorrow.
grateful for:  A.  clean water  B.  endangered species act  C.  regulations that have prevented corporations from doing the damages they would do if they did previously.

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