Friday, March 3, 2017

Post Op

 chilling with the dogs these last few days.  Ivy got her spay done and it's about keeping her from licking too much and running around too much.  starting to think that Tusker may be a good distraction for her.
 she seems to be doing well over all. i had bought this lycra surgisuit for her to wear after surgery.  you can see that Tusker has already put holes in it.  put a t-shirt on her this evening.  hopefully that works for now.  i wanted to wash the suit.  it looks like it may be a bit annoying to her girly bits so wondered if that caused more trouble than it was worth.
 we have gotten our minimum of 2 miles walking in per day but it's all been leash walking.  want to avoid wrestling with each other.  seems wise.
 she seems to chill when i chill so books/movies/tv...very exciting the past few days.  sad since the sun is out and i'd love to be out doing some excellent hikes...part of dog ownership though, right.  it's nice to have forced chill days i think too though.
 we go, go, go so it's nice to slow down.  i did sneak out for a bit today to hit the Dimond Mall for the Fur Rondy Native Craft Sales.  love going to that each year. yes, i did buy a few items.  nothing too crazy.
 she for sure rests in the evenings.  below you see her 24 hours post op jumping on the table outside.  i'm pretty sure that was not recommended in her post op instructions.
 should be cleaning house.  perhaps tomorrow i will get more accomplished.  head to Fairbanks on Sunday.  Saturday is the ceremonial start which is always fun.  cruising over with some friends so that should be fun.
 this was the night before surgery...wanted to test out the suit.  this evening before i put the t-shirt on i attempted one of Rio's old cones.  she totally flipped out with that.  that was short lived.
 below is Tuesday night after her surgery.  she was for sure sleepy that night.
 another little lie situation under oath for another one of iitoo appointee's..Russia related.  tick tock, tick tock i say.  hopefully, there is clarity for all of us and enough clarity that the cult like supporters finally see the light.  they may need to be deprogramed though.
 well, i shall head to bed. hoping she continues to heal and gets back to normal quickly.
thankful for:  A.  successful procedure.  B. the luxury of downtime  C.  that truth has a way of coming out.  just have to be patient.

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