Saturday, April 8, 2017

bombs and puke buckets

 we always had a designated puke bowl growing up it seems.  currently mine is an old Christmas cookie container...i guess that fits since if i'm using it i'm losing my cookies.
 these are more from the restart in Fairbanks.  keep em coming!! the snow is melting fast here.
 worked my three nights and at about 5 am i started to get that body aches/chills feeling and felt like i had heartburn pretty bad.  soon i got home, exhausted, but unable to sleep.  abdo cramping followed up with puking.  nothing to puke really so dry heaves and nausea that went on for hours. dry heaves and nausea are the worst!!
 i'm happily getting back to eating again.  for breakfast i just ate ice chips.  that was all my gut craved.
 work was ER, ICU, ICU.  i'm gonna have to head over there in a bit and fill in a schedule for this next schedule so i'm not screwed for the summer.  the notice went up late and i didn't notice it was almost that time.  yikes!!
 my first night of ICU was good because i was put on call but called back right before the shift started so that means overtime all night.
 as i have said my patients often watch faux news so i get expose to it on a regular basis..enough to see what cheerleaders they are for any GOP persons.  my one patient returned from his procedure and when i handed him his call light he was all, i have to watch Hannity and O'Reily.  my eye roll here..haha.  of course, he was having issues with his heart rate and blood pressure dropping so i threatened him that if he continued to do this...i would change the channel to CNN and leave it there...that would surely increase his heart rate and blood pressure.
 MW takes photo of the Fairbanks Police...nice gig riding around in the snowmachine at the Iditarod restart.
 as i prepared to leave for work the other night iitoo was bombing in Syria.  never mind that he screamed on twitter for years that we should do nothing there and even as near as last week denied intervention.  Assahd had once again doused his own citizens with chemical weapons.  there should be a special hell for people like this man.  he has done this again.  Obama hadn't acted on this.  public outcry caused the senate and congress to balk at voting to take on this mess, understandably really.  Syria is a mess.  the war there is so multipronged i have no idea who you take on.  it would be a quagmire for sure.
 suddenly on Thursday night iitoo grew a heart and decided to bomb a military airport in Syria to send a message to Ass to not use chemicals on his citizenry. Before the 60mil dollar drop of bombs Rus was called, who also let Ass know of the impending attack.  most of anything of value was moved away and as of the next day Ass was able to utilize the airstrip and fly out to do more bombings in the same neighborhood.
 Rus is saying they are pissed. many in the media and otherwise acted like this somehow made iitoo Presidential..which is so silly.  he reads a speech clearly or drops bombs and he is somehow suddenly Presidential..ridiculous.
 what is scary about him is his unpredictability.  he never has any real plan.  he just reacts.  he has minimal knowledge of the big picture.  for his sudden compassion for the victims of this chemical attack he still shows zero compassion for the refugees of Syria and other nations.
 he isn't to be trusted.  he's a salesman at heart..what is he selling here...that should always be your question...he does things to benefit himself.  that is the game he plays.  people do not suddenly change.  his M.O. is that.  self how does this act of bombing without really inflicting damage benefit iitoo?
 for one it makes it appear that he is flipping off Rus.  i'm sure he hopes this means those screaming he and his stooges may have colluded with Rus to get in office will be put off the scent.  also it is assumed this will somehow boost his abyssmal approval ratings.  lets not forget that it benefits him financially as he owns stock apparently in the company that makes tomahawks.  it also allowed him to look bad ass in front of the President of China who he was entertaining.  im sure in weeks to follow some of the truths of the real rational behind this will be unveiled.  that he did this purely for humanitarian reasons is doubtful.
 i'm sure many of us would love to see Ass out and would also love to help the poor folks of Syria.  it is a mess there...but this would require some major diplomacy and delicate military strategy to have any success.
 our founding fathers preferred the POTUS to go through congress.  after 9-11 the POTUS was granted more power as far as terrorists go.  this really didn't include Ass even though he is a terrorist to his people.  he is not a direct threat to the USA so iitoo should have gone through proper channels before deciding unilaterally to attack another nation.  we just don't do that.  at this point he seems to be getting a pass on that though.  he seems to be getting a pass on a hell of a lot from this GOP.
 of course, the memes are screaming at liberals today...we want to help the people of Syria but disapprove of the bombings....this is basically because these bombings actually helped no one. i'm sure those who live in Syria were thrilled to hear the US was coming for Ass but sadly, that isn't really the truth...we gave them a moment of hope that we were going to come to their aid but the next day it seems the iitoo seemed to say that that was it for bombing in Syria.  those poor souls in Syria will be left to their hell again.
 unless you have a real plan to fix this mess, dropping 60 mil in bombs does little.  so far his military attempts have been failures so far.  quickly he went into Yemen and lost a helicopter and a seal.  then there was another bombing in Iraq neighborhood where leaflets were dropped to warm the civilians to stay in their homes due to the bombings...then they bombed the homes....and now this.  it's gonna be a long 4 years.
 i made it to the dog park today.  i was gonna hit the beach but i was pretty wiped out and dehydrated i'm sure.  it was nice to have benches to sit and rest a bit.  ran into the danes so i did another loop with them.  wear the puppies out.  i kept apologizing to the dogs yesterday as i lay around all day.  poor pups.
 out today in the yard working on the poop. i try to stay on top of it through the winter so i don't have poop soup in the spring.  best to go out in the early hours so the poop is still somewhat frozen and easier to pick up.
 pups were pretty snuggly while i was sick...such sweet pups.
 paying the bills...the to do list goes on.
 my gut is still a bit unsettled.  happy to be feeling better though.
 love to watch the dogs run.  all the breath fog makes the pictures look kind of cool too i think.
 i think we are close to 50 degrees today. all i hear is drip, drip and drip outside.  the driveway is clearing of snow on it's own.  still loads of snow to melt off though.
 the sun doesn't set until after 9 pm.  longer days...just amazing how fast things change around here.  every week just seems to look so different.
 need to look at Iceland.  was thinking i may just go anyway. i have the time off.  see if anyone wants to go.  i'll look at dates and prices tonight.
 a few black and whites.
 we have our talk coming up.  hoping that goes well.  excited to have another successful WARIS event...!!  soon the cameras will be live again on
 the walrus will be returning soon to feed on round island.
 no matter what hell we humans create on this earth. it still seems to spin around each day and the plants and animals find a way to move forward despite us.
 nature has generally been the master of resilience.
 starting to listen to more podcasts.  pretty fun really.  totally up my ally.  so if you do comment and listen to podcasts let me know your favorites so i can add them to my list

 my diet, 2 bites of toast, 1/2 slice of bread.  1/2 plate of nacho's.  i'm ready to get back to the ice chips again. haha.

 my friends cheering on the pups.
 there was a guy with a gun that closed up the Seward Highway for a bit.  guess they never found him and opened up the road again.  the next day the President of China was given a drive along the same stretch of road as he headed  back to China from his visit with our iitoo.  our Governor got to meet with him and chat.
 would love to be a fly on the wall to hear the conversations these visiting foreign leaders have with family and friends after meeting out iitoo.  what do they all really think of him?  they have to deal with him.
 of course, our standing on earth is being damaged i'm  sure by the embarrassment that is our POTUS.  i'm embarrassed.
 all his make America Great again crap.  America is a great nation in it's own way.  it is perfect?  nope.  is it the greatest nation on earth?  doubtful.  there are plenty of other nations where people have freedoms i'm sure.  we do not have the greatest education system for our people, we do not have the greatest health care.  don't think any one nation will have everything.
 we used to be much better at science and innovation.  i would love to see us improve in these areas.  was always proud of our space program growing up but cuts are included for that as well i hear.  to improve in science we would need to vastly improve in education.
better try and get a few things done today.  grateful for:  A.  dripping...spring is coming B.  the end of the puking  C.  that i have enough money to pay my bills.

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