Monday, April 10, 2017

Serenity Now...i'm in a ranting kind of mood!!

 quote from Seinfeld for other fans out there.  still love that show.  classic!
 feeling recovered today.  still a bit weaker than usual on my walk today but it was a bit of a work out coming back up the hill in the slushy snow...went to the beach at Kincaid.  there were police officers there and tape up.  guess they found a body there.  the tape was by the host RV set up.  another walkers phone blipped as we walked a bit together and he said it was saying no foul play suspected. made me wonder if it was the camp host that had passed?
 these pics are still from Homer.  did get out for the sunset here today and the dog park yesterday and then today we headed over to the beach as i said.  turned out to be pretty. wasn't sure how the trail would be. not too crowded anyway and the walking wasn't bad at all so i was happy.  the pups were their usual crazy selves though.  since there were hardly any folks out walking i let them off leash for much of the walk down and just used treats to keep them in check when others passed us.
 the world with iitoo looks more and more bleak imho.  i may be totally wrong and i hope i am.  he is alienating our allies.  world politics doesn't work like a reality show.  his being an a-wipe to others and tweeting inflammatory things is not seen as quirky and entertaining to the world. when did our nation become so arrogant that we decided we no longer have to play nice with others?  our bully in the white house is moving ships in to taunt the nut job with nuc's in N Ko.  sounds like a great idea.
 thank you GOP and your love of war...they will get us mired in for more years of hell.  or perhaps his dark and hidden relationship with Put will somehow come with a grand plan.  I'm sure that plan includes a lot of money and oil and the relief of sanctions.  for now Put is just acting pissed off.  acting may be all it is.  I'm not sure iitoo is really capable of such a plan however.  I'm not sure he has any plan for any given day for our nation.  it changes with whatever he seems to have watched on tv the night before.
 I'd also like to thank them for changing the rules yet again to get their selection in the supreme court...doing damage to yet another check and balance that our founding fathers felt was valuable.  getting 60 votes to put these in position seems have to have someone who is fair and balanced enough to get those votes.  they have destroyed that this week.
 McConnel looking all smug as he destroys the tenets of our nation.  he lies when repeatedly asked about Garland, Obama's pick.  they refused to even speak to him. he kept saying a justice is never placed in an election year.  bull crap, there is no rule.  And by the way...we are in an election year.  iitoo signed up to run on the day of his inauguration and has already held several election rally' this logic he shouldn't be allowed any choice on the court for his entire 4 years since he pulled that crap.
 it weakens the court and quite frankly it weakens their selected member on the court.  he's the only guy who couldn't get all the votes his co-workers got.  i would think an honorable judge, who respects the law and the rules would have stood up and said, no, i insist on getting the full 60 votes.  he would have answered questions instead of clamming up.  the GOP did not do any favors to Americans...they have only proven what we already know.  they are self serving and are putting party before country.
 I'm sure many do not like hearing that, but it is true.  otherwise.  they would insist on seeing his taxes and making sure he has a blind trust for his companies.  they would insist that he not visit his businesses several times weekly.  they would have insisted he speak to congress before dropping bombs on a sovereign heinous as that nations leader is, our troops were not in imminent danger but are now in worse danger due to his actions.  they would also want to really get to the bottom of what Rus did in this past election to turn it.  yes i realize that actual votes weren't cast by RUs but they were able to have influence over the election.  all they must ask is if this were reversed what would we insist upon.  a thorough and independent investigation.  those GOP guys would investigate the crap out of this if it was thought that Clinton or Obama had gotten in with Put's help.
 that is the's not a witch hunt...there is smoke, a lot of smoke. it is worthy of an investigation.  they would have investigated HRC to the end of time...they already did for nearly 20 years....without actually ever getting her on anything.  so either they are crap investigators or they have zero proof....that, by the way, is a witch hunt.  iitoo has been in court many times and paid out money many times...the latest was within weeks of him coming into office to the tune of some 20 mil+.  he is as shady as they come.  it's not like i loved HRC...but with her in office we would at least have some check and we just have the rule of fools...and the checks and balances that were promised are simply tossed to the side.
 sorry i really needed to rant about all that.  i can't see why so many are defending this iitoo and then acting like I'd do the same for her(HRC) .  as citizens we should all be awake and question all our leaders do.  we should seek out the truth and throw whatever book we can at them if they are not following the rules.  if they ever actually found something to take HRC down and not just stuff they could write memes on facebook about I'd be screaming lock her up.  they never found anything to take down Obama and they tried for 8 years.  all they got to take down bill was that he had sex in the oval office and lied about it after making several runs at him.  they eventually just learned that to try these guys on social media and in the media in general was much easier than actually doing the work to get proof and convictions.  so if you believe they are all the crooks you have been told they are,  blame the GOP for failing to actually do their jobs at investigation.  the bottom line is...either they failed or she didn't do it.  ps...look up the uranium stuff. it's not as simple as it sounds, but feel free to investigate it and if it bears out take her down.  I'm guessing that won't be happening either.  there is no proof.
 over 24 hours without chocolate...perhaps that is the cause of my ranting.  the stomach flu will do that to you. i just cracked open a dove bunny and I'm eating his ears off so that should help...
 as for leaks...thank God for leaks.  as citizens we should love that the media is able to get leaks.  the GOP hates leaks though...Watergate perhaps?  leaks got them then and leaks will get them again.  sadly, we have a government that has been taken over by big money and special interest groups.  leaks and the media are all us regular folk have to defend us against the corruption in those running our government...we all need appreciate them.  also people need to VOTE!!  i get so pissed at my fellow citizens who can't be bothered.  we leave it to basically the most extreme who seem to be the bulk of the people who show up to vote.
 people are ticked at these Islamic theocracies and yet seem to forget that we could head that way pretty easily if some in this nation have their would be a Christian theocracy.  it's not impossible.  was reading that there are some in Israel that want the rules there to be more based on some of the more strict tenets of Judaism.  extremism in all religions is bad for nations.  lets learn from the hell that is the middle east and avoid that crap.
 i do have a funny about the nuclear liberal friend has mostly just ignored news of late...too depressing.  she read a headline that our state senators were planning on going for the nuclear option and was obviously very concerned about us getting nuclear weapons or energy here i think...i quickly explained that this was what they were saying about getting the supreme court pick in by changing the rules...
 on lighter news...there is apparently a spider the size of a softball in Baja caves. so i would suggest avoiding any caves if you do not like spiders.  similar to tarantula i guess.  apparently there are over 1.1 million spiders and insects that have been identified but they guess there are over 4 million more that haven't ever been identified.  seems like a good job for someone!!  guess this new guy can't kill you...unless your bite gets infected.  sepsis does kill
 our local hockey team is going!! bye Aces.  such a bummer.  always seemed like pretty packed house to me but who knows how these things go.
 the pups were successfully worn out today. they are sleeping

 just so many different ways to capture this sunset.  sorry if it's too much.
 love the different colors and how they reflect
 the beach here is still pretty ice covered.  it was very walkable.  was able to get down past the ice but then you hit mud and it is pretty suck you in mud.
 did go down there a bit but mostly stayed up top.
 the pups found the actual sandy bits and they had a grand time digging and wrestling.
 these are from the next morning.  a few above you can see ice has formed in the rivulets.
 the water running down was thick and icy as well.
 guy out for walk with dog...just made for a nice shot.
 ice on the seaweed as well.  freezes up pretty fast.
 pups were so happy to have beach time all day...of course if i lived there we would not be able to spend the entire day on the beach...or could we?  :-)  it is tempting.
 have to think in terms of safety a bit...if the big war happens...Anchorage and our bases will be on the bomb comforting.
 pups get wild

 love to just watch them run and play with such joy.
 my dogs have pretty good lives...i must say.  we spend a lot of time together.  thankfully, dogs seem to like me. I'm not sure how much the other humans really like me most of the time.  I'm for sure less confident around the other humans.
 ice and sludge in the puddles...

 my cute girl
 you can see the ice build up on Tuskers legs. that happened fast as well.
 looks cool actually
 more icy rivulets.

 well, i have hopefully released the ranting from my brain to the paper.  that will make me sleep better.  i have a small group of readers...thank you for coming and actually reading my ramblings. i try not to offend but i speak what is on my mind or in my heart.  the pictures are pretty nice too sometimes i think.
grateful for:  A.  freedom of speech.  they haven't taken that away so far.  B.  my good health  C.  dogs, they are good for my soul.

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