Monday, April 24, 2017

late nights..

 but we still have managed to get outside.  been more cloudy but seems to clear a bit.  i keep checking on mama bear.  pretty fun to follow.  these first ones are from today.  went to Pt Woronzof.  sad to get the pups all bathed and clean yesterday only to get them reloaded with mud today...but it is that time of year.  as you can see i did manage some selfies with the pups....not always easy but they were sitting on an ice berg so that helped.
 graffiti is pretty
 amazing how the ice has disappeared so quickly.  buds are starting to appear on trees.  bears are yard just has a few sections of snow left.  ground is frozen still but that will change soon enough too.
 these are phone shots.
 i binge watched the rest of the "13 reasons why" series on netflix.  once i started i felt the need to follow through, don't really recommend that one.  so if you are dying to watch it stop reading....i'm going to discuss details..
 the story is this girl gets picked on, but at this school it seems everyone gets picked on.  seems like a school of jerks...but then they focus mostly on a small section.  surely she could have joined a club and found a few new friends...why stick with a circle of friends who are clearly not digging you. some point she decides to kill herself but first she makes a series of tape recordings where she shreds each person who she feels has done her harm.
 of course, in doing this she totally turns the tables and becomes their bully post death.  can't say as they show her to be much of an angel in her life  honestly, she seems a bit of a drama girl.  some shit in life you have to shrug off.  some shit in life you try to just avoid all together...i mean if you see your friend get raped by a guy, why the hell would you walk down his street, see he has party going on and crash it...she gets raped.  i'm not minimizing rape.  just seems like if you witnessed such a thing and did nothing about it by the way, you would just avoid this guy and his friends who seemed to cover it up.
 i was never in the it crowd and continue to be not in the it crowd.  i'm not in any crowd at all.  i can barely get people to walk with me some days.  if people don't want to be around you, walk away.  never beg anyone to do anything with you that says no.  i'm always amazed that so many people do this, especially in romantic relationships.  if it turns out that guy or that girl isn't interested, why would you want them to stay?
 my mock up drawing of what i'm hoping i can do with my little free library design...anyone know anyone who can help.  the walrus heads on the sides are the back of attached chairs.  that part of the drawing is less clear i guess.  figured it would be nice to have attached place to sit.
 when i was younger i'm sure these sort of friend things would be more devastating.  of course, i wasn't in the it crowd then...but i did know some good people.  many are still friends now. i had a friend in college, i called her "yolanda the flake".  she was always the person to make plans but to cancel them as soon as she found something and someone better.  after awhile i got sick of this game...took a bit to figure out that this was what was happening over and over.  when we did do stuff it was fun, but it gets pretty old to have a friend back out so much.
 i finally called her on it and told her it was actually rude and hurtful.  i just stopped really doing stuff with her as much.  when that happens more recently...i guess i just pick up on it quicker and avoid the people who tend to do this. i'd rather hang out with people who actually enjoy hanging out with me than people who choose to hang out with me only if there isn't anything better to do or someone better to do it with.  i'm certainly not going to waste any time trying to make plans only to have them derailed again when that better offer comes up. thankfully, i have dogs in my life.  dogs can't think of anyone better to chill with than their humans...gotta love that!  i'm like a rock star to my dog fans!!
 it was time to start getting Skelly for the next month...rains showers and flowers i think it will be.  will have to get him some flowers or something . he looks good with his boots and umbrella though i think. i could get him one of those cheap tourist rain poncho's.  that could work.
 after we played at Woronzof i took the pups one at a time into Cabella's for training.  always fun.  they do pretty good.  they are learning....there is hope.
 was going to hit conners bog dog park after that but it had started to get windy so i was ready to just head home i guess.
 pups got a bit rowdy in the house later this evening so i was trying to wrestle them outside.  at one point Ivy would run out the door and then back in the dog door and i'd direct her back outside and she'd come back in ...i just started cracking up.  after this game they chased sticks and balls and have mellowed back out
 she is currently asleep at my feet.  so loyal!
 gonna go look at a mastiff that needs a home on Tuesday i guess.  said i may be willing to be his foster if the pups get along with him...not sure i really want a third large dog, but i also do miss having a mastiff...they are sweet but tend to look pretty large and menacing, which these doodles don't look scary.  being single...i will admit it was kind of nice to have that big dog in the house that one might not be able to predict it's behavior if one was trying to break in. but 3 dogs...
 there is another i guess who may be interested as well so life is fate.
 they just look so dang cute on the ice!
 yesterday we also hit the dog pool. so you see i was not just binge watching tv shows.
 my friend SH came to be my photographer.  my one camera is pretty slow or delayed so she ended up mostly using her iphone....haven't put those on my computer yet...these are from the little canon.  so some were blurry.
 pups started out without life vests, but they weren't getting in so they added the vests.
 the guy was really good and gentle. my friend said she overheard him saying after our session he'd love to have dogs like these guys.  they picked up on the swimming pool pretty fast.
 Ivy is such a spaz...she kept cracking me up as she would dock dive from the ramp and make these big splashes every time she went to chase the toy.
 these is one of those big splashes.
 we will for sure have to hit the pool again.  they had fun and were pretty beat after.
 here they are both in their vests.  i'll put the other pics in another day.  so cute.  the last bit they removed the vests and the pups went in just fine . we will see how they do with lakes once the ice is melted.
 they can't be trusted near lakes which i discovered yesterday when i attempted the university lake dog park.  there were loads of gulls there and they booked around the less than frozen lake.  i was freaking out as they could have easily broken through and that would have been a mess!!  thankfully, that didn't happen and they returned safely. leashes were then put on. with Blossom this was never a concern.  only swimming.  these guys are more bird chasers right now.  lesson learned.
 using the bathing set up post swim.  they were so fluffy last night.  hopefully we got rid of some extra hair.
 stopped by the bear tree after just to have a peek. she was back in the tree.
 i had stopped by earlier that day and there was a male bear near by.  she was on alert. a group of us bear paparazzi got to watch this male bear move toward the tree.  he eventually was a the base of her tree.  she was not happy.  he started to climb the tree she was in and she began to huff at him.  he backed off and took off.  she then came down the tree and sniffed around. she then followed after him to scare him off.  it was pretty cool to watch it all play out.
 she'd kept her cubs pretty close.  i did catch a wee glimpse of one yesterday during all this.  no photo's of the young ones yet.
 Ivy sacked out.
 these are back at the other Anchorage beach at Kincaid.
 just a few weeks and loads more ice.

 cute puppies still
 this time in the sand.
 the mastiff would add a nice color to the mix...more of the blossom color.  he's 2 and a dogue de bordeaux or french mastiff.
 have seen geese return and i hear there are sandhills back in Homer.  there is apparently a grizzly kill ( a grizzly killed a moose) on the potter to mchugh trail so that is closed until that is resolved naturally. selecting good trails to walk with the pups gets tough as the ice melts.  probably the valley has some options.

 Tusker chews on a stick.
 we have gotten some good training in this week.  need to do some of the rally moves so she'll remember those.
 didn't make it to the science march.  was up late as the last blog shows and so i overslept the next morning.  sounds like there was a good turn out and i loved checking out the various signs from across the many marches that were held.
 the Rus have flown close to AK at least 4 times in the past week.  NK is now threatening to take out our Naval ships.  things have deteriorated across the globe very quickly...the iitoo is going to get many killed...and he'll make a ton of money doing it.
 liked this funky ice sculpture that nature created via meltage.

 pretty cool...guess i should try and get to sleep a wee bit earlier.  i do have a to do list to work on.  managed laundry today.
grateful for:  A.  the many years we've had relative peace on our lands...  B.  smart puppies  C.  laughter...a decent laugh can help you get through the crap.

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