Wednesday, July 12, 2017

another day of July Pics

 just did a quick trip to Valdez.  had planned on going further but it was looking bleak last night weather wise, the pups were balking at getting back in car anytime we got out and they were for sure off their feed.  still rough for young dogs to spend hours in a car.  will do some nice walks this week until i head out to Homer next weekend.  above is at Worthington Glacier.  took the pups up fairly close. they didn't kill me.  bonus.  overall they get better and better with leash walking.  lots of hope
 Tusker all tucked in.  yes, i said case you read previous i believe i was planning on heading to Seward and Homer.  i got packed and began heading that way....only to have this thought cross my mind that my Homer reservation might be for the 16 and i pulled over right before Girdwood and pulled up the email receipt.  sure enough i had my dates mixed up. what to do?
 i finally flipped the car around and headed home...kind of a drag as the weather in Homer was sunny and it was more cloudy towards Valdez.  didn't get rained on too bad in Valdez.  it poured a bit heading to Glenallen but the sun was looking like it was coming out in Valdez.  got some drizzles as i was walking Homestead trail the next day.  probably should have just camped another night out there, but i packed up and as i finally drove out the dark clouds were falling all over Valdez.
 we did get some nice energy out walks in Valdez so the pups were pretty tired when we did make the decision to head back to Anchorage...that wasn't until like 8 pm or later i think.  so i got into Anchorage after 11.
 pics are a mixture of this week and last i think.
 it's sunny today so i'm thinking, i'll blog, eat and head to Hatchers to wear out the pups again.  want to at least get some fun walk/hikes in this week even if i'm skipping my Chicken idea.  i can book it to Chicken another time.  drive to another nice RV park before you hit Tok then make the run to Chicken the next day.
 things would be easier with  a trailer/van/rv and they would be more complicated. the tent was comfy and we had lots of room.  my tent poles are all busting up on my old 6 man tent so i had bought a new one.  it set up easy and fast. no windows which is odd, but it will work fine.  5 tent poles.
 hard to capture the joy of the dogs in the hose.  we have done this often this summer.  the weeds are really starting to grow in nicely...haha.
 jumping is always great fun. overall the pups did really well on the road trip.  i do have concerns that they will bolt when i open the door and so i watch for traffic before i open the door just in case. Ivy likes to take over my seat when i pop out and sometimes she seems unwilling to release it back to me.
 i had only really planned on Ms Breezy Chatterbug being along for a few nights anyway so that was another thought.
the start of my day yesterday was delayed by a chatty woman in the RV park.  she'd seen my dogs as i headed in for my shower and she loved talking about dogs. haha.
 Ivy beat.  laugh that they get so tired when i'm doing all the driving.
 always have to stop at the beautiful water falls that are all over as you drive to Valdez.  Keystone Canyon is just so pretty.  the rocks are also really cool through there.
 the chatty lady did mention there was a small dog park in Valdez.  this was perfect as there were these rabbits all over Valdez as i was driving around....i mean all over.  apparently these are pet rabbits that have escaped and run amok.  it looks more like a rabbit hatchery was released into the wild. i would have thought the wild eagle population would have taken them all out but these rabbits are thriving.
 Ivy about strangled herself the first time she saw them at the RV park.  took off like a rocket only to be stopped short by the leash.  i use the retractable leashes and tie them up to the picnic table.
 didn't dare walk them in town at all...the rabbits were all over the place.  it really is nuts.
 we did hit the Homestead Trail.  we walked out to the beach but soon after arriving i realized i didn't have my leashes.  had i dropped them? were they in the car?  my mini panic over the leashes combined with rain beginning to fall so we headed back.  nice walk though.
 after that we headed to the Glacier View Lake.  Valdez Glacier.  really pretty place. hopefully i got some fun pics of the dogs swimming with glacier ice....kind of cool.  would be a fun place to play in kayaks. they have day trips.  it lasts 6 hours though with kayaking and walking.  the lady at the shop did give me a pamphlet of someone who takes care of dogs....could work out for another trip.  for this one i felt like 6 hours would be too long away from the pups.  we hung out at the lake for quite a while and enjoyed it.
 next stop was Worthington Glacier for a the pups got their miles in and were pretty happy with the day...eating was still not really happening though.
 sacked out.
 guess i didn't really eat much either.  too many chips for sure...snacked really.  no meals.
 the aging mug.
 did make some nice cairns and spread some ashes in some pretty places.  nice flat rocks in front of both glaciers.
 cool carving in Valdez.
 another cairn below at the Worthington Glacier.
 so the two cairns...the pups at the bridge are well represented this trek.
 at the RV campground.  kind of laughed as i've got this huge tent for just me and the dogs and there were a bunch of other tenters packed into tiny tents.  this one was probably way cheaper too.
 i think less than $100 for these Target sale items.
 fly off as i took it down the next morning.  we walked around camp as well...hoping for no rabbit sightings.
 waterfall at Worthington Glacier.
 oddly, no rainbows on drive in or out of Valdez.  this one in Anchorage.
 another selfie with Ivy Rose.
 loved this relaxing one at the campground.  they look chill.  Ivy on the picnic table.
 harbor in Valdez.
 pups are very enthusiastic about pictures as you can tell.

 dog park is right by the clinic/hospital
 the rest are of a moose i saw out moose spotting last week.
 saw lots of moose last night as i headed home.  all between area of glacier view of Matanuska Glacier and Palmer...7 total.
 not sure i got any great shots of those as they pop up on side of the road and you don't always have a place to pull over for photo's.  not much traffic last night though.
 it really poured down as i headed out of Glennallen.  that really made me happy with my decision...wasn't excited about setting up the tent in all that.
 i would have had to use the shammy inside the tent after setting it up.  those 6 man tents aren't really the best for horrible weather.  once up though, they do the job.
 like having a bit of room with the dogs.
 this guy was pretty handsome.  watched him for awhile.
 checking me out.

 guess i better get my day's almost 1.  i really have been moving slow this summer.  haha.  up late, that is the life i guess.

 enjoy your day.
grateful for:  A.  safe travels.  B.  sweet travel companions  C.  amazing scenery

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