Wednesday, July 19, 2017

more from June...

 a rainy day out at the Conservation Center.
 just returned from a few nights in Homer.  stopped coming and going to check in on the baby walrus.  I'm still calling him Nugget though he will get an official name at a later date. he is growing and looking good.  they have changed up his enclosure since i last saw him.  it's filled with water now and a platform.  he's being encouraged to swim more.  helps his bowels and just more normal and healthy for a walrus.
 the handlers are trying to only allow him to place his head or one flipper on them.  he's getting bigger and will get much bigger so they need to train him so he will  not hurt anyone in the future.
 was able to watch his feed this evening.  they encouraged him into the water and then they move around with the bottle.  he was hesitant at first to get into the colder water.  at first he had more sores on his body.  the gulls had already started attacking the little guy when he was stranded so he had open sores and they used warmer water in the puddle pool.  the bigger pool is cold water though.
 the walrus snugglers do 4-8 hour shifts.  there is always 2-3 folks in the area with him 24 hours/7 days.  they try to rotate the schedule so he doesn't bond too much with just one or two people. they also try to vary male/female handlers.
 fun to watch the little guy grow up.  will look at more pictures later.  going to Seward adds extra time to the drive so I'm beat.
 enjoyed my time in Homer...never a bad time in Homer.  mostly just chilled with the dogs and then shopped and ate.  lots of artists in Homer and Alaska really so there are quite a few little shops in the area.  usually it seems like i buzz in and out of Homer so it was nice to take time to meander through the various galleries.  so I'd walk dogs on a beach for awhile, then hit some shops, walk dogs on a beach, grab a bite in a restaurant.  so the dogs were beat each night.
 it started to rain last night pretty hard.  we still did 3 different walks, two in Homer before we left and one in Seward before i went to check on the walrus.  we all got pretty wet but it was relaxing and beautiful as usual.  not too many pics on the walks today...too wet.  yesterday I'm sure i took loads of dogs on the beach pictures.  
 lupine still blooming and now the fireweed is starting up as well.  always a beautiful drive.
 even dandelions are pretty though...when they aren't in my yard.
 these are still at the Conservation Center.
 was going to stop by there on the way out but it was pretty packed.  they look to have changed the entrance a bit.  will have to check it out another time.
 this day there were a few baby musk ox.  so cute...little puff balls.
 the adults were losing their winter coats still...knitters prize this fur.  it's pretty spendy yarn from what I've seen.
 it was raining this day i was there.  nice to have passes for both this place and the Sealife Center.  i can just come when i feel like it and enjoy.
 when i was in Nome i was finding this fur all over on the brushes and ground where the musk ox had walked...smelled pretty musky...hehe.

 check out that face...:-)
 tot - tongue out Tuesday..
 the pups did great in the car this trip.  we stopped a few times, but after walked they do great chilling in car for a few hours 2-3. still not great eaters out there.  they ate well as soon as we got home though.  good to keep it short.
 the low tides were at odd times so really only able to catch one low tide in the late afternoon.  the other low tide was in the middle of the night. there was always enough beach to play on though.
 pups got some good swimming in.  just saw otters out on the water. no whales or sea lions this trip.
 the pups chased birds a lot....a favorite beach time activity.  they did chase a bald eagle this morning...that could go badly for them one of these days.  today's bald eagle was a young waited until the pups were a few feet away and then it flew off....thankfully.
 gotta get my annual labs drawn in the morning before my Dr appointment so i can't eat until after that.  boo.  I'll be cranky.  may have to take a snack to eat between.
 at at Fat Olives as it's by the Driftwood at Bishops Beach where i stayed. also met a friend for dinner last night at KJ's.
 there are some good places to eat in Homer as well.
 bald eagle in Turnigan Arm.
 great little gift shop along the highway. they do these pretty impressive wood carvings. this one is an octopus...very cool.
 i think most of the rest are at University Lake.
 grebes on their nest with some babies.
 don't think I've posted these.  i try to keep track.

 so I'll turn in and get some rest.  tomorrow will be busy i think.
 sitting on one egg still and there are a few babies on the nest.
 easier to see the babies in the one below.
 i think i count 3
 more flowers at the dog park

 baby ducks and baby geese.
 saw some baby swans on the way out to Seward.  too far away for photo's.  saw a bull moose as well and on the way back i saw a moose with a few calf's.
 it was pretty foggy in places on the way back.  just a steady rain the entire day.  just sprinkles when i got home.  will have to mow the lawn as soon as it is dry.  really need to get out the weed whacker thing.
 that thing is pretty powerful....kind spooks me out.

 zipped through today.  i am home safe and had a very relaxing week off of work.  back on Thursday.
thankful for:  A.  safe travels again  B.  visits with baby walrus  C.  my sweet fur companions.

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