Sunday, July 2, 2017

random Iphone pics from June

 figured i'd take a day off of walrus for you.  mix it up a bit.  so far behind.  always so fun though, the daily ramblings of life. those are what usually get captured on the phone. i'm sure i'm running out of space on there.  the battery life is pretty short. my new xtra Tuffs...a gift from the pups, even better was how well they both behaved together at the Bass Pro shop.
 check out those eye lashes.
 stayed awake way too late last night.  hope to do better getting to bed at a reasonable hour and getting a solid hike in tomorrow. i did have some stuff to get done today.  cat litter, dog poop pick up, mow lawn before it started to rain again.
 a totally relaxed Tusker.
 these are  headed towards Hidden Lakes.
 of course, as i started to mow. some more dog poop appeared so i pulled out a bag and just tossed it to the side, untied, figuring i may find more poop hidden under the tall grass.  as i continued to mow, that rascal Ivy Rose came behind me and grabbed that bag of poop like it was the best prize ever and the zoomies began.  i'm sure my neighbors think i'm nuts.  trying to the a bag of poop away from the dog.  then the rascal ran with the bag through the dog door into the house!!!  gaaaa!!  danger, danger...did not want poop in the house.
 i did mange to get it back from her before the poop fell out of the bag and a big mess was made.
 no room at the Driftwood Inn in Homer.  i really can't be waiting so long to make these attempts at a reservation.  may just have to see what other options there are or just chill closer to home and do some nice long walk/hikes. that is always fun.
 i think the extra bear interactions have us all a bit spooked.  the bed pictures show how difficult it can be to remake a bed with puppies.  i tend to do it in stages.
 lots of selfies with puppies this month.  a few didn't turn out too badly either. haha.
 this is the cairn i had made for Blossom. i rebuilt it.
 how can you disturb these happy pups.

 just me...out hiking.
 hit bear tooth with a friend.  "snatched"...was that the name of it.  Goldie Hawn and Schuler.  it is not going to win any awards but it was funny in spots.  laughter is always welcome.  Goldie has had a lot of work done.  her age showed in her hands.
 must be tough...i mean when they are young and beautiful they have all the perks, but it must be tougher getting older.  i was never any sort of great beauty.  figure i was more cute in the right light sorts.  i had my moments but nobody was discovering me for Hollywood fame.
 i don't really feel all that badly for them.  in many cases they made a ton of money and had some amazing life experiences based mostly on having a pretty face and great body.
 not too much to feel sorry for in that case.
 remember watching this segment. they had beautiful people and regular folks out in the streets doing the same things to see who got what reaction.  so like on a busy street the beautiful person would drop a bunch or papers or ask for directions..different things like that.  they would also have the average person do the same things in the same place at a different time..just to see how random strangers reacted.  over and over the beautiful people got help and those that helped them were really nice and interactive. the average folks got mostly brushed off.
 not sure if they told the average folks they were average or if they just saw that when the thing aired.  i'm for sure average.  can't tell you how often people think i'm someone else.  i have a standard look.  the other day  i got out of my car at the grocery.  an older guy had just gotten out of his car as well.  he calls over to me, "are you following me?" and it actually sounded pretty acusatory.  took me back for a minute.  i just said no, not following you.  first i'd ever seen him.  then i think he felt silly and said something like, '"weren't you just at Home Depot?". i had just been at the dog park.  i think at that point he realized his error.  he avoided me the entire time we were in the grocery store.  i'd see him, he'd see me and turn around.
 blending in isn't the worst thing some times though i guess.
 the puppies don't blend in.  we did just hit the dog park today.  there was actually hardly anyone there.  not sure if it was weekend or just the rain.  it's an easy place for me to take them....though they have more energy so a longer walk is always better.  they are pretty chill .  they just want to be around me.
 these are from the airstrip yesterday...the ones with the yellow flowers.
 just loved all the yellow all the way down the airstrip.  super fun.
 the pups got some good runs in and they seemed happy to sit and relax while i snapped some pictures.
 not always easy to get Ivy to chill. that tongue is hanging out though.
 he's got a long neck.  liked the odd angle on this.
 i can hear the rain coming down now.
 these all just turned out pretty sweet.  i even like the selfies of me and the pups.
 look at that sweet mug.
 this one below you can get a feel for how many flowers were out there.  tent is in the car, i could always head north this week for fun.
 love this one below too.  heck they are all pretty cute.
 i've got some pretty great dogs.  i've been pretty lucky with dogs my whole life.  :-)  can't complain.
 got a late start today. wanted to clear out my dresser and/or the closet.  getting too cluttered.  too much crap in my house right now.  best to move out of a room or a closet from time to time and start over organizing.
 bear paw prints on the main trail
 my friends new puppy, Ginger.  so cute.
 can't believe how much mine have grown.  i still call them puppies and always will i think, but obviously they aren't really puppies now.
 stop in Portage Valley on the way to Seward the other day.
 always a great place to let the dogs out to play and stretch

 lots of lupine on the sides of the road.  had to stop and snap a few shots there as well.

 will end with lupine.  always a favorite.
 working on Skelly today a bit.  not sure he's where i want him yet for the 4th of July holiday, but i may not be able to top June Skelly.  it was my favorite so far.
 off to bed.  hopefully tomorrow i will wake up earlier and get motivated.  the rain is fine once i'm in it, but i just have to get my arse out of bed first.
 good night.
grateful for:  A.  well behaved and sweet puppies  B. mellow kitty that puts up with the pups C.  a light rain...oh and D.  that the poop stayed in the bag.

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