Thursday, July 6, 2017

just today....

 i'm always so behind so i thought i'd post a few just from today...ok the moose are from yesterday or the day before i think. i'll post the rest over time but it seemed a good day to just post today's stuff.
 i kept pretty busy despite sleeping in as usual.  it's almost 2 am and i head back to work tomorrow night.  have managed to get some needed stuff scheduled, including getting started on an estimate for the kitchen. hate to spend the money but in truth stuff is falling a sign i think.
 so we headed north first today to Reflection Lake.  the leash training is still a challenge, mostly i think with Tusker.  he's just always looking for something to chase or explore.  no escapes though. i  did let them play off leash in a few spots just because, they are puppies still in many ways. gotta get that energy out.
 it started partly cloudy in the morning but by the afternoon it was really getting beautiful.
 the pups enjoyed some great swimming.  they are really getting good.

 then we made our way south and we cruised out to Portage.  got lucky and caught the bore tide.  there were 4 paddle boarders out there so we cruised from pull out to pull out chasing the bore tide.  we being myself and the puppies.  the dogs were unaware of what we were chasing.  at one point a guy had a drone out and Tusker was barking at it...the feud continues. he doesn't like those things.
 beautiful day out there.
 since it was getting hot by Alaska standards we stopped at this lake near Portage Lake..or is it a big pond?  lake i think.  anyway, figured i'd get the dogs nice and soaked so they wouldn't get too hot going up the Portage Pass Trail.  it's 800 feet in 3/4 mile. so short and steep.
 it's totally worth the walk.  we hit the 4:30 tunnel to Whittier and it took about 45 minutes to walk up.  we chilled at the top until 6 pm.  figured it would take about 30 minutes to come down. plenty of time to hit the 7 pm tunnel back out of Whittier.
 this little tarn is the first thing you hit when you reach the top.  the dogs were in it pretty quick and i tossed the tennis ball in this little tarn repeatedly.
 from one side you have amazing views of Whittier and Prince William Sound and on the other...
 Portage Glacier. the trail does continue on down to the Portage Lake, but this was enough for us.  home by 8 or 8:30  i think.  better try and crash before it gets too late.  sounds like work has been busy.
thankful for: A.  health so i can get out and enjoy this amazing place B.  canine companions who are friendly and easy to be with  C.  time to enjoy

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