Friday, August 11, 2017

coughing continues.

 silence is my friend.  speaking can lead to coughing spasms.  no vomit for a few days.  these are all pics on Round Island.  i will start with a bronchitis update.
 the air sacks blown up on passing by walrus. pretty cool and the chiming sound made as these inflate/deflate is amazing.
 as i do with my bronchitis anytime i get a virus, i start on my inhalers as soon as i have any virus. it has always tended to drop into my lungs.  bit of a wheezy cough, mild shortness of breath but really not bad.  the coughing is annoying as hell of course though.  i have taken my favorite cough medicine every 12 hours.  it's the only thing that really takes the edge off of coughing for me.
 no cough/vomit since Sunday.  no fevers since Sunday night either. seems like the coughing tends to get worse 3-4 days after the fever breaks. I'll sack out soon.  have a DR appointment in the morning. good for this Dr to actually see me with the bronchitis.  i do miss having a Dr who just will prescribe a zpack...but they don't hand those out very readily these days.  easier to get the narcotic cough meds, which does seem odd.
 out sick all week.  best to just stay home and try and make this last the shortest time possible.  i find working all night in that dry hospital air, talking....the cough gets horrible by the morning and obviously i can't take a narcotic cough medicine at work. i seem to get the worst tickle/cough spasms at work.  I'm sure patients and their families love having their nurse sound this horrible.
 hit the dog park a few times this week.  yesterday i was so exhausted. i kept saying I'd get up and shower and then got to dog park..I'd get up and feed dogs, or eat and then I'd be all, I'll go take a nap and then I'll get up shower and take the dogs to the dog park.  finally showered at then it was raining and too late to attempt the dog park. i do have a back yard so there were a few times when i sat outside and threw the tennis balls.
 gotta love these pups of mine.  they are pretty chill at home with me being ill.  they will occasionally climb on the bed.  Ivy will climb on me...she lacks a personal space filter.  they take turns laying next to me though, which is sweet.  on the whole they aren't very demanding dogs. if i get them out with the tennis ball a few times a day they manage.
 bit blond with the Dr receptionist today.  she made me an appointment for tomorrow morning and i was all.  "i thought you were closed on Saturdays?".  she had to re-orient me that tomorrow will be Friday
 coughing up a few chunks from deep in the lungs, but overall not too bad.  lots of snot drainage still.  throat a bit sore but improved. appetite not the best.  who wants to cook when you don't feel great and then you open the fridge or the cupboards and nothing sounds/looks good .  did make some chocolate chip cookies, which i haven't actually done for a long, long time.  they are good for a quick snack though.  sort of healthy?  okay,maybe not. one cookie every 4 hours is not that bad for you though.
 getting some reading in and watched some movies.  mostly nap a lot.  finished one book this afternoon so I'll start on another here as i fall to sleep.
 the pups keep me company.  not much chatter.  many tennis balls have been gutted though.  i will have to restock my tennis balls when i am feeling better.
 did a loop out at North Bivouac today.  no bear sightings.  i think maybe one old bear scat.  walked slowly.  at least out there you can spit all over the place.   cleans the sinuses a bit as well.  really good when i feel a bit better to  hit the pool.  that really clears the sinuses.
 coughing is really just exhausting.

 overall, I'm fine.  no worries.
 too much time spent watching news or facebook.  feeling bummed that I'm not doing longer and more exciting hikes on these beautiful days. boo.

 wondering when iitoo will start WWIII.  nothing like two idiot leaders exchanging threats at each other while the rest of us can do nothing but hope there is someone who stops them from destroying us all in their little war on words.  so ridiculous.
 amazing how many trumpies so quickly jump on the, well we've tried everything else so we really should just go bomb them all...sad that so many people will die, oh well.  it has to be done.
 I'm all really...not sure how people can so flippantly agree to dropping nuclear weaponry.  did they not read the history. how horrific it was for all those lives in Japan when our country did it all those years ago.  the actual idiots who order the lives to so easily be zapped out of existence never have any real concern for their own lives it seems.  somehow, they all seem to come through unscathed.
 i just can't fathom making that decision so flippantly.  can't stomach all the innocent lives that could be lost in seconds. the horror of it all repeated.  we have them to never use them.  or at least we should have them to never use them. i wish nobody had them.  every amazing thing discovered there seems to always be some military use that is found.  i remember reading about flight and writing a paper...only to discover that every advancement in flight/space was used by the military.  you realize the only reason the nation supports and funds these things is in hopes of using it to create bigger and better military.  probably why climate change/global warming is of little interest to governments...unless you can convince them that they can use climate change to take out their enemies somehow in a military fashion..they are not interested.

 read a lot of history when i was younger and it was so sad.  it hasn't changed over the years as I've read more.  i read a lot in my teens about Vietnam War and torture. i was amazed and saddened by the horrific way humans treat each other.  the terrible things they came up with.  so cruel.
 when bad people get into power, horrible things happen and it happens fast.  amazing how rapidly a government can be taken over and flipped to evil.  there are so many power hungry fools waiting to just be in the light of those in power, thrilled to kiss arse just to be close to power.
 our current iitoo gets folders twice daily with positive crap his minions find about him.  flattering photo's and tweets.  he constantly needs his ego boosted.
 who knows what will happen in the next weeks/months.  this week he is going after McConnel.  amazing what his minions put up with ...the constant drama and chaos.

 it was a constant mini battle on the big rock.  soon the rangers will leave the island for the season. boo....summer will be winding down all over AK.  i still have a few cabins to get out to which should be fun. perhaps sneak in a few road trips.

 really wish this handyman guy would come through with my little library.  annoying to wait on him.  i have several friends who were looking for a handyman...he could have gotten a lot of work through all of us, but hard to drum up business for him when it has taken so long to get this one seemingly small project completed. he supposedly got back in town on the 2nd and i haven't heard from him.  hate nagging the guy, but this is pretty ridiculous.
 i still need to paint it.

 swimming. i really need to get back into my pool routine. i miss it.  love the swims.
 lots of swim by's.

 i have loads of birthdays for August.  everyone was born in August. aack!!
 i need to crash soon.

 pretty boring post...but the pictures should still be cool.  not too many Round Island pictures left.
 this face is adorable. they posted a super cute smooshy face picture of the baby walrus on the SeaLife Center page.  super close up.

 feeling hot and sleepy.  time to pass out for the night.  gotta set the alarm...not that I've really slept solid all week.

 a bit of a stand off
 check out those bosses.  this guy has been around a bit.
thankful for: a.  overall good health, much improved respiratory status.  these bronchitis bouts happen way less than in the past  b.  being at a place where i can take a few days off to recovery.  not everyone has that option c.  puppies to keep me company.

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